Friday, September 30, 2011

Quit Smoking Now: the Holistic Way,

Many people who try to quit smoking fail over and over, and eventually give up, yet if they were following a holistic program, they could be smoke free today.

Will power will never be enough. The patch or gum will never be enough.

Quitting for good must encompass both physical and emotional recovery, based on holistic principles.

Enjoy the video as we give you an idea of what that means.

You or a friend could become a non smoker in a very short period of time if you just had the correct system to follow. we can give you that.

Love, david

Monday, September 26, 2011

Can you be successful, in Network Marketing?

Recently, a client asked me this very question, is it possible for ANYONE to be successful in Network Marketing?

Yes, there is a lot of hype in this type of business.

Yes, there are a lot of people who will mislead you.

And, yes, if you have what it takes, you can be successful. with a little luck too.

There is a huge desire in our country to make it big in business, to be financially independent, to be free of financial concerns for the rest of our lives.

Does this sound like you?

And many people with these desires, find their way into the world of network marketing, hoping that this will be their "Holy Grail", their ticket out of financial insecurity, and into the financial security they've always dreamed of.

The world of network marketing has exploded over the past 25 years, to include more products and services than we could ever dreamed of. And, yes, the opportunity is there for anyone to reach some pretty amazing goals in life if they put the right effort and time into this type of industry.

Unfortunately, too many have been mislead, by well intentioned people I'm sure, into thinking that while this is a business, that the do not have to follow basic business rules in order to be successful.

Enjoy this short video to see what I mean.

If you want to be successful in the world of network marketing, create a powerful business plan, with the help of a seasoned , success professional, and then follow it daily.

Work, and it shall be given to you.

Love, David

Author (6), Adjunct Professor, Radio/TV Host, Master Life/Relationship Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach, All Faiths Minister

“David Essel's destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.”
~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"Coming Soon: "David Essel Alive!" on XM Satellite Radio!" (Free information on personal growth and more!) (See Certification Programs offered below.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Joe's Unique story: Lessons from unexpected places

Joe, a homeless man living in Sarasota Florida, taught me an amazing life lesson several years ago that literally changed my life forever.

Indirectly, Joe opened my heart and soul to the homeless population, and like many of our "teachers" in life, did it all in a way that I never imagined possible.

Enjoy the video.

Slow down, who do you judge, that you could learn from today?

Love, david

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 on 1 Addiction Recovery Program in Miami

If you live in the Miami area, and desire to finally release an addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, co-dependency, sex, negative thinking or more, there is now a program available in South Florida designed to help you recover, 1 on 1, in a holistic way.

For the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of people to finally be free of their addiction, in the privacy of one of our offices in either Miami or Fort Myers, as well as via teleconference and skype.

Many people feel uncomfortable going to meetings or a treatment center, and at first want to learn how to recover privately.

Enjoy the short video to get an idea of the uniqueness of this program.

We help you with sobriety, recovery as well as an aftercare program.

Don't wait another day, call us now at 941.266.7676, or visit for more information.

Freedom from addictions is possible with our program, today.

Love, david

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to give Great advice? A surprising answer.

Many of us pride ourselves on our ability to give great advice. As a matter of fact, others may even commend us on our knowledge and wisdom when it comes to helping others who may be in need of assistance.

Yet, did you know, that the best way to help others is often done, in a subtle and surprising way?

Enjoy the short video to see what I mean.

It's time to re-think, the concept of advice giving.

Love, david

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Powerful Success tip, that is rarely discussed.

There are thousands of tips that we can find that may lead us to the success we are looking for, but there is one, that is rarely discussed.

This tip will seem unusual, even backwards at first, but as you allow the philosophy to sink in, you'll reach an "aha" moment, that could absolutely springboard you to greater success, maybe even today!

Enjoy the short video, as we discuss this tip in detail.

Now, create a written plan today, using this one tip. What do you need to do?

Love, david

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Crazy Making" in relationships. Pure drama.

Millions of people are in relationships right now that are making them crazy, which is where the term "crazy making in relationships " comes from.

Maybe right now, you're wondering why this lover, or friend, seems so irrational, and maybe you're even asking yourself why you're still with them. Or maybe, without even knowing it, you're the one driving others insane!

Enjoy this short video as we explain the concept that we are discussing here.

Slow down, love and friendships do not have to make you feel insane.

Love, david

Cocaine addiction and God: Is there a link?

Could there be a possible link, between cocaine addicts and God? Is it possible, that somewhere in the addicts mind, there is a desire to be God like, to actually feel the presence of God through the addiction itself?

