Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Greatest Desire..Is Here Now..A Gift For Us All

At the end of a recent sermon I gave, where the topic was how to create the deepest of love...and how to not only experience this, but to share it as well...the most amazing , profound and beautiful thing happened.

I was given a gift, a gift that moved me so, so deeply that I had to continue on and share it with the congregation.

Now, this "gift" has been given to millions of people over time, and you have received this gift yourself numerous times in your life as well. But sometimes, in our training to see "all that is not working in our lives vs all that is perfect", we miss the gift.

The "gift", was a soft yet powerful voice that said directly to me.."you have it all right have the love within that you are the love that you seek...there's nothing else that matters..and you need not move out of this moment, this experience, this love ever..Quit the search, you are it, it is here, you are love, love is here now."

As I verbally shared the thoughts that were given to me in that moment with the congregation, as I shared the "gift", tears of gratitude streamed down my face.

Gratitude for love...for you....for me...for the ability to feel, to find, the reason for our existence.

I have often fallen victim to the trap that bliss, joy, happiness was just down the road, in a new home, an increase in income, my next partner, a better job......

When all along , bliss, joy ,happiness has been residing within, just waiting to be released, given to myself first and then shared with others.

Slow down.

What you and I are searching for, we already have.

Love, within, and all around us.

Embrace it today, in the mirror, in friends, in strangers.

Love, peace David Essel.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Success with Public Presentations/Speaking

One of the most amazing gifts that I receive on a weekly basis is the chance to see one of my many students breakthrough a block..a challenge..and see them on the other side....a success.

In one of my Life Mastery/Life Coach Certification classes that I teach, there was a woman who was deathly afraid of speaking in front of any group larger that two people. On the first day of class, without knowing where her fears in life resided, I asked her to stand and recite an exercise the whole class had done in writing.

Her response was a loud, and direct "No Way!".

I looked , a little shocked by the force in her voice, and eventually coaxed her into doing the exercise.

The next day she sent an email that explained how I had asked her to do the unthinkable, and that her goal was to be able to stand in front of a group of people and speak some day.

At our next class I offered her an assignment,to use the tools she had already been given in our course, and in 2 weeks to get up in front of our group and spontaneously talk just for 2 minutes on anything she would like to.

The result was stunning.
This 30 year old woman rocked the house! Her poise was fantastic. Her humor wonderful. Her confidence stunned everyone.

If anyone follows the principles that have been handed down and used in our work, their results will be the same.

Life Mastery is available to us all.

For more information, please visit and sign up for our free mastery/coaching newsletters.

You will see identical results in your life, if you're willing to do the work.

Love, peace, David Essel.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to Deepen Your Spiritual or Religious Path During Blessed And Challenging Times

Sunday, March 22st, 1PM to 6PM
David Essel, Co-Founder and Minister for The Church of Spiritual Light in Ft. Myers, Florida, presents a new interactive session to help individuals deepen their spiritual or religious path, through all phases of life. All faiths are welcome. For this session, please bring a journal.

Topics to be covered include, but not limited to:

1) How to create a deeper spiritual or religious path

2) Why what we encounter, abundance or challenges, are crucial as stepping stones to a deep and rich life

3) The power of daily rituals, what they are, and how to incorporate them into the busiest of schedules.

4) Understanding the concept of a "Higher Power"

5) A look at creating the ultimate on earth...Divine Union from a spiritual perspective

6)Using meditation as a tool to connect with The Divine, that resides within "the gap " of life

7) Finding God, or your spiritual connection, in various forms of music

8) Creating depth, love, acceptance and forgiveness in your life now...

This experiential workshop will be filled with joy, laughter, introspection and spiritual abundance in a format never seen before.

Each participant will have the opportunity to experience the concept of "Divine Union" during this very workshop!

Included in your admission, at no extra charge, will be a copy of David's newest book "Heaven on Earth", his cd, "Slow Down to Deepen Your Own Spiritual Path", as well as a diksha blessing or "Blessing of Grace." (Total value of these products $57)

The class will be held at Center To Self Reliance, 1939 Park Meadows Drive, Fort Myers, Fl 33908.

Call (941) 266-7676 or visit

Cost: $99 - Early registration is suggested as seating is limited.

Introduction to Deepening Your Spiritual Path

Sunday, March 15th, 1PM to 3PM

David Essel, Co-Founder and Minister for The Church of Spiritual Light in Ft. Myers, Florida, is offering a new series to help individuals deepen their spiritual or religious path. All faiths are welcome. Join David for this introductory session and learn how deepening your spiritual path can enhance all areas of your life.

Topics to be covered include, but not limited to :

1) The difference between Spirituality and Religion

2) The difference between meditation and contemplation

3) How deepening our spiritual path enhances our health, finances, relationships and attitude in life

4) How everyone, from seasoned spiritual seekers to those just beginning on this path, can effortlessly move to a deeper connection to all that they are...and all that is around them.

The class will be held at Center To Self Reliance, 1939 Park Meadows Drive, Fort Myers, Fl 33908.

Call (941) 266-7676 or visit

Cost: $25 - Early registration is suggested as seating is limited.

