Sunday, March 29, 2009

From Crisis to Personal Success..Part 2

As we move from crisis to personal success, the one thing we must do is read, research or seek out individuals who have accomplished the very same thing that we are looking to succeed with.

Like the homeless man who went on to make millions of dollars in a job that everyone told him to do because he enjoyed it, not to make money in...

Or the woman, separated from her family on the verge of filing for divorce, who discovered an inner love that saved her marriage.....

Or the woman who hated God for an accident that claimed the life of her sister years ago, who forgave herself, And God, to move to a more peaceful existence...

Or the man who thought his life ended after losing his multiple homes and filing for bankruptcy..only to find a new creative outlet that put him on the road of financial abundance..

And the several men and women, who after struggling with addictions to: alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, and/or spending money to feed an inner hole...found an almost instant relief by following a simple secret known by millions...

Or the man who never wanted to forgive his former wife for creating his "living hell", who discovered inner peace after learning how to let go...

And last, a single mom working 2 jobs, dejected and sworn to a life of negativity, discovers a new way to live that brought instant joy and relief....

And, last, last...=)...a woman with 4th stage cancer who experiences love for the first time in her life....

All of these stories can be a reflection of your story as well, and yes, you can experience the miracle of living a more successful life...

Slow down and join us at our workshop as we show you how to move from crisis to personal success.

Love, peace, David Essel

From Crisis to Personal Success..Workshop & more

For the past 24 years, I have witnessed people from all walks of life move from a variety of crisis experiences, to a life of success.

From addiction to sobriety, bankruptcy to financial solvency, divorce to forgiveness, weight issues to health as well as a lack of any type of spiritual connection to a place of deep faith.

In some of these cases, I was simply an observer, in others I played the role of confidant and coach. And in still others, I was the main character who honestly never believed at some point that a positive change could occur.

In every instance, we all come to the inevitable fork in the road that asks us to do something different than we are today, to see a major shift in the way our life is headed.

The great news is, right now tools are available that can help you to begin to dramatically turn your life, health, relationships, finances and more onto a new path that will bring a sense of success you may have never experienced before:

1 To shift your outside world,we must find, examine and change our inner beliefs about who we are, and what we believe in .

2 In order for our attitude to be shifted once and for all, we need to explore the benefits and challenges that come from trying to be a more positive thinker.

3 Holding ourselves accountable may not sound like fun, however there are steps to follow that will make this instantly a new part of your daily existence.

4 Some powerful changes in your daily routine may only take 10 minutes per day, yet lead to enormous end results.

5 The true power of affirmations and visualization is often missed as we lack the knowledge on how to most effectively use these wonderful action steps.

6 Abundance, in any area of life, actual miracles, can easily occur for you, or anyone, who wants to follow a new path.

At this very time in our lives, I see millions of people who are daily drowning in crisis, challenges and chaos that could rapidly change their entire existence with the guidelines that millions before them have successfully followed.

Please join me Sunday April 26, 2009 from 1-5pm at Fitness on the Move Health Club, Ft Myers Florida as we spend an amazing 5 hours sharing how anyone can begin to shift their lives today from crisis to personal success.

If I had not personally walked through the "fires" in life that many today are facing, I would not be able to share this information with the enthusiasm that I have...Yes, regardless of how challenging life may be right now, there is a path to greater success that we will share, explore and give you that day.

Included in the workshop fee, at no extra cost, you will receive a copy of the Hay House book "Slow Down: the Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want" as well as the powerful CD "Slow Down: Transform Your Stress Into Success".

Slow down, it's time to move from crisis to personal


From Crisis To Personal Success Workshop - April 26th - $99

Love, peace David Essel

Join me Sunday

Friday, March 27, 2009

Have we all been abandoned in life?

It may surprise many of us to know that in some way, shape or form, we have all been abandoned in life. And the consequences of this act, or acts, if left untreated , are disastrous.

Abandonment can come in many forms. Being left at the altar, let go from a career you enjoy, an affair, losing a home, being cut off from contact with family members, left out of a social group, dumped by a lover, being told as a youngster that you'd be picked up at 3pm...yet no one came till 6pm.

