Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears……..Let’s think……….

Over the last few days I’ve heard a lot of gossip regarding the fact that this young woman is pregnant, and how terrible it is…and where was her mother in regards to bringing her up right ….how could a family let this happen….. etc etc…. Of course, there were more harmful comments made than the ones I’ve listed here.

I remember a few years ago a 14 year old girl became pregnant at a school a very good friends daughter went to. After the initial shock subsided, the young girls at this school asked the pregnant girl to come back and finish the year with them , instead of being home schooled so she would not have to deal with the stares and gossip. A true showing of love and support that emotionally moves me as I write this.

I think we could all learn alot from this example, and maybe remove ourselves from the office or neighborhood gossip, the late nite tv and radio jokes and instead act with love. A question we could all ask ourselves today would be a simple yet profound one. If this was YOUR 16 year old daughter, how would you want the world, her school and your neighbors to treat her and your family? The answer should give you insight to your life.

Slow down. Love, Peace, David

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bravo to Joel Osteen on 60 Minutes

Preacher and author Joel Osteen did an amazing job on this national tv show as he refused to be badgered by the “theologians” claiming he was committing heresey.

He was in awe of God’s choice to use him as a vehicle to inspire people to change. I love anyone like him on this planet today who truly are trying to do their part to make this world a better place, a more hopeful place ,to live.

And the great news is that all of us can do the exact same thing everyday, by leading by example ……how to deal with victory as well as challenges with faith and love. May you, may I, do the same today.

Slow down and be the shining light in your life now. Love,Peace, David.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bringing Your Beauty to This World

I was sitting across from a client once, just knowing that she did not see the beauty , the raw power, that I was looking at. She was in a difficult place, remembering experiences that had temporarily stifled her beauty. I wanted her so much to get out of this “meek” persona that she had adopted as a big part of who she was. I wanted her to roar as the Goddess she truly was.

“Do you know who I see in you covered up by false beliefs?”…I asked. “I see Janis Joplin ready to rock!!!!” We both roared in laughter which brought her to a whole new energy level. “I see a beautiful woman ready to roar…do you see that anywhere inside of you?”

That was all I had to say. She got it. Every session now we at some point go to a place where she physically roars…where she raises her voice and lets the Goddess rock. Where she unveils her own Janis Joplin….and feels, in front of another, the power she has. As you can imagine, this is changing her life.

And the same can happen to you, but you must be willing to practice without fear or shame letting your inner voice become your outer voice. Get loud in your car. Use your inner power, through your voice, as you shout your dreams to the world. Shout and dance your way to freedom, personal freedom. And let your world become the one you’ve always wanted.

Slow down. Become the power, the beauty, you already are inside. Love,Peace, David

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Growing in life……..

“One of the first steps we need to take in order to grow in our personal lives is to be aware. Be aware of where we are. Be aware of where we want to go. The first step, the most important step of growth, is personal awareness.

Stop for a moment ,look within and evaluate the relationship you have with yourself and with others. Accept where you are in order that you can move on. Look for the lessons in each day and be open to your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Be aware……………….and then grow.

To leap ahead, really grow in life, begins by simply being aware of your desire to change. “

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love and Inner Peace”)…………..Love, Peace, David

Thursday, December 13, 2007

“Do you ever get down?…..”

A friend of mine recently asked this question and it made me stop and think. “Why do you want to know? ” was my initial response. “Well, since you do all kinds of motivational stuff, I was just wondering if you actually got to hard places…or have you found a way to avoid being down”… was her follow up answer.

The reality is yes, just like everyone else on this planet I have, and do , experienced tough hours, days and maybe even weeks where things are not as I would wish them to be. But I decided a long time ago that these moments or hours would only be expressed to my “core ” group of friends, coaches and or therapists if I am working with any at this time. I believe that there is no real need to let anyone else know that there are difficult experiences that I am going through….and that by opening up to just anyone is not a healthy place for us to go to.

I also, know that there is great, immense and healing power that comes from writing about all that is great…and all that is challenging…in our life at any given moment. My first book “Phoenix Soul” begins with a chapter that is filled with doubt, pain and loss….the type of stuff that can truly be healed through the power of writing.

