Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"IT'S ALL GOOD???" Please, let's stop the insanity

"It's all good", she said as she sat across from me, trying to deflect the question about her husbands infidelity.

I have heard this phrase used thousands of times in my coaching work, and ask my clients to refrain using it. And here's why.

Our words, either move us forward in life, or hold us back.
Slow down, think, love.

Love, peace, david http://www.davidessel.com

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Social Drinking? Is it a problem? Let's see.

So, how do you know that your social drinking has become a problem in your life? Many people can have a drink or two, and there has never been a negative ramification.

While others, seem to have a shift in their emotional state, that affects their energy and relationships in a negative way, even after just 1 or 2 drinks. Let's watch this story of one woman who found out that her social drinking was causing issues in her life.

Slow down, think, shift, share this blog with your friends and family.

Love, peace, david http://www.davidessel.com

Sunday, July 11, 2010


— A Letter With A Different Perspective

The following letter was sent to us from Paul, a 28 year old male who may have more intuitive knowledge about this condition than most experts today. It doesn't mean that ADD is nonexistent, but like so many other "popular" conditions, it surely has to be over-hyped. We know our environment encourages us to act in certain ways and that the types of food, rest and exercise we get influences our behavior. The first step should be moving toward a whole foods/natural foods diet, eliminating sugar, caffeine, convenience foods, and additives like Nutrasweet. Check out the book mentioned by Breggin, as well as Ritalin Free Kids by Ullman, ADD: A Different Perspective by Hartman and Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Haas. Also, two great organizations to contact for information are The Option Institute (800-714-2779) and The Handle Institute (206-860-2665).

Dear David,

During a recent program, you were speaking with Peter R. Breggin, who wrote the book Talking Back to Ritalin and another book called Talking Back to Prozac. I have ordered the books for my mother and older sister to read. I am very concerned about my nephew (my sister's son) who is 13 and has been on Ritalin for a few years.

David, I'm confident that my nephew doesn't need this drug. I don't eve think he has ADD, but rather an easily frustrated mom with little patience and a diagnosis and treatment that are robbing him of his developmental growth. He is a lot like I was as a teenager. I'm 28 now, a musician and studio engineer/producer and extremely thankful for what I do. And, I can't live a life within the confines of a routine career. Some people can . . . I can't. So, I have run with that notion since I was a kid and explored many areas of things outside the "norm." I was always a good student, Dean's list all through college. I was involved in many extra curricular activities. You know the story . . artist, spontaneous, dare devil. Anyway, I was also a major challenge for my parents because I required a lot of stimuli to keep going. Without it I would channel that energy into just about anything, even trouble (which happened now and then). Still, I wasn't expecting anyone to PROVIDE me with the stimuli -- I just needed them to direct me, since I found stimuli everywhere around me in everything I saw. yes, I was a handful, but only in the sense that my parents had to be involved with me to keep me on a healthy path with my endeavors. My parents were able to keep me in line with true love and care (and a modest budget to boot!). I am so thankful for their guidance and their support. And most importantly, I'm most thankful that they didn't drug me with Ritalin or anything else. I probably deserved to be sedated from time to time (hah!), but we made it through.

My nephew is so much like me and this drug is poisoning him. One minute, he is the most excited, articulate kid, the next minute, after my sister forces the Ritalin on him (because he gets excited about something), he's a total zombie. I am crushed. And to make matters worse, she has two more beautiful young boys on the way up with similar, beautiful energy and I'm very afraid she'll take the same path with them instead of stepping up to the plate and providing them with the creative guidance they need. These boys have been blessed with remarkable brains full of great skill, and I want them to be able to develop it to its fullest potential.


If you believe this article can help someone you know, please pass it on.
Search. Grow. Love.

love, peace, david


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking Your Best Every Day: Here's Why.

Looking Your Best Today & Everyday

Have you ever thought about the times you've been out to eat that bring back the best memories?

I was asking a friend the other day this very question, to which she replied “When I felt and looked my best, I took out this very classy and sexy dress that I hadn't worn in years … and it was a fabulous evening.” As we continued talking I also found out that while it was a memorable night, she hadn't dressed like that for dinner in over two years.

The question that pops into my head after a conversation like that is why do we wait for a special night, like a holiday party or charity event, to wear our best clothes? When we dress in our finest attire, we not only lift our own spirits but oftentimes those around us as well.

There are so many excellent restaurants in our area, serving the finest of dishes on a daily basis. One of our local chefs wouldn't think about holding back from using his most expensive cutlery while making your next meal, or his finest piece of fish just because it’s a Tuesday eve, so why do we hold back on wearing our best jewelry or expensive suit when we venture out for our next meal?

There was an Internet letter that reached me recently that made a lasting impact.

The sister of a young woman in her 30’s who had recently died of cancer was going through her dresser to pack or give away her clothes. To her astonishment, she found gorgeous, silk lingerie that had never been worn. As she went to her sister’s closet, she found multiple pairs of high fashion shoes, barely touched. And hanger upon hanger of beautiful clothes she had never seen her wear. After leaving her house, she made a pact with herself to begin enjoying all of her favorite and rarely worn outfits everyday.

Let’s start today to live with more passion and joy. Do this by choosing your finest jewelry and clothing to wear out to your favorite restaurant, just because you can! Regardless if it’s a Monday or Saturday night, start making all your evenings out a special event. Men who dress with this attitude will find a new sense of energy as well. Remember, as you look and feel better, those out around you will pick up on your fun and playful attitude and feel better as well.

Don't wait, live a more exciting life today.

Love, Peace,

David Essel, M.S.
Author, Radio & Television Host, Lifestyle Coach

Friday, July 9, 2010

Think and Grow Rich. Really? Here's the truth.

