Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Love and Relationship 5 hour workshop, only $27!

Everyone wants deep, or deeper love.

We read about it in books and magazines, but why don't we have it yet?

Join our next Love and Relationship Workshop....Everything you've always wanted to get the answers to the questions about love....

And communication......

and how to let go of past or current resentments.....

in order to create the love you've always wanted.

Watch this short video, to get an idea of what it is all about.

These workshops are held monthly, and you can join us in person or via teleconference from anywhere in the USA!

And they are only $27 for the 1 day workshop!!

Call 239.340.2470 to register and visit for workshop dates!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Unconditional romantic love, is it even possible? Healthy?

Unconditional romantic love, is it even possible?'

If you believe the romance novels, we should all be so lucky to have this type of a love relationship.

But is it really a healthy love?

Watch this video, then decide for yourself.

If I can help you with this very sensitive topic let me know.  Love, david  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 26th. iHeart radio guests

"David is the radiant soul of radio. He is brilliant, insightful and easy to listen to. David makes a real difference in his listeners' lives."
Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Thursday, October 24, 2013

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 26th

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, on iHeart Radio, streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:   (40 million listeners and growing!)

.........Lorna Byrne: Glimpses of Heaven and Near Death Experiences.....She joins us once again from Ireland!  We will discuss her near death experiences, and the question...Does heaven really exist?


.........Brian Cunningham: The brain, stress and you: How do we deal with stress, loss, frustration, addiction, a healthy way?


..........Hypnotist Ken Rabon- Author: If It’s Not True, Why Do I Believe It?”  Does hypnosis really work? On everyone? Can we actually do it ourselves?  Fear, money, weight loss and more.

Website: and
Facebook: and

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Change Your Life Now! 1 day motivational workshop, Sat. Nov 9th, only $27!

Are you ready to finally let go of procrastination?

To get out of life what you truly desire and deserve regarding, love, money, your body, career or more?

Get ready to join us in person or from anywhere in the USA via teleconference for our next "Change Your Life Now!",  1 day motivational workshop, Sat. Nov 9th, for only $27!

We will teach you a success system that we have used since 1996, that has helped thousands of people to create the life they desire!

Watch this short video, and get ready to change.

Join us in person, Ft Myers, Florida, Sat. Nov 9th, 10am-3pm, or via teleconference from anywhere in the USA!

Only $27!

Call today 239.340.2470 or visit

Thursday, October 17, 2013

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 19th, Guests!

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 19th

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, at    streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:   (40 million listeners and growing!)

............Michael I. Norton | Harvard Business School: Author- Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending.....The secret to happiness, spending smarter!

Website: and you can purchase the book on Amazon

..........Sonia Choquette- Author: Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment and Flow...Learning how to TRUST, YOU!


........Sharon Rivkin Author- Breaking the Argument Cycle: How to Stop Fighting Without Therapy....OMG!  We need this!  =)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 keys to great sex! Some surprises here!

Yes these are the 3 keys to amazing, great sex.

Yet, these may not sound like the normal keys that your average professional would discuss, but after 30 years of helping people create amazing sexual relationships, we have found that the normal stuff we discuss may not make that big of a difference in creating deep love.

Enjoy the short video.

If we can help you in your intimate relationship, contact us at

Love, Intimacy and Sex....Weekend workshop only $47!

Here we go!

Love, Intimacy and Sex...
Everything You've Always Wanted to know
Weekend Workshop
Saturday, OCTOBER 19 10:00am-3:00pm
Sunday, OCTOBER 20 Noon to 5:00pm
Download Workshop Flyer (PDF)

