Friday, February 29, 2008

Right for Me

Right for Me

To follow your way may seem plausible
But my guide from above has a different set of plans

Eclectic Soul.

This path is right for me
Lay down your objections
Let me be

When I struggle, you say there’s an easier way
When I struggle, I experience Life

I Learn.
I grow.
I know more now than you may ever believe

I create my daily experiences
There are no mistakes
This is Right for Me.

Following others is not my strong suit
It’s okay for you
It’s not Right for Me.

Cherish your soul
Open your heart
I swim in a different sea
Eclectic Soul.

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace”)

Love, Peace, David

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Personal Power

During one interview with an extremely successful author, I began to see that there was no need to put anyone above anyone else. I was broadcasting out of my home in Florida while my producer, Greg Bell, was in the main studio in Virginia. Shortly before we went on the air, Greg called the guest to let him know that he’d be on in a few minutes, and as always, asked if he’d like to hear the opening of my show to get a feel for what the program was about. The guest shot back with anger about how this interview was interrupting his day, and told Greg not to call him again until we were ready to start the interview. Greg, being a wonderfully sensitive soul, was hurt by the blatant attack by this man, who we’d both put way above us.

Greg didn’t have time to tell me what was going on, so we proceeded with the interview, which, ironically, was about healing, emotions, and intimacy. During the first break, while the guest was on hold, Greg finally told me the story. I was so mad that he’d been treated this way that we cut the interview short.

Of course, I had hundreds of exceptional interviews with very successful people who were just angels to me and everyone else who worked on the show, but as you can imagine, this wasn’t the only time an incident of this nature happened to Greg or some of my other producers. I’m grateful, though, because this situation taught me an important lesson: We need to be able to respect the success of others, but not give our power away to them. Ever since that interview, regardless of how big a celebrity a person might be, I have no interest in interviewing them if they treat people rudely.

Slow down and pay attention to whom you give your power away to–especially those people who you believe are above you in any of the ways mentioned–and begin today to see them in a new light. Be appreciative of their talents while keeping your own sense of self.

(Excerpt from “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want”)

Love, Peace, David

Friday, February 22, 2008

Slow Down

Slow Down

A rainy night
A short walk
Puppy appears
No name to be found

Full of life
Energy abounds
Submerged in puddles
To rise like a sub

On my way home
It follows
“You must go back
These roads are treacherous”

With her tail in motion
Smile on her lips
She refuses my warning
And follows me home

“I’m too busy tonight
You’re too energetic
Please go away”
I close the door

I ask an angel
To lead her home
Seconds pass, a car squeals
The puppy is dead

Were these words aimed at me?
“I’m too busy tonight
You’re too energetic
Please go away”
Not connecting with my own self

Tears stream
I wail in pain
For the puppy and me
One in the same

Slow down

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace”

Love, Peace, David

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Transform YOUR Life in Many Ways

A woman named Rebecca came to me in the early ’90s for workout advice. She was burned out on her old “aerobics only” workouts because she never got the results she desired. She was ready to really apply herself in a new way, so we added a sound strength-training program to her routine. Within a few months, the transformation had begun.

The first place I noticed a change was in Rebecca’s legs. They were already in good condition due to her daily runs, but now they were sleek, strong, and — yes — sexy. I remember her coming to a session once, laughing about all the compliments she was getting. Years of running hadn’t given her the phenomenal legs that she had sculpted in just a few months of strength training.

By the third month, I could see some wonderful changes occurring in Rebecca’s upper body as well, particularly in her shoulders and back. But what occurred physically is only half of the story. After seeing how much healthier and sexier she looked, she decided to use her success to help those who wanted to improve their body. Rebecca became a personal trainer so that she could share the exciting transformation she’d experienced firsthand with others.

Since I was recently divorced and ready for some positive change, I decided to get in shape–physically and mentally. I’d been active most of my life, and for years I’d been jogging, biking, and doing aerobics at the gym, so I was surprised that my first serious attempt at strength training truly transformed my 35-year-old body and my life. Not only did my body respond, but emotionally I felt stronger than ever, too. Throughout this transformation, I looked the best I ever had, I was happier, and my life was more in balance. I then changed careers and became a certified personal trainer. I went back to school, got my degree in psychology, and have continued to train people and stay fit for the last ten years.

(Excerpt from “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want”)

Love, Peace, David

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be Recognized


Be recognized
For what you say.
May your words
Inspire others.

Be recognized
For what you do.
May your work
Inspire others.

Be recognized
For what you think.
May your silent thoughts
Inspire others.

Be recognized
For how you act.
May your actions
Inspire others.

As I say, As I do
As I think, As I act…

May I be guided to a place
More pure than the ones,
That preceded this day.

