Monday, January 30, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Feb. 4th, Positive Radio

This weeks guests on David Essel Alive!, 100% Positive talk Radio...Heard every Saturday, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, on XM Radio 168, the same channel that brings you Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey and more...also streaming live, FREE at ....Here we go!

....... Dianne Collins: Author, "Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking that will rock your world!"

Is it time to change your thinking to change your life? Do you want more out of life but are not sure how to get it?. Tune in.

......Joe Cirulli- Owner, Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers, Featured cover and story in INC Magazine...Topic "Super Slow Down Training: Get the body, you've always wanted!" A radically unique way of getting in shape that will amaze you!!

...... Stacey Wolf- Author, Astrologer/Psychic for Cosmopolitan Magazine......"Astrology For the Year 2012...What should you expect, in your life? The world?"

....... Lee Gerdes- Author.." Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain".. endorsed by Wynonna Judd and others.."How to overcome addictions, trauma, fear and a lack of create...what you desire."

..... John Biffar- Filmmaker / Director..From surfing to film work on Mother Teresa, as well as documentaries on children living in garbage dumps, John has captivated audiences across the globe with his humanitarian approach to making a difference in this world, through the lens of a camera. "How to follow your dreams, even when the odds say, stop."

David Essel Alive!, 100% Positive talk Radio...Heard every Saturday, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, on XM Radio 168, the same channel that brings you Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey and more...also streaming live, FREE at ....Here we go!

Kayla Harrison: Olympic Athlete, Sex abuse survivor

Kayla Harrison, is an amazing young woman, who not only is going for the Gold Medal in Judo in the upcoming Olympics, but she also is a sexual abuse survivor, who is an absolute inspiration to millions of people from around the world.

Kayla joined me on my XM Radio talk show, and we had a fantastic time exploring her path to the Olympics, as well as her healing from years of abuse.

Watch, as I share the key components of that interview, and how it relates to you today, on this short video.

Let's follow her advice, to really live life to the fullest.

Love, david

"David Essel Alive!" is purely positive talk radio! Listen every Saturday, 6-9pm EST, 3-6pm PST, on XM Radio CH 168, or streaming live, FREE, at

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Coach Certification: Feb. 20, Across the USA!

Yes, it is now possible to become a Level 1 Certified Life Coach from anywhere in the USA, through Life Coach Universe's national teleconference certification!

David Essel, who in 1996 created his life coach certification courses, is excited to offer these courses via teleconference, so that no matter where one might live, they can begin the work to radically change their lives and then help others do the same!

"We have had real estate agents and brokers, nurses, small business owners, home builders, health club owners, and more over the years take advantage of the teleconference certifications because they did not have the time to travel to our headquarters in Florida.

We are excited to offer the next teleconference to begin on Monday February 20th, from 6-9pm EST, and every Monday after that for 4 weeks to complete level 1".

Watch this short video to get a feel for the benefits of this teleconference course.

For more information, call David at 941 266 7676 or visit

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to deal, with the " Monster ", within, you, me.

Yes, within everyone is a "Monster", running the show, made up of fears, insecurity, and more, that is absolutely holding us back in life.

As a matter of fact, for most if us this monster has been alive within so long that we are simply used to a dysfunctional co-existence!

Watch the short video below, as I share my own personal experience with this monster within.

Every Saturday, we offer more advice through our national radio show "David Essel Alive!" on XM Channel 168, streaming live at, from 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, on how to deal with these monsters, and reclaim our lives.

Love, david

David Essel Alive: Guests, Jan. 28th, Positive Radio

"David Essel Alive!", America's only purely positive radio talk show, airs on the same XM Radio 168 channel as Glenn beck, Dave Ramsey and others, every Saturday from 6-9pm E, 3-6pm, PT, as well as streaming live and FREE at

Here's a list of the amazing guests coming up this Sat, Jan 28, 2012:

..... Bill Boggs- Author "Got What It Takes?"

A book that compiles the success secrets from a variety of stars such as Matt Lauer, Brooke Shields , Sir Richard Branson and more! Find out how to apply their success to your life right now!

..... April O'Leary- Author " Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living" Frustrated or angry in life? Learn how you can begin to transform this frustration in as little as 90 seconds! Look for peace, to find it.

..... Lynn Woodland- Author" MAKING MIRACLES: Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World " Learn how to release the limiting beliefs that say, "because I've experienced "this" in life, I can only have "that". Oh, yes, you are designed to create miracles, daily.

..... Joan Steffend- Peace Begins With Me, Author "......and she sparkled..."
From Oprah, to David Essel Alive!....... Joan will offer tips to get into the daily practice...of self love. Yes, you are worth it.