This entire Weekend Program is ONLY $47
Join us from anywhere in the world via teleconference!
Or in person at the Hilton Garden Inn
12600 University Drive, Fort Myers, FL
See location on map
Register   |   Pay Online
$47 includes 10 hours with David, course manual, plus a 30-day at home program to create the love with yourself and/or another that you have always dreamed of!
Ready for love?
Are you tired of accepting love relationships that seem simply mediocre at best?
Would you like to take your current relationship to a whole new level?
Are you through attracting partners that treat you poorly, or are unavailable emotionally or physically?
Is it time to really create deep, passionate love, yes the type that "curls your toes" and at the same time with a partner who is your best friend?
Would you like to actually learn how to love yourself more deeply right now?
Join Master Life and Relationship Coach David Essel for this radically different and amazingly effective weekend workshop that will shatter your old beliefs and behaviors about love, and lead you to the REAL lasting love that exists for anyone who wants to learn the secrets that he has to share.
Since 1996, when David first created this program, hundreds of couples and single men and women have radically changed their lives and relationships with the tools you will get from this workshop:
  • That self love is the first and most important step on learning how to love another.
  • The secret tool for deep intimacy that no one has ever told you about!
  • The role resentments play in love and how to let them go for good.
  • How to release all past relationships so that you can be "present" for your current or next one.
  • The crucial importance of "emotional foreplay" in regards to amazing sex.
  • How physical foreplay is often overlooked, and the benefits of doing it right.
  • How to really talk to your partner openly and honestly about sex! (Oh my! No one does this in the way we teach you!)
  • The art of "Divine Union" in love and how to get there with your partner.
  • Plus real exercises on love and intimacy that will deepen your love life and your sexual connection!
Lodging: Mention "David Essel Discount"
for special room rate of $69/night at the Hilton Garden Inn
Hilton Garden Inn Fort Myers, FL12600 University Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 790-3500

You Deserve Your Greatest Desires! Sometimes, people will spend years in traditional counseling with very little change to show for all of their efforts. Since 1991, our coaching program has helped millions of people radically change their lives in a fraction of the time other very good systems take.

We are extremely proud of how we have helped our clients accomplish their biggest goals, and we are positive we can do the same for you. So positive, in fact, that we back our work with a 100% money back guarantee.

Surf our site, and read just a few of the thousands of endorsements from the clients themselves, and then contact us so we can do the same for you.

I personally look forward to helping you achieve each and every positive desire you have for your life. Now!

Master Life Coach, Author, XM Radio Host, David Essel M.S.

"When I look back at the past 20 years, I see the girlfriends I chose and the men I chose to date, all met my expectations to be drama filled. Big breath, as I surge ahead with such wonderful calmness. David has a knack for getting to the root of issues quickly and then focuses us on solutions. Yes, I have sent several of my girlfriends to him and they are all getting the same end result. Talk to him and see for yourself. Love and intimacy are now flowing through my life, my relationship is finally on track for good." — Karyn
"David helped us rebuild our marriage after an affair. He lovingly guided us through reestablishing trust, deepening our love through divine union, identifying thoughts and behaviors that were not serving us and communicating more effectively. We both credit David with not only saving our marriage, but also helping us build a stronger, more spiritual and happier marriage. We can't imagine how we could have done this without him. He is amazing. We will be eternally grateful. What you will learn through his work and workshops will change your love life forever!" — Angela and Mark
"Sex was never a topic I could ever talk openly about with my love partners until I took David's seminar. What an eye opener! I also held a lot of guilt about sex and all of these issue were resolved in his work. Now I easily and openly discuss love, intimacy and sex, and my current fiancĂ©e is so happy with my approach to love that I have taught him much from what I learned with David! Go today, you will forever be happy." — Tabitha and Rick
"David made this workshop so much fun! As a single guy I had no idea what I was in for. I realized I had never spoken honestly with women because of my fear of being judged. I am free now, and finally in a healthy relationship." — David Attorney
"When David told me I had to let go of old dating patterns and alter my beliefs about soul mates and finding the perfect guy, I almost quit right there. I am so glad I didn't! Oh my gosh! Eight weeks later I had such a clear view of my patterns in love, removed them, and yes fell in love! I tell everyone that without David's coaching workshop I would still be single and miserable. I am now married for eight years, and so grateful I came to him for help. He knows his stuff." — Cathy, single for 6 years

Saturday, October 12, 2013

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 12th, XM radio guests.

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 12th

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, XM Radio CH 246, and streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests: (**** Moving Oct 19th to, every Sat. 6-9pm est!  40 million listeners and growing!)

......Michael Monroe Kiefer: Author- Superconscious Power: The Science of Attracting Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. From defeat to celebration! Find out how to use your mind more effectively, to create the life you desire.


........Daniel Gutierrez: Author : Stepping into Greatness, Success is up to you!  Stories from Daniel on personal transformation, and how you can begin today to let go of the past....And walk into your power.