Monday, February 9, 2009

"Soul Mates" 2..the Next Level

By far, the last blog on this topic has generated as much response as anything else I've ever written. A very hot topic indeed.

I think one of the key lessons I'm hearing and learning is to relinquish "who" has the potential to truly influence your life...your growth..when in comes to intimate relationships.

In other words...could it be possible that EVERYONE your have ever dated...or will ever a soul mate???

It seems to make a lot of sense, as anyone you or I have, or will, date, influences who we are and who we become.

One person may challenge your patience, while another may help you learn how to set healthy boundaries.

Someone else may be a great teacher for you sexually, yet another may be a reflection to you of your overpowering ego...or need to be right in all too many disagreements.

Some may show you the need to learn to fight for love...yet another may show you how to walk away with grace.

And then there is the one who mirrors your beauty in a fleeting comment. Another may help you go deeper on a spiritual path, and yet another may greatly influence how you raise kids or handle money. you see a pattern here?

Everyone you engage with intimately, regardless for how long, may just be a perfectly placed soul mate.

Slow down, and think about this.

As it means that every former lover, is an angel of love.

Love, peace David Essel

Soul Mates: A Different Perspective

Through my interviews over the years with authors like Deepak Chopra, Barbara De Angelis and others, my perspective of what it means to be a "soul mate" has changed dramatically.

For the longest period of time , if someone was my soul mate, which I was lead to believe we all just have one, that our life together would truly be bliss. We would love each other at all times, and the relationship, if it was the real deal, would be close to effortless.

Since these early beginnings however, my beliefs have radically changed.

An example of this came over 10 years ago as I was talking to a knowledgeable counselor on this very topic, who blew my mind with her detailed explanation of a soul mate relationship she had just ended.

The man she had loved deeply was the exact opposite of anyone she could ever imagine herself with.

He drank heavily, while she was a non drinker.

He smoked, and she had abhorred smoking.

His religious beliefs were quite a contrast to her spiritual perspective.

Yet, without a doubt, this was a soul mate in her existence.

She explained that he was amazingly filled with a depth of spirit...a powerful sense of humor...a willingness to admit wrong instantly when an error in his judgement was brought to his attention..he was filled with humility, curiosity, and dedicated to serving mankind.

She went on to tell me all that she had learned from this amazing, and imperfect, being. How their hours of sitting in silence had brought them closer together than any other relationship she had ever had.

She learned the power of accepting someone who was quite different, yet filled with love. As she let the relationship go, she was blessed that another "soul mate" had lifted her up to a higher state of being, one filled with less judgement, more acceptance.

Slow down, and look for the "soul mate" experiences that you may have encountered, through past relationships that were divinely given to help you ascend in your life.

Peace, love, David Essel

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakthrough to Success....Love, Money, Health

If we truly want to find the success we desire in any area of life , there are two key steps to follow.

1) We must know what we want and be able to FEEL that result right now, and

2) We must be able to create and follow through on at least 1 action step today, a conscious step that will lead us toward our desired goal.

So, if you want more love, a deeper love, a new relationship....let's FEEL that desire right now.

Sit, at this moment, and feel that love that you truly want.

If it's more money or greater health, the same applies.

Now, write down an action step that will lead you towards that desire.

It could be in the giving of love to someone else, that you find it.

It could be in the 1 extra phone call today for your business that you create additional income.

It could be in the walking through the health club door, that you finally find the resolve to stick with a workout plan.

Or, it could be in the SURRENDER to a higher power, a powerful acceptance step that you find more peace today.

FEEL what you want, then act.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Your Mind...Friend or Foe? Freedom or Bondage?

The question that I want to ask everyone in the world right now is a simple one. Is your mind, are your thoughts, friendly or antagonistic to yourself?

No one can control, encourage, excite you like you can.

So, have you put yourself in mental bondage?

Are you focused daily mainly on all that is not perfect in your life?

Or, like the masters, have you finally found the answer to life , your joy, resides within your control?

Are you ready to take on this responsibility, and be responsible for what you think, read, watch, listen to?

We do become what we think about.......

Slow down.

Create the thoughts daily that will propel you forward.

That, is fully in your control.

Love, peace David Essel.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Economy....Get Creative

We are entrenched in a new economy that is demanding of us a new, higher level of creativity if we still want to be successful in life.

It's not better than, or worse than, any other time in our lives. It's just different.

What makes it good...or bad...or hellish as many people are griping right now, is the way you are looking at it.

Yes, perception is reality.

If you want to stew in negativity, stay glued to the news.

If you want to be prosperous, and more at peace, look at these times as an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.

Create new partnerships with other people and companies.

Offer an even greater amount of service to existing and new clients.

Demand of yourself more...more attention...more love for others...go to a whole new level of living, not just for money, but for the joy of being alive.

When we are creative, either by choice or because the worlds landscape is changing around us, we automatically rise to a new level of existence.

Slow Down.

Take a big breath, and reach out to others.

Ask for help, and offer assistance.

And realize your life is created by you, your thoughts, your beliefs.

If you don't like what you see, be the catalyst to change. No one else can do it for you.

Oh, and turn off the news.

Love, Peace, David Essel.