One of my favorite books in the world of personal growth in Napoleon Hill's, Think and Grow Rich, however the title is completely misleading.

Like many, I was first drawn to it for the miracle it promised, at least in the title. But, if you read it thoroughly, you'll see that the truth is actually quite different than the hope it promises.

Watch this brief video to see what I mean.

I love the concept of personal growth, but real growth will always come with a price. And more often than not, it is fully worth the price we must pay.

Slow down, love, peace, David http://www.davidessel.com

Thursday, July 8, 2010



During a discussion recently, the topic regarding our need to follow our dreams came up. A woman had to decide if the challenge of working seven days a week for a twelve month period of time was worth the potential end result of creating the life and work she's always desired. Within one hour, the result from our caller survey was unanimous . . . 9 out of 10 people said it would be worth the risk. What about you? Would you be willing to commit to one year of this type of schedule to be doing what you've always wanted? Could you look at this situation creatively enough and devise a mental plan of attack where you could survive the demands of this type of a schedule? Realistically, what is 12 months of your life, if on average we live for 924 months?

I believe a lot of times we take the easier, "conforming" path in a life we forget just may be able to be filled with more excitement and joy if we are willing to make a few different sacrifices along the way. We fall victim to the belief that by doing what the "average" person would do is really the only way to play it. And I admit following your own journey and going after your dreams, which almost always means creating a nonconformist path, will ruffle a few feathers of those who want you to play it safe . . . be more normal. But the rewards in many cases are too great to pass up.

As an example, when we make the decision to go to school full-time and work full-time, we are able to create the confidence in ourselves that too few people seem to have, a confidence and exploration of our greatness that many never get a chance to experience. Search . Grow . Love . Express yourself.

If you believe this article can help someone you know, please pass it on.
Search. Grow. Love.


Monday, July 5, 2010

He's A Player! What do I do?

My client walks in recently, quickly starts explaining her insane week, then blurts out , "But David he's a player, what do I do?"

We had begun working together 3 months ago, with the focus on her spiritual path. Learning how to meditate, judging herself and others less often, were just a few of the amazing accomplishments she had made.

And then, she met HIM. An amazing guy, spiritual, open, free, who had helped his mom immensely on her passing recently. She had fallen quite quickly.

In one of their conversations, she had asked him if he was dating other women. He said yes. she was cool with that, as he had told her the truth.

Weeks go by, she wanted to go to a play, and had invited him. He told her he was not available, so she decided to push to find out why.

His answer, that he had plans to see someone else that nite, sent her reeling!

"So, what is a player I asked her?"

"Someone who sees a lot of women, and no one knows about it," she replies.

"Well, he does not fit that category, does he?"

There is a long pause....... "NO."

A longer pause.

"In the first 6 months of seeing him, it really did not bother me. Because of his honesty, I was actually ok with that. "

"What do you really feel, since it's not anger at him, since he's not a player according to your definition."

"I feel like I want to be in a committed relationship with him, but I'm afraid...he might say...no."

Yes, we all are afraid of rejection. as my client left the office, I could see a beautiful shift. She was on her way to talk openly with him, just as he had over the past 6 months with her.

Stay tuned.

Slow down, be real, honest.

Love, David http://www.davidessel.com

Friday, July 2, 2010

Yoga for weight loss, stress reduction and more!

YOGA for weight loss, stress reduction and more!

Exercise to many means drudgery. Running, swimming and lifting weights have captured the hearts of the exercise addicts, but as of today only 30% of our population exercises often enough to receive health benefits. Yoga's rising popularity, though, may help encourage more people to begin taking care of their minds and bodies all at once. According to a Yoga Journal/Roper Poll, six million people currently practice Yoga and another seventeen million respondents say they are very interested in participating in this activity.

Fitness expert and video star Kathy Smith believes in totality, the power of Yoga. A practitioner for 24 years, she began using Yoga as a way to add balance and flexibility to her long distance running workouts in college. Consisting of deep breathing exercises, combined with particular poses (asanas) that are held from 25 seconds to 5 minutes each, Yoga embraces both relaxation and strengthening exercise to challenge the mind and body simultaneously. Listed below are Kathy's top eight benefits for people of any age who regularly participate in Yoga:

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Feeling of being centered, focused.
  • Increase in muscle flexibility, decrease in lower back discomfort.
  • Increase in muscle definition, tone.
  • Reduction in injuries due to sports, exercise programs.
  • Increase in mobility as we age.
  • Better sleep patterns.
  • Increase in emotional bonding for couples.

Kathy also found some of the benefits of Yoga surprising to her. For instance, Yoga assisted in the delivery of her children, enhanced her own feeling of sensuality, helps her to stay calm in raising her children, and increases her energy levels and immune system functioning. She believes that anyone can benefit from Yoga by participating at least three days per week for 10 minutes each day. Her newest video Yoga Basics is the perfect match for the beginner.

In my book "Slow Down: The fastest way to get everything you want", Hay House, I tell the story of a top television producer who finally lost the weight he desired, after years of failed diets and exercise programs, through a 1 hour per day yoga routine!

If you are interested in any or all of the aforementioned benefits, this may be the perfect time to give Yoga a try. Open your mind to the potential that lies within this ancient practice and start enjoying the results immediately. Choose a class or video that is congruent with your current level of physical conditioning, as Yoga can be a gentle "walk in the park" or an extremely challenging form of mind/body exercise. If you are over 40 or currently have any health concerns, check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

For more information on Yoga, check out the American Yoga Association web site.

If you believe this article can help someone you know, please pass it on.
Search. Grow. Love.

love, David http://www.davidessel.com