Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Presidential Election Decision..Made easy

For many Americans, trying to decide who to vote for during our upcoming Presidential election is proving harder than expected.

The reason for this can come from many angles, but in my coaching practice I'm seeing the concept of "peer pressure" in a whole new light.

People are feeling the need to be accepted for their choice of Presidential candidate.

........."You wouldn't vote for an African American President would you? How could you vote for a Vice Presidential candidate who is a woman, which means if her running mate is incapacitated, she would be President!".....And the list goes on and on.

This year is unprecedented in regards to the race, so it becomes crucial that we vote with our heads, hearts and intuition all as one.

I'm encouraging clients to read 1 article per day about each candidate written in a supportive form.

I'm encouraging this move so that they have a true understanding of what the candidates platforms really are , not believing it coming second handed from someone who is skewing the information.

Then, regardless if your family, friends, cousins or co-workers are pushing you to vote in a certain way...slow down. Think for yourself. Get quiet for 10-15 minutes and make the decision to vote for your candidate based on information and intuition. Not race or gender.

Slow Down. Vote with confidence...even if it goes against your past voting practices. Even if it goes against who you thought you would vote for before you read this blog.

Love, Peace, David Essel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Desire to Be Accepted...Liked By All......

It's funny how my work as a Life Coach often, if not always, is a mirror of my own personal life.

Over the past few weeks, several of my clients have been dealing with their desire to be accepted by others. To be liked by everyone. Their struggle has seemed to be centered on these traits that we all have ingrained since we were little boys and girls.

In some families, the need to be be accepted...has lead to intense addictions. Spending to keep our image up with our neighbors. Having sex with someone who asks for it so that we won't feel the pain of rejection. Accepting a job that looks great in our parents eyes, even though we have no interest whatsoever in the chosen field. Laughing at insensitive jokes to be a part of the work or with friends. Voting for a certain nominee to be accepted by certain groups of co-workers, friends or family members.

Stepping out and living our own life, regardless of who agrees or disagrees, can be a challenging existence...but if your own personal path is not followed, only you are the one to pay. And what is the price tag??? Our own self esteem. Our sense of self. Our self worth. Our personal levels of confidence. Basically, our entire existence is at stake if you want to be honest about it.

Recently, I've had several people pull me aside and say "there are quite a few people who do not like you David...They're saying Who is HE to co-found a non denominational church? Who is HE to call himself a Minister? Who is HE to lead certification workshops for Life Coaches??" And the list goes on.

I know the correct path is not necessarily the easiest one. I give my clients the tools needed to listen to these attacks...and to move forward anyway. We, the people who have dreams, who want to make a difference in this world, need to keep on our glorious, yes glorious path without concern about what others say.

Remember, Christ had many people who vehemently disliked did Buddha... as does Donald Trump...and Suze Orman.....yest they all keep following their own path.

Do the same. Remove the need to be liked by all....and instead..follow your dreams, your heart...your soul..

Do not let the jealousy, insecurity or envy of others get in your way to becoming the beautiful force that you are.

Slow Down.

Love yourself. Peace. Love, David Essel

Monday, October 13, 2008

What Should I Expect During Life Coach Certification

Depending on the course that you may sign up for, coaching certifications can take between 16 and 100 hours to complete.
I would recommend that you look for a course that offers the following information, either via classes, outside research or one on one instruction, (but never all of this via email only):
1) What is the mission of your work?
2) What are the key characteristics of exceptional coaches?
3) What is the format and purpose of each session with a client?
4) What are the Ethics of Coaching?
5) What are the key tools needed for personal growth?
6) Why do some people succeed in their goals in life, while others seem to constantly fail?
7) What is the role of web site design, email marketing and blogging in regard to building a business?
8) How do I know I'm really ready to coach someone?
OK, this should get you started as you look for a Coaching Certification that you truly connect with.
Outside of our own very successful Certification Program that we teach through a variety of ways, that you can see at , please interview other fine programs before you make your decision.
and once you do....have a great time helping others!!