Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do You Want to Become a Life Coach?

Every year, hundreds of people who come to me and our organization Life Coach Universe with the desire to become a Life Coach. Many of these people go through our various levels of certification to find their new career, while just as many take the courses simply so they too can discover the secrets to living a more successful, peaceful, happier life.

Since 1996, I have certified Life Coaches, and every time I teach this course, whether it is at Edison State College in Florida, where we are the only Life Coach Certification from around the USA to be a part of a College Campus, or during a weekend class taught around the world, it brings me such joy to see so many people become passionate about changing their lives, and then helping others to do the same.

Watch this short video, and then join the movement that is literally changing the world.

Slow down, learn the secrets to life mastery, and really enjoy your life at the highest level today!

Love, peace, David

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Types of Forgiveness: Yes, it is Possible!

A client walked in recently wanting to find a deeper sense of peace, yet unwillingly to forgive his wife who had cheated on him, ten years earlier. He was followed by a woman who also desired peace, but did not want to talk about her father at all, and how she might find the peace she desired by releasing the stranglehold that she had on him, and her past.

Forgiveness, as many say, is the pathway to peace. But what many people do not realize, is that there are two types of forgiveness.

Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Slow down, decide today to begin the process of forgiving EVERYONE who you hold any sort of resentment or grudge against.

Then, pass this on to as many people as you can. We can help to change the world today.

Love, peace, david

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"A Powerful Day With God" Join us April 10, 2010

"A Powerful Day with God" Seminar
Discovering Dynamic Ways to Connect with The Source of Who We Are
April 10th - 10am-6pm
hosted by Unitarian Universalist Church

Join Rev. David Essel for this amazingly passionate day filled with God! Find the answers in this seminar to many of the questions we seek on a daily basis including:

*How can we seek to discover a power that we are afraid to name?

*How do we connect with the full presence of God, with so little time daily?

*Why haven’t my prayers been answered before? Is there a correct way to pray?

*My meditations haven’t worked before, is there a better way to meditate?

You'll also walk away with a "God Toolbox" that includes:

• A protocol to see the God in others (regardless of the situation).

• Exercises on how to know God in the seemingly mundane.

• The real secret to making miracles happen.

• Finding and connecting deeply with God in everyday music

• And the biggest bonus of all is the feeling of true Divine Union, AND HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

***JOIN US Today! Very Limited seating!

+Saturday, April 10th • 10:00am-6:00pm

+Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, 13411 Shire Lane Fort Myers, FL 33912 • This event is sponsored by the UUCFM CUUPS Chapter

+This course is being offered for just $49! (usually $99).

+Seating is limited so reserve today at: or 239-898-6090

“David Essel's destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.”
~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

***For the past 24 years, Rev. David Essel has been offering workshops on connecting with God at every level imaginable. As an All Faiths Minster,he is the former co-founder and pastor of the Church of Spiritual Light
and the author of 5 books including “Heaven on Earth: God SpeaksThrough the Heart of A Young Monk."

$49 - single admission

Friday, March 12, 2010

Radically Change Your Body: Super Slow Training

If you really want to see your body be transformed , to radically change the shape of your body, you must experience the benefits of super low weight training.

From popular body builders, to researchers like Dr. Wayne Westcott, to fitness guru's like Joe Cirulli, proponents of this type of training are everywhere, yet few people today practice this amazing technique!

Watch this video, and see why former Olympic Medalist Ben Johnson, who trained with Joe at his health club in Gainesville Florida, were amazed at it's effectiveness.

Slow down, incorporate super slow weight training in your program today, and watch your body change to the one you've always wanted.

Love, peace, david

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God's Delay is not God's Denial.....

Many people who pray for a certain outcome to occur in their lives often confuse the lack on an immediate answer with the thought that God is denying their request.

Delay, as we see in this video, is not denial.Watch and see what we mean.

Faith is built when we believe in something without seeing proof of it in the physical world. God's delay, meaning our prayers may be left unanswered for days , months or even years, has nothing to do with a denial of those prayers.

Slow down, and pass this message of hope on to everyone you know. We all could use the good news in this uncertain world.

Love, peace, david

Monday, March 8, 2010

Connecting One on One with God: The Eyes Have It

Did you know that there is an amazingly simple technique that you can use right now to begin to form an even deeper connection with God?

Many believe that this connection is only for the sages, monks and priests, when in actuality, it is available for all of us.

Watch this video, and see exactly what I mean.

Slow down, practice this daily, and in just minutes you will find yourself immersed in a deeper relationship with God.

Then, please pass this on so other scan benefit too.

Love, peace, david


Finally, America has spoken by giving the documentary "The Cove" an Oscar, showing that we truly do care about our wildlife, especially the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year in Japan.

Watch this brief video on The Cove, and please do your part by passing it on. It has radically changed my life, and I know it will do the same for you.

Slow down, get involved, help protect our precious resources like

Pass this on.

Love, david

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Sobriety: One Moment with God, Life Changing.

For many people like myself, thinking about letting go of a substance like alcohol from our evening wine at meals to a few beers on a hot day, yes becoming sober, can be a frightening thought.

In one moment, after years of abusing this substance, I had an experience with God that was life changing.

You can experience the same thing, and you don't even have to be fully ready to do so!

Watch this video, share it with friends and family members, and experience the freedom from any substance that you are currently dependent upon.

Slow down, look inside, decide to change today, and help others do the same by spreading the message of great health, sobriety, day at a time.

Love, peace, david

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dolphins and Killer Whales in Captivity? Please Think.

Dolphins and killer whales held in captivity is probably one of the most tragic and inhumane move that man has made over the past 20+ years.

Our amusement is their death sentence. This I am not exaggerating about.

Watch this video, and then come to your own conclusion about this practice that companies like Sea World are promoting.

Many of us, because of our love of these mammals, may not want to do anything against this practice. Why? Because we have become selfish in our desire to see these creatures in captivity.

Slow down, share this video blog with as many people as you can. Let's become humane once again, a practice we have lost.

Love, peace, david

Unconditional Love? Yes, It Is Possible

Many of us talk about how we truly want to experience unconditional love with a partner , but few actually do it.

Yes it is possible, but it will require that you know how to put your partners needs ahead of your own.

Watch this video, to see what it really looks like.

Jimmy and Joanne experienced it, are you now ready to go there as well?

Unconditional love, it's possible for everyone.

Slow down, and share this video with as many people as you can.

Love, peace, david