We all face these issues in one form or another , yet if we submerge them, make excuses for someone so as not to face the real pain, we will act those emotions out for the rest of our lives in a variety of ways.

The most damaging in my viewpoint? It's when we have a general distrust of people. Bosses. Lovers. Friends. Ministers. Doctors. Etc, etc, etc.

Write down the times you have been abandoned in life. Face them. Feel them.The pain, the anger, the sadness.

Stare at the page daily until you come to a place where the pain lessons.

Then, write a letter of forgiveness to the person who abandoned you.

Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself, for holding the pain for so long.

Hold the letters, re- read them daily until the event has passed...emotionally.

Work with a therapist or coach....and find that you can experience a new found energy for life, once you let the "abandoned" experience go.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Joy of Sex ...Now

As I listen to my clients concerns on a weekly basis, there seems to be an overwhelming loss of connection sexually with many of them and their partners.

Some blame the stress of the economy, others the rising responsibilities of family, school, and the juggling of other activities.

It concerns me greatly when I see a trend like this, as sex, sensuality and the deep intimacy that arises from this between two people is one of the greatest gifts relationships offer.

We hold, kiss, stroke and join in sexual union as to experience the divine and the human in one beautiful dance.

So when this is gone, or diminishes greatly, what are we left with???

Instead of answering that question, I'd rather have you focus on what we have, how deep our relationships can go...when we make sure that physical intimacy of all types.... from the holding of hands in public, to the text just to say hi, to a slow kiss, gazing in your lovers eyes, to the joining, releasing, and then joining again in sexual union ...stays a priority in your life right now.

Slow down.

Create a deeper bond regardless of what's going on in your outer world, by committing today to keep your inner world fulfilled through the regular act of sexual intimacy.

Love, peace, David Essel

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Economy : Unseen Growth Is Here

There has been an amazing shift in our economy, as the growth that so many are waiting and hoping for is finally here, unseen by some, but definitely here.

Deals and bargains, coupons and more are fueling the trend. Payment plans will continue to increase, allowing more people to do what they want/need to do, without pulling them into payments they can not afford.

Living within our means has finally caught our attention, and most of us will finally be in a much better position financially as we scale back, and purchase withing what is affordable to us.

All of this is incredibly great news, but do not expect to see it in our media, TV, radio, newspapers anytime soon.

Why? Because sensationalism sells.Period.

Negativity sells.

The good news, that is creeping up all around us in society, will not sell until everyone sees that the negative stories are too old to grab attention.

We see in our business a total shift..people WANT the good news.

They are joining our workshops, hiring us as consultants and coaches, attending our lectures in powerful numbers compared to just 6 months ago!

And when I talk to other inspirational speakers, positive mindset presenters, their experience is the same.

We have broken out of the doom and gloom, and prosperity is all around us.

I hope you'll join us, as life has become so much more enjoyable, more productive and more abundant.

Slow down.

Love, peace David Essel

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taking Care of The Most Important Person in Life

Taking Care of The Most Important Person in Your Life is the easiest thing you could ever do, once you realize that this person is you.

If you take care of you......... physically, mentally , spiritually, financially will have more energy , more creativity, and more passion to share with the world!!

Yet, the opposite is true too.

Many female clients that I work with struggle so deeply with this concept, as they have been lead to believe that everyone else's needs are more important than theirs.

This easily can result in resentment, and often does.

So, today, sit back and think about just one thing you can do today to really

Take a walk in nature, go sit in a church or temple...get to the a salad for lunch...see a movie, maybe even alone!!

Write in your gratitude journal....meditate....visit a 12 step meeting...take an extra long bath or shower...get a massage..go to a park and shoot some hoops...visit the local pet shelter and speak lovingly to the animals..

Take care of you, and watch your world change.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

Friday, March 13, 2009

Searching, Finding Success in Unusual Places/Erica

The following writing is from a graduate of my Life Mastery/Life Coach Master Level Certification.

Erica is truly an example of an outstanding person, who combines her passion and love for both pets and people into her new found life path. Rock on girl!!

