Monday, February 14, 2011

"Hoops for Homeless Veterans"..Help us,help them!

Our fundraiser "Hoops for Homeless Veterans" needs your help, and we do hope you'll get involved, to help those who have served our country, and now need our assistance.

The statistics are sad, and shocking. According to Veteran Affairs, nearly 200,000 veterans are homeless in the USA on any given night!

And as documented in the "2009 Chaleng Report", in Florida alone, there are only 450 funded beds to treat our homeless vets, while there are over 18,000 homeless veterans in this state in need of our help!

Please, watch this short video, and help us , help our veterans with this fundraiser.

If you will, share this blog and video with your Facebook friends, co-workers, families and more.

I look forward to raising as much money as we can, to help our homeless veterans.

Thank you so much!!

Love, peace, David

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are we learning from the elderly? Should we?

At a recent speaking event, I had the chance to learn something important from a segment of our elderly population, and I almost blew it.

Too many times, we push the elderly aside. All too often, our impatience in life, makes them feel unwanted.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Are you the same as me? If so, slow down. When I asked the weekly men's group that I lead to go out for one week and interact with our elder population, the stories they returned with were heartwarming.

Let's reach out and learn from the many seniors who have so much still to teach us.

Love, peace , david