So yes, even us motivational people and teachers find discomfort in many of life’s challenges, but many have found ways to channel this pain, the ways that I have mentioned here, that allow us to still live a full and passionate life with those we interact with…without having to bring these experiences into these meetings and or relationships. I believe there is a true personal power that emanates from our soul when we decide to live this way.

Slow down to reap the benefits of living and authentic life with those closest to you, and to the rest of the world be the shining light of hope and inspiration.

Love, Peace, David

hy do you want to know

Monday, December 10, 2007

Manifesting your desires………

So many people these days are speaking of the power of manifestation, and how , where and when to do it. Like many truths, there are many different ways to do this. And, many different paths to get you there. The key to your success ,however you attempt to do it ,will always rely on two proven principles of manifestation….patience and a persistent belief in yourself and your goal.

I think too many people have fallen victim to the belief that because they have set a goal, and followed certain principles, that they should be able to manifest what they want right now. While at times this may happen, in my 25 years of work in this field , I have seen that the truth is , that goals are manifested on the timing of universal energy vs that of man’s wishes. Be patient.

Secondly, regardless of what the length of time is as you await the manifestation of your dream…believe in yourself with a powerful and persistent attitude EVERYDAY.

Today may just be the day to slow down, take a big breath, and smile as you know that what you desire to manifest is on it’s way to you……just hang in there baby!…=)…love, peace, David

Saturday, December 8, 2007

“Love” will never be enough….

My client sat with tears streaming down his face. Unable to speak, he just stared at the floor, sobbing. This was the first time I had seen him be so raw, so vulnerable, and I knew a great healing was taking place.

“I thought she was the one, I really thought this time I had experienced a love that would last until I died…I had never felt, at least as long as I remember, such a connection. We needed no outside distractions to feel this way. All we needed was the time to spend together…to walk…to talk…to kiss…to make love……that was all. No dinner parties, trips…while those are all fun, we found that just being together, we were satisfied… I thought that this love would truly get us through anything….and yet, it ended.”

It had been several months since he had ended the relationship, and for some very healthy reasons. What he came to realize was that they were the perfect couple to date each other, to learn from each other, and then to let go of. Many of our relationships are designed to do just that. They help us to define who we are, what we want, but not all can be “the one”.

I had asked him to do a series of written exercises to help him to see the reality of this relationship, not just what he wanted to see. In these writings, some amazing truths were discovered: while they did love each other, they had very different views of the type of life they each wanted to live. She wanted to be taken care of in every way, did not want to work, and looked at this as an imperative part of her relationship. He wanted to be with someone who was passionately involved in something…a career, or volunteer work. He loved to nurture and wanted someone to take care of his needs. She had set limits early on in their relationship with this, and had no interest in fully being involved in his career , to offer the type of support that he wanted. As he wrote these things out, it was easier to see that while they had love at some very deep and wonderful levels, and while they had immense physical passion for each other…they were coming from very different worlds, with very different goals.

The most amazing thing happened next in this session. As he was viewing all that he had written, he looked up and said ” It’s really true, love alone will never be enough to sustain a long term “once in a lifetime” type of relationship. I had hoped and wished that the passion, and some of our similar interests would be enough. I see now that we also have to really like and respect our partner, and the choices they make. Maybe it’s not that she is wrong for treating me the way she has, or for making the choice to not fully support or nurture me the way I want , but rather that we are just not right for each other. I’m sure there are many men that she would connect with and accept her as she is. That’s a huge lesson for me here…To look for a partner I love right now, as she is at this moment, not when she becomes who I would want her to be.”

It was literally beautiful to see his transformation right in front of me. His sadness now was genuine, that he had loved her, and that he missed that love. But as importantly, he saw how important it was to let her go, and to allow her just to be who she is right now, without judgement that it is wrong.

In reality, whatever we desire in a relationship is right for us at this very moment. And , that love will not be enough. That’s the stuff of fairy tales. We must really LIKE this person. We must really RESPECT this person. He found that for his dreams, he could not totally like someone who just wanted to be taken care of in life. And, with this as a fact, this partner could never be right for him. So, without judgement, he finally came to the place of letting her go, and allowing her to find the perfect person for her.

