Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mickey Rourke : "The Wrestler" A movie that teaches

Mickey Rourke is truly a gifted actor, one who answers a difficult question in his newest movie in a very painful way: What is the meaning of our existence?

Yes, the "question of all times"...answered in a movie about professional wrestling.

It is true that throughout our lives we chase so many things that are meaningless, compared to those that offer all that we could ever need.

Fame can't do it.

Money can't do it.

Only one thing can bring us to the meaning of our existence...and Mickey does it in a way that is sad, heartbreaking and all so real...all wrapped in one powerful movie.

Slow down and watch this film.

Then, decide today to change your life.

Love, peace David Essel

Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow Down...The Power in Doing Less

This blog will be amazingly short.

Today, right now, simply slow down and follow your breath.

Every time you inhale, notice the sacred breath that is keeping you alive.

Do the same as you exhale.

Notice the sacredness of this very moment. Love, peace, David Essel

"Not Enough Time in a Day?".. An Illusion

The reality behind most of our statements that we do not have enough time in the day to do all that we want to do is as far from the reality as you could possibly imagine. As a matter of fact, this statement is actually an illusion.

By making this statement, we are actually giving ourselves a way out of having to be creative ...creative with our time management. I mean after all, if we have an excuse, like "I don't have enough time", why change? Why ask for help?

A former client of mine came to me with this often used excuse as to the reason she was not happy in her life. " As a single mom working 60 hours a week, there's no way that I will ever have enough time for do anything that's fun until the girls are 18 and out of the door."

You can imagine the response she gave me when I told her that what she was saying was an illusion, a handy one at that.

She had spent so much time telling people and herself that she had no time, that she actually believed her own words!

When we did a time recall sheet, and found out that she actually had several hours of free time that she wasted each nite on reality TV shows, her whole life began to change.

These hours soon became her time to play piano, something she had loved doing for years, but stopped after her divorce. just this one change proved to her that if she really wanted to prioritize her time, she could live a fabulous life, one that started today, not when her little girls we grown and gone.

Lack of time is an illusion, a game we play, and to our own detriment.

Slow down, and create the time you need now to find the joy that might be missing from your life.

Love, peace, David Essel

Friday, January 23, 2009

Your "Someday" is today...Success is now

So many people come to me with the same statements regarding success..."someday I'm going to really get into shape...quit more money..find the love of my life...deepen my connection with God...create a better relationship with my children..." And the lists go on.

The illusion that we carry is our reality. And for most of us, all of the statements above are illusions, because we'll never, ever do them.

If you want success, love, money, freedom from addiction, God....Go after these goals RIGHT NOW! Your someday is either today, or trust me....never.

After 24 years in the business of helping others, and myself, become more successful, happier, and filled with peace, I know that if you do nothing about your desires to change today, there is a dam good chance you will do nothing tomorrow as well.

Success comes from doing, not simply planning.

So, make the call, get the help you need.

Slow down for success....and

Love, peace, David Essel

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exploring your Strengths..Creating more Success

One of the keys to moving ahead in life, to become more successful, is to explore your strengths on a regular basis. It's a process that will boost your sense of self, your self esteem, and your level of confidence in life.

In Level 1 of my Life Mastery/Life Coach workshop, I ask the participants to list all of their strengths in life, the qualities that they carry that they know are advantageous to their existence.

For some it might be their ability to listen, or compassion, or athletic abilities, or creativity, spirituality, or their talent to make money or friends.

Since whatever we focus on grows, it is an incredibly important step to focus on what is working well for us in life.

Try this right now, in writing. Make a concerted effort to do this on a regular basis. My most successful clients will do this writing , a list of their strengths, on a weekly basis.

Slow down. Explore the beauty that you bring to this world right now to create on going success in every area of your life.

Love, peace, David Essel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blocking Gossip..Enhancing Your Personal Power

A client that I have worked with for 10 months came to me with excitement in her eyes this week, as she described the personal power she felt when she refused to listen to someone trying to gossip about someone she knew.

"It was amazing how powerful I felt. Normally, if someone says "you're not going to believe what I heard about Jim...."....I'd be all ears! But I know that the work that I'm doing to enhance my confidence just got a huge boost this week, I feel just awesome about me!"

It seems that an acquaintance came to her wanting to give her the inside scoop about the last relationship her friend Jim was in...and what happened that ended his relationship...and the "juice" was heading towards Jim's role in the breakup. The stuff trash magazines are filled with, mainly half truths.

My client has been working diligently on walking away from people who are in love with gossip, or who call her to fill her in on the latest trash talk.

It has not been an easy road, as for 20 years her life was being a part of this talk. But, as she continues to rise above the mediocrity, she's finding a new life, one filled with a new energy, and also some different friends.

"Some people have just fallen away, those who want me to chime in, to listen to this crap, gossip talk. At first it hurt my feelings, but now I see the power in letting gossip go.I feel fantastic about me! "

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power to Manifest Your Desires

In all of my work, from one on one sessions to the Life Mastery/Life Coaching courses I teach, the most popular question I'm always asked on day one is "How quickly can I learn to manifest my desires?"

It's a very powerful question, and one that I love to hear.

