Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Loss of Service in Business..Starbucks

I was so disappointed recently after reading an article in USA Today about the rebuilding of the ”Starbucks Empire”. Like many business tragedies, the whole interview was based around the physical changes that were going to be made at these coffee shops, and not one word, not one word was mentioned about an increase in training for a higher level of customer service.

What a shame.

What a complete and utter shame.

I love Starbucks coffee, but I am dismayed with how many stores I go to where I experience lame, inattentive and actually lazy employees. Which means, that there truly is no emphasis on this from the very top on down. And, this was proven by this recent article.

They were quite happy to say that the smell of roasted beans would once again be wafting through every store…and how they would unveil a new $2.50 extra special cup of coffee……….but not one word was mentioned about customer service……..

Could this have anything to do with the closing of 100 stores recently?????

I wonder………………………………………………………………….

Slow Down.

Peace,Love, David

Stepping into Our Power….

I recently attended an intuitive workshop and walked away with a message I have heard 1,000 times before…and have had the opportunity to practice it daily, although I must admit that it sometimes slips my mind to do so. ” To be truly free we must be willing to step into our own personal power.”

So what does this catchy little phrase mean? It means we must be willing to be rejected by others if we want to be the powerful person that we are. We must be willing to go against the flow if the flow of life does not serve our hearts call. It means we must be willing to face rejection daily, and even reject our own long held beliefs about ourselves and life if those beliefs do not create joy and happiness anymore.

It means we may have to rock the boat more, not for the sake of rocking it, but because we have not been living honestly with ourselves.

Let go of the need for approval from others. Risk more often. Face the possibility of losing in love…for the chance to love. Of losing in our careers, for the chance of finding the passion in our work.

Slow down. Step into your own power today.

For if not now………..when?

Love, Peace, David

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Forgiveness through Compassion…

If we all want to be honest with ourselves, I think most of us can admit to having a hard time forgiving certain people in our lives for what they have done or said to us or about us. We all intuitively know that holding on to resentments is like carrying an extra anchor on our back, yet the ego is always right around the corner, encouraging us to hold onto our anger because “look at what they did TO you!!!! “.

It could be a parent, sibling,, former lover, former friend, past teacher….the list is endless. However, if we want to be free, truly be happy in every bone in our body, we have to learn how to forgive.

One of the most powerful tools to use, after we have deeply felt and written about our anger, sadness or frustration over this past event, is to bring compassion into our mind every time we think about this person. Compassion heals. Try to imagine that they truly deserve compassion, as they are 100% human, just like you. Prone to errors, just like you. And like you, they deserve compassion, and maybe even a prayer that at some point in this lifetime , may they find peace. You see, when you think of this situation in this way, you are sharing compassion with yourself as well.

Have compassion next for your struggle to let them go. Have compassion for the part of you that wants them to “pay” for the pain they have caused you. Have compassion for the part of you that may have hurt others in the past as well.

Compassion, for you….for them…heals.

Slow down. Wishing you love and peace, David

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trying to Forget…..

“All I want to do is forget that this thing ever happened. I just want to move on. I’ve tried to let it go, forgive, be at peace with the fact that everything happens for a reason….I’ve even handed it over to God now every day for 6 months and I cannot get it out of my mind. You’ve got to help me. “

My client was so frustrated that you could see her on the brink of tears, just like so many past men and women I have worked with. “Just make “it” go away” is the refrain I hear daily.

The good news is that ”it” will change form…….”it” will dissipate, become less of a thought in our mind, but only if we do the work. Handing “it” over to God, or saying I forgive you is only a portion of the work. While this might sound strange, the real work may be in the act of sitting with your anger, frustration, sadness or insecurity over whatever “it” is on a daily basis until you have truly felt the pain.

“It” can be the loss of a love, a job, a family member, a pet, a dream, a house, ….just about anything. If you find yourself unable to move on from a past experience, it probably is because we haven’t felt the deep feelings associated with this event. Because at first this can be uncomfortable, we run, hide from feeling this deeply.

The amazing thing is, that if we choose to go deeper within ourselves and create the space in our lives to sit and feel, the past experience will melt away….leaving us with a self resolution…and maybe even a lesson learned.

Slow Down. Feel.

Wishing you love and peace, David

Monday, March 3, 2008

Creating more time for you,The Illusion of lack

The number one complaint amongst my clients is that “I don’t have enough time to do all that I want in a day!!”…To meditate…workout…time for my lover..time, quality time for kids…to just sit and enjoy a sunset/sunrise…the list does go on and on..

But if I told you that this excuse about time, that there is not/never enough was an illusion….. not only one that you bought into…but one you strengthen every day that you mention it…could you wrap your head around the fact that you are creating this illusion about time every day you are alive???…

It is absolutely a fact…the lack of time in your life to do what you desire is an illusion. How do I know??…Because I lived the same illusion,. and at times still fall back into the trap…=)…until I catch myself and snap out of the “limiting mindset” that I just created!!!

Proof: If you checked your email just 2 times per day, 8am and 4 pm…you would save about 2 hours or more each day in wasted time..Can you imagine how much fun , how much you could get done with 2 extra hours per day , every day per week!!!..

Proof: If you stopped watching the news on tv every day…am…noon…pm…most people would have another hour per day…just for them!!!

Proof: If you only returned phone calls at 11am and 4pm each day…you’d save on average 1 hour /day of wasted time…

Proof..So far , if you follow my proven plan…you now have an extra “4HOURS PER DAY” to do all that you want to…that you think you don;t have time to….due to the illusion you bought into.

Slow Down. Create the life you want right now…Shatter your limiting illusions..and just have fun!!…=)…Love,Peace,David