Twitter: Twitter : Motivatordan

.........Joe Cirulli.....Owner, Gainesville Health and Fitness Center...From homeless to multi millionaire! Joe shares the 4 key steps we all can take to become more successful in any goal we set in life. Health, wealth, personal or business success.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Divorce: The healthy choice for many.

When most people think divorce, they think shame, guilt, anger or resentment.

But for millions of people it is the healthiest, best choice especially if there are children involved!

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Since 1990, we have helped save hundreds of marriages, as well as help just as many couples make the right decision to divorce.

We'd love to help you,  or  941 266 7676.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cocaine, God and me. A story of recovery.

I grew up in a nice middle class home.

Parents that loved me.

High school and college athlete who loved life.

How the hell did I become a binge cocaine user?

Here is the story of recovery, on this short video, that may not have ever happened if I tried to do it by myself.

For 20 years we have helped people heal from every addiction known to man.

Alcohol, co dependency, food, sex and yes drug addiction.

Contact us today if we can help you. 941.266.7676

Freedom awaits.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

From homeless to millionaire, Joe Vitale gives the steps to make it happen!

You may remember best selling author Joe Vitale from the smash hit book and movie, The Secret.

Since them he has gone on to write over 50 books, and is a master at teaching the Law of Attraction.

Recently we had him as a guest on our XM radio show, and his story is an amazing one.

But the very cool thing about Joe, is that he is a master at communicating very simple steps that help people become financially independent.

Like, positive thinking and affirmations are great, but they are not powerful enough on their own to change any one's life!

Listen to the short interview right here.

Get ready for huge success!

Contact us if we can help you create a life of success. 941.266.7676

Friday, October 4, 2013

David Essel Alive! Positive talk radio... XM Radio Guests, Oct. 5th

David Essel Alive Saturday, October 5th

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, XM Radio CH 246, and streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests(**** Moving Oct 19th to, every Sat. 6-9pm est!  40 million listeners and growing!)

 .......Joe Vitale- Author: Attract Money Now: Easy 7 Step Formula...From homeless to a millionaire! Let's find out how Joe can help you create money too.
Twitter: @mrfire

........Jan Spiller-Author of New Moon Astrology.....Jan will be doing FREE astrology readings on the air! Call in 800.548.8255  to find out about your future love life, health and relationships and more.
Website: - for video lectures, current astrological updates and tips for how to use each day to their best advantage.

 ........ Dada Nabhaniilananda: Author- Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation....The benefits are amazing, and will affect every area of your life!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The #1 key to becoming more positive in life.

This may just surprise you.

The #1 key to becoming more positive in life has nothing to do with money, or deep love, or perfect health!

This key can take just a second to understand and a few moments to master if you so desire.

Your life will be forever changed.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

Follow this guide, and your life will become more positive instantly!

Life, will never be the same.   941 266 7676

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby steps and goals, they never work! From our XM radio show

I know, I know, we have heard for years that doing something is better than doing nothing.

I wish it was true when it comes to goal achievement, but it is not.

The caller to our show wanted to argue the point, as she said walking 10 minutes a day was all she could do, and she was proud to do that daily.

I asked her what her goal weight was, she replied she had to lose 80 pounds for a health condition.

Ten minutes a day, I  shared, was a waste of time for weight loss.

It was simply the truth.

   She had to create at least 45 minutes a day to get  healthier!! To save her life!

Watch this video to get the facts on baby steps, and goal setting.

Let us help you achieve all of your goals today.

Contact or 941.266.7676

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to create a sensual kiss and ignite your passion. From our XM radio show.

As the caller on our XM radio show went on to explain, she loved her boyfriend but was getting turned off by his aggressive hard kissing style.

She said he usually started kissing her softly, but within a few seconds was becoming too aggressive which was a turn off to her.

What to do?

First, I shared to compliment him on his soft kiss when he began kissing her, and ask him to keep that going because it really turns her on!

It works, every time. When we compliment our lover, they want to please us and will usually do so if we give them that positive reinforcement

Watch this video as we explain the art, of the deep sensual kiss.

Practice today, and watch your passion soar!

For 25 years, we have helped couples ignite their love life, and would love to do the same for you.

Contact us today at or 941.266. 7676.