(Excerpt from “Language for the Heart & Soul: Powerful Writings on Life”)

Love, Peace, David

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling Safe in Love

A therapist called in to my program once to share his opinions on the topic of feeling safe. He explained that some people, either consciously or subconsciously, will “lure” their partner into a false sense of safety in order to try to gain the upper hand in a relationship. They’ll encourage their partner to bare their soul to them, and will always be willing to listen intently to their lover’s dreams and insecurities. While all this sounds fine at first, what the vulnerable ones don’t realize is that their partners have actually shared very little, if any, of their own fears, insecurities, or vulnerabilities. This makes the listeners feel in control, and down the road these people may look for ways to use the private information shared with them by their lovers as a weapon. What a sad way to be in a relationship.

However, when two people are striving for real love, none of these games occur. In a caring relationship, neither partner would purposely bring up shared secrets during a disagreement in order to control or hurt the other, because they would realize that the damage this can cause may be irreversible. Healthy relationships are those in which both partners talk honestly about their past experiences in love, current financial situations, future hopes and dreams, and even spiritual experiences without the fear that these expressions could ever be used against them.

(Excerpt from “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want”)

Love, Peace, David

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Just recently, the Maharishi , founder of the amazing technique transcendental meditation, left this plane and is now circulating the galaxies ….I’m sure with the same joy he gave us while in physical form here.

I forget the actual year that I was introduced and trained in tm, but I believe it was in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. Since that time, hundreds of studies on the power of this meditation technique have proven it’s effectiveness on healing the mind and body. I still use tm on an almost daily basis to help me in every area of my life.

In 1996, I had the blessing of interviewing the Maharishi on the 40th anniversary of the founding of tm… a matter of fact, my national radio show , David Essel Alive was the only media outlet in the USA chosen to interview him for this occasion. And it was amazing.

The one thing that stood out through this interview, which he did from his home in Holland, was his absolute joy…an almost “giddy” state that never wavered regardless of what type of question I asked him during the hour long interview . He was boundless joy..I was laughing with him the entire time ….and will always be grateful for the chance to engage with one of the most amazing men I have ever had the chance to talk with.

From this moment forward, before each tm session I do, I will smile and remember the joy he left within me. Thank you .

Slow down. Love, Peace, David

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Obsessed with words
Spirit has returned
I cannot,
Not write

Spilling onto the page
Fantasy, reality
Are they not to me
One in the same?

I predict my past
And live in the future
Tumbling across each page
A hand with a mind of its own

I slay dragons
Bear children
Inspire the world
Through the organization of letters

No thought alone
Can become real
Until you join me
And put the magnificence of your mind…

On paper.

(Excerpt from “Language for the Heart & Soul: Powerful Writings on Life”)

Love, Peace, David

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Internet Dating and Emotional Disorders

A very good friend of mine and practicing psychologist in NYC asked me recently if anyone in my coaching client base had come to me in the last few years complaining of their frustration with people being honest in the world of Internet dating. As the universe works…=) was amazing because just the week before I had started working with someone who had been devastated by a relationship that began through one of the very popular Internet dating sites.

Through our sessions together, it was obvious that she had met someone with an untreated emotional disorder…filled with lies, manipulation, hidden addictions…While I’m not a psychologist and do not portray myself as one, over the past 16 years in my line of work I have seen the absolute chaos someone who has an untreated disorder such as depression, borderline personality disorder, bi polar disorder, or any of the addictions from substance abuse to compulsive spending or even eating can cause in their partners lives.

“It’s an easy place to hide, the world of Internet dating, any of the emotional disorders that we’re talking about David, and I have seen in my practice some very happy and healthy people get dragged through hell and back when they date someone with one of these conditions….and often times the person with the condition is not being treated for it., and /or is in complete denial and won’t get treatment, or at least the very serious treatment they need to begin to heal themselves. On the same note, I’ve encouraged many of my female clients, which is about 90% of my client base…who have any of these disorders to remove themselves from the world of dating, and definitely Internet dating, until they have their condition under control. But denial is so strong amongst this population, that it’s hard to get them to see the absolute destruction their behavior is causing others. “

I myself had experienced firsthand the immense pain and incredible chaos when I went through this very experience…dating someone with a severe and untreated form of several emotional disorders. To the outside world, and people who may come in contact with this type of person irregularly, they seem oftentimes fine..even normal. Yet, to the people who become part of their daily, intimate life…it’s a whole different story. A tragedy in the making.

I see now that through my experiences, I can help others to heal through my work as a coach, after I have gone through the real life challenges that my clients are going through. And for that I am blessed.