.... Kathy Smith- 4 Gamechangers to Make 2012 Healthiest Year Ever Fitness icon Kathy Smith has sold more than $500 million in exercise DVDs, audios, home videos and fitness equipment. From Oprah, to The Today Show , and now offers our listeners the facts on living, really living to their fullest potential in mind and body. New DVD called “Ageless with Kathy Smith: Total Body Turnaround”

"David Essel Alive!", America's only purely positive radio talk show, airs on the same XM Radio 168 channel as Glenn beck, Dave Ramsey and others, every Saturday from 6-9pm E, 3-6pm, PT, as well as streaming live and FREE at

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Edison State College: Life Coach Certification Feb. 9

The next Life Coach Certification course to be held at Edison State College in fort Myers Florida will begin on Feb 9th, 2012, and run for 4 consecutive weeks, every Thursday night from 6-9pm.

Life Coach Universe, the only national certification organization that is affiliated with a 4 year school like Edison State College in the USA, began certifying coaches in 1996.

Participants will learn first hand the basics of human psychology and behavior, the keys to making long lasting life change, as well as an introduction of the work a Life Coach does.

Watch this brief video about the certification offered at Edison State.

For more information, please call 941 266 7676 and visit

Edison State College: Life Coach Certification, Feb 9

What can we do, to live life, more fully? Right now?

Most if us, are living at about 20% of our capacity...loving at 20 % of our capacity. It is so sad, yet so reversible!

What do you need to do today, to bring your life to a whole new level?

What would make your world rock?

Listen to this 5 minute radio clip, and then, let's change.

‎What do we need to do, to rise to the next level in our lives?

Every Saturday, on our XM 168 radio show, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, which also streams live for free at, we interview the most amazing guests, that can help you make the changes you really want to make in life.

It is time, to change.

Love, david

Monday, January 16, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Jan. 21st, Positive Radio

America's Only Purely Positive National Radio show! Every Saturday, from 6-9pm Et, 3-6pm Pt.....heard on the same channel as Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey...XM Ch 168.....and ...Streaming FREE at are the amazing guests for this week:

.... Kayla Harrison- Judo Champion, Olympic Bound Athlete ...Overcomes sexual abuse

made her mark on the senior international level in 2010 when she became the first U.S. woman to win a World Championship in 26 years, going undefeated in five matches to win the gold. This is a powerful story of a young woman who has overcome sexual abuse, to create her path to become a world champion athlete!!!

........ Dr. Brian Arcement- How to FINALLY lose weight....and KEEP it off!

Dr. Arcement is a board certified practicing interventional vascular cardiologist and is a co-founder and medical director of Nuviva medical weight loss clinic. WHY do we struggle as a nation? What type of "Team" do we need to surround ourselves with to lose weight for good? What supplements are REALLY worth the money to help us lose weight safely?

...... Vonda Sheperd- SOLO her new album A mega musical star!

What does it take to be a success in the ever competitive music market? And how can we take these traits and apply it to our life?

• Over 12 million albums sold.

• 2 Golden Globes, 2 Emmys, 2 SAG Awards.

• Billboard award for most television soundtracks sold in history for the Ally McBeal ...soundtrack.
• Performed on each episode of Ally McBeal for its five year run and was musical ..producer for the show.

...... Jan Denise- Author "Innately Good" and The Godseed Project

Why is self love such a difficult task for most of us? How do we learn to respect and love ourselves more deeply? What are the signs that we may not love ourselves, as deeply as we think we do?

......... Miss Amy- , Grammy Nominated Musician

"Fitness Rock and Roll"....for children Whys is it so hard for kids these days to lose weight and get into shape? What can we do with our school systems to get kids in shape? How do we make fitness more fun for kids?

........ Mike Snyder Executive Director :SEEDS :, a not-for-profit organization that creates social and civil awareness and encourages economic development for children in Senegal, using sports as a tool and a vehicle to achieve these goals.

Join us!!! As our guests offer you ideas to bring your life to the next level!! " David Essel Alive!!!"...... Positive Talk Radio.......Sat, 6-9pm et....3-6pm pt....XM CH 168....or streaming

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Women’s Group on Personal Growth Inspires Success

A new session of David Essel’s Women’s Group on Personal Growth starts March 20th after women from the previous group life-coaching session report huge gains in life.

(March 6, 2011) FORT MYERS, FL – It’s no secret that women need the friendship of other women to survive and thrive in life. In fact, researchers have said not having close friends or confidants is as detrimental to a woman’s health as smoking or carrying extra weight.  

