Monday, July 5, 2010

He's A Player! What do I do?

My client walks in recently, quickly starts explaining her insane week, then blurts out , "But David he's a player, what do I do?"

We had begun working together 3 months ago, with the focus on her spiritual path. Learning how to meditate, judging herself and others less often, were just a few of the amazing accomplishments she had made.

And then, she met HIM. An amazing guy, spiritual, open, free, who had helped his mom immensely on her passing recently. She had fallen quite quickly.

In one of their conversations, she had asked him if he was dating other women. He said yes. she was cool with that, as he had told her the truth.

Weeks go by, she wanted to go to a play, and had invited him. He told her he was not available, so she decided to push to find out why.

His answer, that he had plans to see someone else that nite, sent her reeling!

"So, what is a player I asked her?"

"Someone who sees a lot of women, and no one knows about it," she replies.

"Well, he does not fit that category, does he?"

There is a long pause....... "NO."

A longer pause.

"In the first 6 months of seeing him, it really did not bother me. Because of his honesty, I was actually ok with that. "

"What do you really feel, since it's not anger at him, since he's not a player according to your definition."

"I feel like I want to be in a committed relationship with him, but I'm afraid...he might"

Yes, we all are afraid of rejection. as my client left the office, I could see a beautiful shift. She was on her way to talk openly with him, just as he had over the past 6 months with her.

Stay tuned.

Slow down, be real, honest.

Love, David

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