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David Essel Alive: Guests, April 7t, Positive Radio

"Here are the amazing guests this week for "David Essel Alive! America's Positive Radio Show", heard every Saturday from 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, for the 12 million subscribers on XM CH 168, and streaming FREE across the USA as well as the Universe at www.davidessel.com :

....... Kathy Smith:.... Fitness icon Kathy Smith has sold more than $500 million in exercise DVDs, audios, home videos and fitness equipment. However, her life started out with family tragedy. We'll find out how she turned to exercise to deal with this stress, after trying other coping practices that could have ruined her life. How does one deal with life on life's terms? What is the role of exercise and stress?

........Alan Kaufman: Author, Drunken Angel

Phone: 415-573-5766
Contact: Brenda bknight@cleispress.com

Bio: Alan Kaufman is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir Jew Boy, the novel Matches, called "an extraordinary war novel," by David Mamet, and a book of poetry, Who Are We?. He is the award-winning editor of several anthologies, the most recent of which, The Outlaw Bible of American Literature, was reviewed on the cover of The New York Times Book Review. Other volumes in Kaufman's Outlaw anthology series are The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry and The Outlaw Bible of American Essays. His work has appeared in Salon, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, Partisan Review, Tikkun and Tel Aviv Review, among other publications, as well as in many Web 'zines, including Tattoo Jew, of which he is the editor. A former editor of Jewish Frontier, he is the founder and editor of the controversial magazine Davka: Jewish Cultural Revolution and has performed extensively as a spoken-word poet in the United States and internationally. Kaufman has been widely anthologized, most recently in Nothing Makes You Free: Writings From Descendents of Holocaust Survivors (WW Norton). A member of PEN American Center, he is also profiled in the Europa Biographical Reference Series. He holds American, French and Israeli citizenship and lives in San Francisco. A lay ordained Zen practitioner, he is also one of the founders and Dean of the Free University of San Francisco, which The New York Times recently compared to the Freedom Schools of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Kaufman's papers and manuscripts are on deposit in the Special Collections Library of the University of Delaware. Well-established in his literary career, Kaufman is now gaining recognition as a painter of haunting portraits.

8:00 Pauline LeBel - Science Wisdom for the Future

Phone: 604-947-0907

Bio: Pauline Le Bel is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter and singer. She was described as “a musical instrument linked to a soul” for her electrifying portrayal of French singer, Edith Piaf, in a play she co-wrote and toured. She received an Emmy-nomination and a Cable ACE Award for The Song Spinner, her family drama about the transformative power of music, and has released five CDs of original songs.

Her newest CD, Deep Fun: Songs about Science, Food and Sex is her first album of amusing songs. After 4 CDs of mostly heartbreaking songs, it was time to burst out laughing. And laugh she does with a torch song about friendly bacteria; a sexy song about Darwin’s theory of evolution; as well as songs inspired by garlic, spices, Carl Jung, Marlene Dietrich, and a tender song about kissing.

Pauline lives on a small island off Canada’s west coast. She believes in the power of music and story to transform our lives. Her blog focuses on the integration of music, science, nature and spirit.

Topic: Science, Wisdom, and the Future: Humanity's Quest for a Flourishing Earth

Pauline Le Bel has contributed 2 presentations and 3 chapters to two of CFP’s three Humanity’s Conference and Book Series:

The Evolutionary Epic: Science’s Story and Humanity’s Response (2009)
“Bringing the Universe Story Home: Engaged Cosmology and the Role of the Artist”
Quote: “ I envisioned a deeper role for the theatre, one that echoed back to its ancient roots as a vehicle for catharsis and discovery. Each story I wrote was its own vivid world, with its own intelligence and wisdom.”

Science, Wisdom, and the Future: Humanity’s Quest for a Flourishing Earth (2012)
“The Science of Song”
Quote: “One of the great mysteries about music is that it does not exist outside the brain. The brain itself creates the sounds we think we hear as music.

“Sing Two Songs and Call Me in the Morning: Science and the Healing Power of Music”
Quote: Song has been used throughout the ages to unite people, to teach the young, to give strength, to offer hope and create zest and stamina during difficult times. Singing is the one art that is transportable, sustainable, and absolutely free.

Pauline and Cheryl Genet, the Managing Editor of the Collins Foundation Press, are working on a book to be published by CFP in 2013 called Becoming Intimate with the Earth.

PS: Pauline would be delighted to email mp3s of her songs to David. Regular mail would not get there in time. However, if David would like any of her CDs, just let her know and she would be happy to send them along. email address: songspinner@shaw.ca

8:30 Troy DeMond-

Phone: 239-561-1177 dial ext 203 when you hear greeting
Contact: Troy DeMond <tdemond@comcast.net>

Bio: Troy De Mond, 25 year fitness expert with a Master's Degree in Exercise Science. Owns Fitness on the Move Lifestyle Center in Ft. Myers, FL since 1996. Starred in 6 exercise videos, author of two fitness books and numerous fitness contributor of health and fitness magazines, trained and educated fitness professionals in over 15 countries.

Topic: Success Stories

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