In the world of addiction recovery, we are daily finding more and more out about the millions of reasons why some people become addicts, while others cruise through life without an addiction to substances.

Enjoy the short video to see what I mean.

If we can help in any way, in the world or addiction recovery, contact us at 941.266.7676 or visit

Love in recovery, David

Addiction Recovery, 1 on 1, Private sessions.

For 24 years, we have been helping people recover from any and all addictions, 1 on 1, in the privacy of their home or in one of our several offices.

Are you ready to let go of an addiction to alcohol, smoking, drugs, negative thinking, co-dependency, sex, etc. but do not want to do this in a group setting?

Our holistic addiction recovery program is specifically designed for each individuals unique personality and needs, completed privately, in a one on one setting.

Enjoy the short video to see what we mean.

These sessions are also available via phone and skype, so no matter where you live, we can help you to get sober, clean, for life.

Confidential, real, and you will work directly with David, who is in recovery as well.

For more information, please call 941.266.7676 or visit

Addiction Recovery, 1 on 1, Private sessions.

For 24 years, we have been helping people recover from any and all addictions, 1 on 1, in the privacy of their home or in one of our several offices.

are you ready to let go of an addiction to alcohol, smoking, drugs, negative thinking, sex,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Addiction Recovery Certification: Fort Myers, Sept."

Our next "Holistic Addiction Recovery Certification Program" will be held on September 24/25, Saturday and Sunday, from noon-6pm both days in Fort Myers, Florida.

Addiction recovery teachings have come a long way over the past 50 years, and we are excited to offer a program that uses the most powerful techniques from the world of psychotherapy, 12 step, nutrition, exercise, meditation, alternative healing and so much more!

Enjoy this short video to see what I mean.

From addiction professionals to doctors, nurses, teachers, police, parents and more, we look forward to offering a fresh approach to the world of addiction recovery.

Please visit or call 941 266 7676.

Love, david

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"David Essel Alive!" to air on XM Satellite Radio

For 10 years, "David Essel Alive!" , America's Positive Radio Show, was heard in over 220 cities across the USA, and we are so excited to announce that it will now be heard on XM Satellite radio!

Beginning in October, 2011, David brings his positive message to the airwaves of XM radio as a way to help people totally transform their lives.

His guests will include authors like Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman, Mark Victor Hansen, musicians such as Meatloaf, athletes such as Olympic Medalist Greg Louganis as well as spiritual teachers such as Lama Surya Das.

Enjoy this short video to experience a taste of what his show will be all about.

Stay tuned for the start date, as we broadcast across the USA a message of hope, love and success.

Love, david

Why many woman, are attracted to gossip, drama

Did you know that there are actual reasons that explain why so many woman are attracted to a life filled with gossip and drama?

Did you realize that for many, this is how they find what looks to be their "identity " in life?

Enjoy this short video, to see what I mean.

There is a different way to live, that offers peace, as well as high self esteem. Let's find it together.

Love, david

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Life Coach Certification" : 3 options in September!

Whether you live in Miami or Fort Myers Florida, or any other city in the USA, if you truly want to make a difference in your own life, and then learn how to help others do the same, it might just be time to become a Certified Life Coach, and in September you have 3 options to choose from!

The September certification classes will be held:

1) in Miami beginning Monday the 12th,

2) Via teleconference, where you can join us from anywhere in the USA beginning Tuesday Sept. 13

3) in Fort Myers at Edison State College, beginning Thursday Sept. 15.

Here is a brief video describing the Level 1 Certification:

Life Coach Universe has been certifying clients to become Life Coaches since 1996.

Please call- 941.266.7676- for information or visit

Love, David

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Life Coach Certification": Teleconference Sept. 13

By popular demand, a brand new "Life Coach Certification" class has just been added to our overflowing September schedule!

Now, beginning Tues Sept 13, for 6 straight weeks, we will be offering a certification via teleconference, for anyone, anywhere in the USA!

All you need is a telephone and you can join us to experience the powerful life changing work of Level 1!

Here is a brief video that explains the purpose of Level 1.

Of course , you can also still join one of our other classes in Miami or Fort Myers, but if you are not able to travel to Florida, here's your chance to join us!

Call today to schedule, or visit

941 266 7676

Love, david

Why do "good people", sometimes struggle in life?

So, what are the reasons that "really good people", sometimes struggle throughout their entire lifetimes? Or, at the very least, for long periods of time, when they are truly trying their best to be successful, happy, giving?

These questions have been with us since the beginning of time, and the answers may or may not ever be found.

We offer just a few of the many possible reasons on this short video. Enjoy.

As we slow down, we see the path that we are on, as one to respect and have faith in.

Love, david