The True Essence of Who I Am
Erica Schivinski, RN,BSN, Certified Life Coach
Intuitive Pet Coach

As a Registered Nurse for many years I appreciate the fragility of life and embrace the art of compassion and nurturing humans. However, as I grew spiritually and emotionally I yearned for more, I wanted to intertwine my passion for people with my devotion and love for animals. I started this new mission simply by volunteering with my therapy dog at the local hospital on my days off, sharing joy and words of encouragement to critically ill patients.

Then one morning I turned on the television and saw David Essel talking passionately about Life Coaching, I was intrigued, so I called to inquire and two days later signed up for the course. I quickly grasped the concept of life coaching and was able to genuinely conceive the art of listening, while asking open ended questions and being congruent with oneself while maintaining a positive outlook on life. I challenged myself by pursuing a Master’s Level Certification as a Life Coach and embraced a new peacefulness and true happiness that poured from within.

Once I completed my certifications, I wondered and when would I start coaching people? Days turned into weeks and I began to despair, even though I was still utilizing all the skills I learned in various capacities. Skills improved daily such as a deeper level of open communication and better listening with my husband, friends and even co workers. I began acknowledging everyone’s inner beauty and uniqueness as well as sharing words of positive encouragement to anyone I came in contact with. This new found outlook definitely made a difference in my life, because I noticed people gravitating toward me with smiles and an uncanny openness, willingness and desire to talk and interact.

While learning the ways of life coaching-one of the concepts that stood out to me the most during classes and seminars was to be “open and receptive to everything around you and remove the tunnel vision“. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…people had been asking me for advice and help with their pets for years! All of a sudden, everything started falling into place. For example, when I was volunteering with my amazing little Pomeranian, Foxy, people started asking me to help train their dogs to be so well behaved, even nurses started asking me to go out and pick the perfect pet for their family and help teach it manners and basic obedience.

Opening my eyes to life allowed me to acknowledge the potential for truly obtaining my passion, my niche… and now today I am opening my very own unique company called Perfect Pet Connection. My company is truly the essence of who I am, I am coaching people to train their pets and matching individuals and families with the most compatible and perfect pet for their situation. In addition, I am offering grievance services, coaching people through difficult times and enabling them with the tools to effectively cope with the loss of their beloved pet.

All of the services I offer require accountability on the part of the potential pet owner as well as writing assignments, journaling, and of course constant contact for reassurance and motivation. My innate ability to connect with animals and humans has lead to me to an unsurpassed place of fulfillment and happiness. And although their were many bumps in the road and I spent countless hours learning how to start a new business, I know the hard work is all worth it on this amazing journey of life. I will continue on my path of personal growth and professional success by following my true passion helping people connect with pets, hence the name the Perfect Pet Connection.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How can we be grateful when under stress??

A number of years ago when I was going through a challenging divorce, my very good friend Ardith Bissinger called me with a profound, albeit challenging , thought: "If you can just be grateful today for one thing that is going well, even with all the pressure you're under, your day could change in an instant!"

I thanked her and hung up the phone, not sure if I even wanted to try what she had suggested. A few hours went by and I decide to sit and write the one thing I was grateful for.

With my dog Kona sitting peacefully next to me, I smiled at her and began to write a list that had to include at least 50 things I was grateful for that day!!!!

Within 30 minutes my attitude had shifted so dramatically that I pulled out the manuscript for my book "Slow Down" and wrote more that afternoon than I had in the previous 2 weeks.

The feeling of gratitude for what we have right now, not what we want, but truly what we have in this moment is the fuel for greatness. It's the energy source that is just waiting to be tapped.

But here's the key: For it to be truly powerful it must be put in writing.

Keeping it in your brain offers less than 1/10th the power of those same items/thoughts you are grateful for than when you put it on paper.

So, let's go. Right now..................=)

Slow Down.

Love, peace....David Essel

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Addiction+ Surrender= Higher Power+ Success

For years I had a hidden addiction, an addiction that many people have struggled with but even more would never believe or understand, that was a block to personal success as well as to my Higher Power, or God.