To help yourself to heal, think about these steps..1..forgive yourself as you had no idea about the challenges ahead when dating someone with undisclosed, and untreated emotional disorders. 2 if someone you meet lies often, disappears when they say they will call or meet you…or if you get the feeling intuitively that something is not right, follow your intuition…3..if you find out , especially via Internet dating, that they have misrepresented themselves in their ad/profile, they say on their ad they are divorced when they are married or separated…list themselves as non smokers when they smoke… these are often signs of something much deeper…be very aware, and my advice would be to move Right on to the next person. 4 after such a painful dating experience, try to forgive them the best that you can , as they have a disease that is like any other..untreated, it will only get worse. 5 be filled with gratitude daily that you have moved on and are no longer living in the devastation of their world.

My client is doing so much better on her way to recovery after just a few sessions. It may take a little time for her to fully heal emotionally, but she will. And so will you .

Slow Down. Love, Peace, David

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It’s Not Time …

It’s Not Time

Sleep is evasive, fatigue surrounds me
I’m battling myself
And not sure why
I’ve prayed and hoped
for a breakthrough to lift
this unsettling feeling
These dark and embracing thoughts
I awaken to voices
that aren’t really there
Or footsteps inside
That cut my morning shower short
Out for a run to relieve this deep ache
Only to stop and feel the tears well up inside
Please lift this lid, release this pressure
My only hope is to stay in, to hide
Months go by, feelings get worse
Thoughts of ending this struggle begin to surface
To be peaceful, be free
Thoughts of ending this struggle appear very real
Talk to another?
But who will understand?
There’s no reason for these feelings!
There’s no reason for this pain!
Throughout life we are given lessons
Thank God I didn’t give up on this one
I reflect back to that point of despair
And look to help someone else who’s also ‘right there’

Release your darkness
Keep asking for guidance
If you look above they’re all saying
“Live! Live with Love!”

It’s not the time to change your destiny

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace”)

Love, Peace, David

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

At Any Moment …

At any moment we can change. At any moment we can begin to live a life that is filled with more love and happiness. However, I believe that if we really want to shift to a new way of living, it can only begin when we choose to sit down and write. Write about your goals. Write about your emotions. Stay tuned in to the small miracles that happen to each of us every day by writing about these experiences. Balance your writings by exploring on paper what frustrates you and what brings you joy. For it is in the exploration of both sides of your life that you can truly begin to live life to the fullest. This is the Language for the Heart & Soul.

I wish you Love, Faith, Hope and Happiness.

(Excerpt from “Language for the Heart & Soul: Powerful Writings on Life”)

Love, Peace, David

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slow Down with Meditation

The connection with mind, body, and spirit that we’re all searching for can be accessed in part through the art of meditation. Lee, one of my clients, learned firsthand about the power of meditation. Here’s his story:

I’d always been a type A personality, and I’d already watched my father and every male member of both sides of my family succumb to heart disease, but I became determined that this wouldn’t happen to me. Yet even though i was very dedicated to proper exercise and nutrition, I knew something was missing–I felt as if some key component of a healthy lifestyle was eluding me. In working with David, I was more able to see the value of going within–that is, I was able to understand the value of what’s commonly referred to as meditation.

I’d dabbled with meditation before, but my driven personality always got in the way. The voice inside my head kept saying, “Don’t just sit there, do something!” David helped me understand the value of slowing down. I can remember laughing with him one day as we talked about changing my inner voice’s message to, “Don’t just do something, sit there!”

In casual conversation, we would compare notes on how our workouts were going and how our love lives were progressing. But it was always most interesting when our attention would turn to the amazing insights gained through our meditation sessions. Ironically, our moments of “non-doing” became some of our most productive times, and together we began to understand that by slowing down, we could actually accomplish more.

Through meditation, I was more able to observe my thought process. I watched my thoughts travel all over the map. But instead of evaluating or judging those thoughts as good, bad, silly, or brilliant, I learned to just note them and think, Hmmm, isn’t that interesting. Lo and behold, after several months of dedicated 15-minute meditation sessions, five to seven times per week, a dramatic change occurred. I could actually stop and examine my thoughts in real time. Before reacting with a cross remark to a loved one, I’d catch myself and think, I wonder if I could respond differently here. I found myself stopping before leaving the house and asking, “Do I have my keys and my wallet?” Now this may not seem like a big deal, but the cumulative effect was that my life became less of a struggle and infinitely more enjoyable.

Now, rather than having knee-jerk reactions to situations, I have the option to respond with some degree of awareness, and new options and possibilities for behavior have opened up. Are all my problems solved? Of course not. Is meditation a panacea for all life’s ills? No. But if I were to pick one thing that has had the greatest impact on my life over the last ten years, it would definitely be meditation, and the slowing down that came with it.

(Excerpt from “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want”)

Love, Peace, David

Friday, February 1, 2008

We Become What We Think About …


Your thoughts…
A prison?
A jail?
A curse?
Or worse?

Your words…
Help you to become
All that you think about

Your choice
To stay stuck
Or be free


We do become what we think about.


(Excerpt from “Language for the Heart & Soul: Powerful Writings on Life”)

Love, Peace, David