That’s one of the reasons Master Life Coach, Author, Speaker and National Radio Host David Essel has created the Women’s Group on Personal Growth – a gathering of like-minded women, who support each other on the path to greater personal freedom, happiness and success.

“There is so much power in a group setting,” says Essel. “It gives women the opportunity to help themselves while they help others – just by being present.”

As participants in the group, women support and encourage one another as they tackle tough life issues such as:Breaking through procrastination

Finding their dream job

Creating deeper love lives

Building deeper friendships

Letting go of resentments

Discovering the real reasons behind weight gain

Developing a more powerful relationship with God, or a Higher Power

Letting go of dependency on alcohol, food, prescription drugs, smoking, spending, or co-dependent unhealthy relationships. 

The Women's Group on Personal Growth will meet every Tuesday, beginning March 20, from 6-7 p.m., at Fitness on the Move, located at 13010 Metro Parkway in Fort Myers. The session will run for eight weeks, and the cost is $200 for the entire 8-week session.

As a result of the last 8-week session, one woman passed a medical board exam she had failed on two previous attempts, another sold three houses in a slow market, another was offered a dream job from seemingly out of nowhere, and yet another celebrated 88 consecutive weeks sober!

“Individually, these women decided they wanted to become more successful in life, and together they did it,” Essel said.

To register for the Women’s Group on Personal growth, contact David Essel at 941.266.7676 or email

Facilitator David Essel is a master life and business coach, author of six books, adjunct professor, addiction recovery coach, all faiths minister and international speaker. He is also host of the national radio show "David Essel Alive!" that airs on XM Satellite Radio every Saturday from 6-9 p.m. EST on Channel 168, or streaming online for free at 


About David Essel, M.S. David Essel, M.S. is an author of six books, national radio and television host, master life and business coach, adjunct professor, all faiths minister, addiction recovery coach and international speaker. His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life. For more information, visit him on the web at 


Monday, January 9, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Jan. 14th, Positive Radio

This Saturday, January 14th, will be another week of amazing, powerful and inspiring guests, lined up and ready to go on "David Essel Alive! Positive Talk Radio, on XM Satellite radio's monster talk channel, 168, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, every well as streaming FREE on the web at

...Jonas Elrod: "Wake Up Documentary "...As recently seen on The Oprah Network!! ..Jonas will explain how his life was forever changed through a unique spiritual awakening, and how we can all learn through the teachings of various people in our world today.

...... Lisa Addiction Recovery ....after a 13 year battle with addictions to heroin and pain killers, find out how she got sober, is staying sober, and why she is so excited, finally, about life. You can get sober too.

Arielle Ford, Author " Wabi Sabi Love " How to find Perfect love in our Imperfect relationships...oh my gosh...who doesn't need this information!! .....

..... Deborah Millman- Executive Director, "Honor Animal Rescue, A No Kill Shelter" ...Find out why all shelters need to be "no kill", and what we all can do regarding adoptions, and saving our precious pets.
..... Lee Witt- Creating The Life You Want , Author, "The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-LIfe Couple Created a Business Phenomenon" ...This guy will give you the TRUTH, about creating your life dreams. No BS, just the hard, successful, facts.


Monday, January 2, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Jan. 7th, Positive Radio

David Essel Alive! Positive talk radio, with amazing guests, listed below for Saturday Jan. 7th, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, XM Satellite Radio CH. 168, or FREE streaming live at!

... Amber Mekush- Gorgeous Model, Fine ART Photographer, and EXTREME Adventurer and Athlete! " Get ready for tips on how to live with more passion, from a woman who has traveled the world, swum with sharks and so much more!"

..... Joe Cirulli- Owner of the world famous Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers, cover story on INC. Magazine.... "How to radically change your body, both men and women, with a program that can be done, seriously done, in 20-30 minutes per day! This guy knows his stuff!"

..... Dr. William Liu- Board Certified Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine..."The epidemic sweeping our country that no one knows about! Babies born addicted to Opiates.....the pain killer addictions, to Oxycontin etc, is now destroying the lives of babies. Let's see how they are being saved."

...... Joan Steffend- Author "Peace Begins With Me", TV Host for HGTV, has appeared on OPRAH!!!...."How do we create inner peace, when the world seems to be in such chaos????? How do we follow our own intuition, to create the life we want? "

..... Dianne Collins- Author, "Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking that will rock your world." "How do we radically shift beliefs that are holding us back? How do we let go of old patterns of behavior? Is life, really limitless?????? For anyone?"

YES!!! this is the ONLY purely positive talk radio show on the planet!

David Essel Alive! Positive talk radio, with amazing guests, listed below for Saturday Jan. 7th, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, XM Satellite Radio CH. 168, or FREE streaming live at Http://