The power to manifest resides in everyone, at any given moment. But just because we can manifest, just because you have the tools to do so, doesn't mean that you will get all that you desire instantly.

And for 1,000 reasons, this is a very good thing.

But, if you follow the proven steps of anyone who has dedicated their life to this work, you will see what seems like miracles in your life. And, many teachers will have some similar, and some very different ways to manifest.

Within our course, we keep our system simple, yet the results are profound.

Healing miracles have occurred. Huge increases in income. Marriages headed for divorce have been saved.

What I tell every student of these courses is the same. Yes you will manifest some things very quickly, and others will seem to come much more slowly. But if you stay on course, the life experiences that you have during the "slow to occur" accomplishments will blow your mind.

Like the people you'll meet, or the love you'll feel from out of nowhere. Or the immense increase in confidence.

Go after your dreams, and along the way, remember this.

Let go of the end result. Stay in each moment, of each day. There you will manifest heaven on earth.

Slow Down.

Love, peace, David Essel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Success through Surrender

In a recent seminar a man raised his hand and asked why he had not reached a higher level of financial success, after all of the long hours, countless phone calls, and numerous networking events he went to weekly? " I bulldog my way through every week, and have been on this intense schedule for several years, but still find myself in the same income level! What do I need to do now?"

The answer I give to each client is the same...... the path to success is often found by doing the exact opposite in some ways than what we are doing right now.

In other words, surrender your "bulldog mentality", and replace it with confidence and a joyful approach to your work.

To the wife or husband who has been working hard to change their partner into a more positive thinker, surrender your approach. Just sit and be with them, regardless how challenging at first this might be.

To the person struggling with alcohol or nicotine, surrender the fight to stay sober, quit "white knuckling" it, quite forcing yourself every day past the drink, past the cigarette, and surrender to the cravings. Yes, just sit with them.

When we surrender to any situation, we are not giving up, but rather progressing forward, with a new mindset. Twelve step groups have mastered the art of surrender for people who are struggling with food, or any form of addiction, obsession.Find one in your area today.

Keep your positive mindset, set your goals, do the work each day, but with an attitude of acceptance to what is, surrender to what is........and watch your world, your income, your body, your life change for the better.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

Monday, January 5, 2009

Success tools on dvd : The Secret and more

If you're one of the millions of people who are looking for tools that you can access in your home to help you on the path to greater success, using DVDs can help to propel your personal growth in many areas of life.

Today I wanted to share with you a list of these mind expanding, motivational DVDs that I know can make a huge difference in your life:

1..The Secret ( )

2..You Can Heal Your Life ( )

3.. Conversations with God ( )

4..The Power of Transformational Thinking ( )

5..What the Bleep Do We Know ( )

6.. Brain Illumination ( )

These are just a few of the many powerful teaching tools that are available today to increase your path to lifelong success.

Slow down.

Love, peace David Essel

Friday, January 2, 2009

Your mind, Your success machine...

Did you know that the only thing that separates you...from living the wildly successful life you desire, is your mind? Your mind is your success machine.

As I assist individuals from all walks of life to create a new reality, their own dreams as their reality, some will fly forward and see amazing results in just a few months. While others will fall off path, and recreate the drama and struggle they've wanted to leave behind.

So, what is the difference between these people? The way they use their minds.

Here's a powerful example.

Two clients last year were going through both bankruptcy and foreclosures.

One had worked diligently on the power of transformational thinking, a tool I use in my work that eliminates the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back. The second person wanted to believe that this tool would work for them, but would not do the daily mental and written exercises recommended.

In both of these cases, one of their "stories" was that only "losers" go bankrupt, and only "losers" foreclose on their homes.

The reality is quite the opposite in most cases, as brilliant , amazing people go bankrupt every year.

The first person recovered emotionally almost overnight from the bankruptcy, and in 3 months was back to their positive, powerful self...knowing that success was once again right around the corner.

The second individual is still struggling with low self esteem and a diminished energy level. A pure shame because they are such a great person!!

Your mind, if fed daily with the right material, and if this coincides with a powerful writing program with time lined action steps, is truly your personal success machine.

Slow down.

Love, peace David Essel

Ps....please check out our Life Coach/Life Mastery Workshops, that we offer via telelclass across the world, and in Ft Myers Florida at Edison State College and surrounding facilities.

Radio Interview: Deepak Chopra

Whenever I interviewed best selling author Deepak Chopra, I knew 2 things would always happen: 1) That he would blow my mind with at least one new concept, or a new way of looking at life.. and 2) That he would be able to offer real life solutions to whatever the topic of the day was.

Deepak is one of the most fascinating men I have ever had the chance to talk with. Born in India, originally working in conventional medicine in a hospital in Boston, he eventually found his path lead him back to the many holistic healing methods that originated in his native country.

From explaining quantum physics to creating a deeper connection to God to the benefits of auryvedic medicine, Deepak opened my mind to new paths that I am still following today.

He reminds me of people like Michael Jordan, someone who gets into "the flow" of their life purpose and continues to grow, stretch, and lead their profession...opening the doors so that others can explore their full potential as well.

Slow down.

Love, peace.. David Essel