Saturday, April 12, 2008

Emotion and weight loss………..

When we think of losing weight, or decreasing body fat, many people are under the assumption that if they just eat less and exercise more the weight should fly off.

It’s not that simple.

A part of the equation that I”ve seen as critical in the hundreds of people I’ve coached to a healthier, slimmer, stronger body is the release of emotions tied to an event in their past.

It could be a past partner they have not forgiven, how they were treated as a child, or not treated…. or the loss of a love realtionship that they thought would last forever……it could even be the simple, yet challenging fact of letting go and forgiving themselves for something they did in the past.

It all comes down to a simple phrase: when we release the past pain, when we begin to heal our emotional hurts, the weight begins to come off…… If, it’s combined with a great diet and regular and effective exercise program.

The excess weight in many cases is protection we hold onto so as not to be hurt again.

Many women I’ve worked with finally came to the realization that their fear of being hurt in love again was a reason they subconsciously held on to extra body weight. If they were less desirable they surmised , they would decrease the amount of men who might be interested in them, and hence not have to get hurt again.

One client found the power in this step in an unexpected way. As she released her past judgements against men, and herself, and began a great eating and exercise program, men started making wonderful advances towards her way before she had reached her ideal weight!…Amazing!

Slow down. Achieve your desires by releasing the past.

Love, Peace, David

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