As he left, he commented that he will never forget the love he felt….the joy he shared….the vulnerable places he went with her…the beautiful moments making love and holding her ….those were treasures to remember. But fully respecting her wishes, which were so different from the type of life he wanted with a partner, was an area he never thought he’d experience. Now, he could see both sides and be open to a new love that would be right for him.

Slow down as we approach love, and look to create a deep friendship as well, filled with fun, laughter ,respect and more. You can create the divine union you’ve always wanted, if you want to. Love, Peace, David

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Creating Pure Intimacy..Step One

As the couple sat in front of me asking for the answers to deepen their own levels of intimacy, the only thought that kept running through my mind was “I wonder how much each of these two people really love and accept themselves, as they are right now?” Eventually, as in all sessions, this question presented itself. And their answer was not a shock. “What has this got to do with going deeper with each other?”

The first step to creating a deeper level of true intamcy is the very act of being able to look in a mirror and LOVE what you see. A very difficult action for most of us. But you see, without this, we cannot expect our current or a future partner to love us completely, or be enthralled at the deepest level with who we are. They will simply reflect back to us exactly how we feel about ourselves, even if this is done unconsciously.

Become more intimate with yourself starting today…in all ways possible. Appreciate what you have in life, who you are right now in order to bring more love to you. This is such an old truth, but one we want to skip over. It’s easier to think about plastic surgery, losing weight, or finding a new tool to use to enhance our love, or to find that perfect partner, rather than going to the source and learning to love and accept ourselves more deeply. But as we do, love and intimacy abounds with those currently in our lives, or those who are about to enter it.

Slow down.Take 2 minutes today and simply stare into a mirror, repeat silently to yourself “I love and accept you completely just as your are right now”. Even if it feels uncomfortable, repeat this daily. And watch your world change. Peace, Love, David

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Raising our energy levels…the real ones…

When people think about raising their energy levels, the first thing we often think of is the energy to do more things. That kind of energy. But there is an even more important energy level that we can all be raising on a daily basis that will bring more peace,love, joy and prosperity into our lives.

The energy level I’m talking about can be referred to as our consciousness….or our daily awareness….that can lead to making changes in our life almost instantly. While it’s a conscious choice to raise this type of energy that we carry, it can be done quite easily, almost effortlessly at times. Reading or listening to inspirational or motivational books and cds……..thinking affirmative thoughts throughout the day…going to a church service, or a 12 step meeting, all can instantly raise this type of energy, which will lead us to taking more positive action in our lives on a daily basis. Let me give you an example.

Yesterday I was reading a very powerful personal growth book that was describing the way people who are on a strong, conscious spiritual path choose to live. I was enjoying the energy I was getting from reading this, agreeing with what the author was writing and doing a self check to make sure I was making good choices in regards to my daily thoughts, which as I wrote here recently create the type of joy we either are, or are not, getting out of life. Our thoughts truly do create Heaven…or Hell…on earth for each of us.

When the author wrote about forgiveness, and letting go of past tangled or stressful relationships, I stopped for a minute and did a gut check. AS I did this, I realized that I was still holding onto a type of hurt and resentment from a past relationship that did not end the way I had hoped it would. Just the previous week I had picked up on some very negative energy coming from this person, and the very next day it was confirmed by a mutual friend that indeed “not so nice comments” were being made about me. At this very moment, I realized that I had one choice to follow in order to enhance my energy vibrational energy….my consciousness…and that was to do what my ego had resisted earlier…reach out to this very person in friendship.

You see when we do this, regardless of what the other person does, we rise above the “situation” and act from love, which is by far the strongest energy force known to man. As I sent the email requesting friendship vs animosity, my vibrational energy, my feelings about myself and EVEN this other person rose to a new level. And remember, this is critical, we must do this action WITHOUT a desire that they respond in kind…or even respond at all. We are doing this for ourselves, to heal ourselves, to drop the ego and act out of love. The facts surrounding who was right…or who was wrong… are meaningless here. And remember, as we heal ourselves, we are taking one step forward to helping to heal the world.

Slow down. Make the conscious decision today to raise your own inner energy level by letting go of past hurts, and start healing yourself by reading powerful and beautiful writings. Love, Peace, David