I was a binge cocaine addict.

When many find this out, it's almost too much to believe.

During my entire adult life, I struggled to keep this from as many people as possible.

As a motivational speaker, radio/tv host, author and Master Life just did not fit.

As a fitness buff, who prayed daily, meditated daily, wrote in a journal weekly and lead an existence centered around helping others to reach their full potential, I would hide away for days at a time and worship cocaine.

My binges would have me up until 6am, when I'd do my last line, drink another bottle of wine to help me "come down" from the screaming high, try and locate some Valium to ease the crash...and then sleep the best I could until early afternoon.

I had sought help, but was never truly honest with any therapist in regards to the amount of cocaine I was doing or how often it happened.

A month or two might go by, then I was out looking again to score enough to keep me high for a few more days.

At times I might even let 3-4 months go buy...and then the cravings would begin.

As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking on their own knows, the cravings for the high can be so powerful that no human intervention can ever work for very long...

Cocaine led me to the feeling of connection to God...while high, I created the life I always wanted..

I could creatively map out my next workshop..fantasize about playing for luxury beach homes.....the fantasies went on and on..I was invincible!!

Until regardless of how many "lines" I did, I could not get higher...

Then the crash began..the lows filled in for the highs...and the following days sucked so bad I didn't want to live.

We called them the "pcb's" coke blues.

I reached out to God so many times in no avail.

Then in 1996, while living on Ft Myers Beach, after another all nite blowout...I awoke at 2.30pm and stared at the fan above my bed.

My dog Kona was on the floor and needed to be walked, as the last time she had been out was 5.30 am, after doing 5 large lines to give me the high needed to walk her before any neighbors would be up.

I remember screaming out to God.."please save me!! " Tears streamed down my face as I knew my life was now totally out of control.

"Please God please!!! Please save me, please remove this addiction. Please God hear my cry. I need you right now!!"

Tears streamed down my face as I laid in my own sweat, petrified of what was going on in my life.

While I had cried for help before, it was never with this intensity. I screamed so loud , afterwards I wondered if anyone might have heard me.

Someone did.

And that someone was God.

My day of screams was my surrender to my Higher Power, to God.

My craving, my addiction to cocaine was lifted that day, a true testament to the power of God, the power of surrender.

I am humble, I am grateful, I am in awe.

Slow down.

If you struggle with ANY addiction.... to love, nicotine, spending, negative thinking, religion, food, alcohol, sex, spending...Go to surrender.

Try 12 step groups, continue to try anything everyday of your life.

The freedom is what living is all about.

I love you, David Essel

A Mothers Success Story

The story below is from one of the graduates of our Life Mastery/Life Coaching programs.

Lynne truly has turned her life around, and continues to amaze me and so many other people in her life.

Her story was featured in the January issue of Parent and Child magazine.

Shortly after completing the course
After many years of trying to be a perfect Mom and Wife by trying to make everyone happy. I spent so many years not present in my life that caused me tremendous stress and grief as a parent and wife. The One Thing Theory that David Essel teaches is a concept that I use as a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Best Friend and Co-worker to radically change my relationships with the people in my life. By taking his Master Life Coaching Certification Course I have learned how to help others and not enable them, this is most important to me with my children. I recommend this course not because I have seen the changes in me but the most important people in my life have seen me change into a patient, loving, calm, passionate woman who has words of wisdom and encouragement. That to me is the proof that this path was the right one.
Thank you David Essel for all your graciousness, understanding and non judgement of those you encounter you are truly a gift from God.
Lynne Pietrzyk

3 months later

I started out on this journey to help people face their challenges and take action in their life. I realized a few weeks into it I had a deep passion to help other women; married, single and moms. I am a Life Coach to the Mom’s of the World. What I was most surprised about was the teachings I receive from all of the wonderful clients I have received. When my ego is having a challenging day I stop, slow down, and think of the radical changes my clients have made in their life and it truly brings me back to what is important in life.
I currently have 5 clients and I am starting a book club to inspire others to take action in their life.

Namaste to you David, you are a gift to me and my family.

Lynne Pietrzyk

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