Monday, January 10, 2011

Believe in Yourself!


The following letter is a powerful testament to the need for each of us to believe in our own worth, abilities, and dreams, regardless of what others may say. So often, we let go of our deepest desires to succeed in life because an authority figure told us to wake up, grow up, and to quit dreaming because "you'll never . . . . succeed in business, lose weight, find someone to truly love, finish school." The list could go on and on, but don't let it in your life. Today is the day to let go of people who do not support your growth, and to surround yourself with those who do. I really appreciate all of the visitors to this site who continually share your stories of success. Keep them coming — you are having an extremely positive impact on the thousands of people who read this column weekly.

Dear David,

I was listening to a radio program recently and a young college girl stated that she was striving to increase her self esteem; trying to increase her confidence in talking in front of folks; and overall seeking confidence in whether she could "make it" in college and "make it" in life.

I was told early on in my college career by a college counselor that I would fail college and not make it. That young girl needs to believe in herself.

NOW, I work for a wonderful company, Hewlett-Packard Company. I am a college graduate (the only one in my family), I am successful and very much love and enjoy my job. I believed in myself in college and I DID NOT believe that college counselor. As a matter of fact, little did she know, she posed a challenge to me that very day, as I know within me from that day that I would prove her wrong, as who was she to dictate my success or failure.

I had another challenge when I started working for Hewlett-Packard at an entry level position. My goal, my vision has always been to work for Hewlett-Packard, I took a substantial cut in pay when I took the entry level position at HP

My first day on the job, I was told by an HP colleague if I planned to move up in our HP office to forget it as there were no opportunities in our local office. Since it was my first day and to be polite, I didn't say a word. I do remember thinking just watch me, as I knew within me I'd move up. Within a year, I left my entry level position to everyone's surprise, as I was the newest HP member to join the local office with not a lot of HP experience per se. I now have a wonderful, enjoyable and challenging (thought provoking) position with HP. I have been blessed and I am very grateful to God and my spirit guides.

Set your goals, have your dreams and make them happen. Believe in yourself!

An HP Employee


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Search. Grow. Love.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recovery slip up: What to do?

So, you've just messed up your recovery program, you had a slip. Maybe it was a drink, a cigarette ....a spending spree......a walk back into drug use. Maybe you ate in secrecy again, or vomited up your last meal.

The question now is, what do you do? and, what do you do with the quilt associated with a slip up?

Watch, we can begin to help you with this short video.

Taking action today is the key to getting back on track.

Slow down, to heal.

Love, peace, David.

Trusting the path we are on


As I write the above title, I feel a little "cringe" go through my body . . . I smile and laugh to myself, knowing that I need to be reminded so often to trust this path of life that I am on. I believe we need to let go of the "wheel" and understand that God's plan is always so much better than our own.

I also know that I have to be honest with myself and you. I have to be vulnerable and tell you that this can be really hard. To not have control of my life is something that is hard to accept. If I was pursuing a goal I truly desired, from buying a specific house, obtaining a certain job, making a specific amount of money, or having a relationship with a woman I desired to be with, I would rarely accept no. And, of course, what followed usually was a stressful experience if I did not receive what I wanted. Instead of relaxing, letting go of the end result and trusting that all was in place, I would push, pursue relentlessly, and go after the goal. Before, I couldn't trust that if it did not come after one, two, or three healthy attempts . . . that maybe this wasn't the time to have what I thought I needed at that moment.

Several months ago I was in the hot pursuit of a new career opportunity that I knew I needed to have. So I pursued. I was anxious daily. I needed this. I wanted this. I pushed. I was stressed out for 30 days. And then, on day 31, I awoke with this intuitive feeling that shouted "No, this is not the right move at all." The path was set out all along, and yet I did not want to trust. I believe that if I would have let it go and trusted that God knew what was best, I would have handled it quite differently and with a lot less anxiety.

In relationships, we often pursue someone who is not at the same place that we are. We jump through hoops, knowing, just knowing that this is the one. We push. We pursue. We become anxious. We do not trust and let it go. It will come, or it will not. And yet, that's not enough for us to know. Not that we will necessarily get what we want in life by sitting on the sidelines, because that rarely happens. We need the balance of pursuit and rest, surrounded by the ultimate in trust. Trust the path that you are on at this very moment. Relax. Smile. Let it go. Trust.

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Search. Grow. Love.

Love, david

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where did our love go? The blocks to love.

So many couples that I have worked with over the past 25 years, have sat in front of me perplexed, asking, "Where did our love go?

Some have been together just a few months, others years, but all in the same predicament.

Watch as we discuss one of the major blocks to long term love, in this short video.

This is part 2, of a 4 part video series. To view the other video's, please see

Love, david

Is it possible, to be liked, by everyone?

The need, desire, to be liked by "everyone", is so ingrained in many of us that it can lead to the creation of many very unhealthy relationships.

Since we were children, many have so desired acceptance, that we would do the craziest things in order to be welcome in a certain clique, religion or social group.

Watch, as we look closely at this very serious belief system.

"The disease to please", can rob us of joy, self esteem and more.

Slow down, decide to begin living differently, today.

Love, david.

Our search, for Inner Peace

Release the end result. Stay in the moment. Live each day mindfully. Be aware of your surroundings. Be open to small joys daily. Live in gratitude. Serve the world. In any instance, in any situation, do what Jesus would do. Or Buddha.

All of these statements, if pieced together, would lead us daily to a life full of inner peace. But, what is inner peace? To each of us, it might be slightly different. Have you ever paused and asked yourself what your concept of inner peace is? If we haven't, how will we know if and when we ever get there? Or even if we are close? As many wise sages, holy men and women have said from the beginning of time, the answers to our prayers may simply lie in the asking of the question, for if we do not regularly ask the question, we begin to live a life that is clouded, monotonous.

So, I ask you today, what does inner peace mean to you? What would your life look like, feel like, if each day was lived with a sense of peace? Focus on this question daily, for the answer may simply lie in bringing yourself back to this question every morning which will lead to awareness and inner peace.

To me, it seems that this search for inner peace is simply the search for our true, or our pure self. Did you ever stop to think that right now, what we are all searching for is already with us? The more we search and ask ourselves these questions daily, the closer we come to peace. For without slowing down our world, which unbeknownst to most of us we have total control over, we continue living on automatic, falsely believing that a life full of peace is something only the great religious chosen ones have access to. How sad and how untrue. We all have complete control of our reaction to any given situation, person or event. Peace, true inner peace, comes from knowing this truth and then acting on it.

Look at the way our wise elders in this country react to each day. The ones who have knowingly asked these questions are living peacefully in each moment in their gardens, woodworking shop, or just sitting. They have learned the futility of rushing, scrambling, fretting. They look at faces and pictures on the wall in the long line at the bank, while the rest of us nervously stare at our watches and worry about the time. Our wise elders have come to the realization that inner peace has been a choice all along, one we did not know we could grasp or snatch out of the air at any moment.

The wait in line will not speed up regardless of how agitated we become, so why do we go there? At any moment, we can choose a life filled with inner peace. Are you ready to question your outdated beliefs? Are you ready to let go of misconceptions? Follow the wise ones, the living sages today. Follow your own path starting in this moment to continual inner peace. Ask yourself the question daily, what would my life look like if it was filled with inner peace? Act on this today.


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Search. Grow. Love.

love david