Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Essel to offer sermon and workshop Sunday July 31

The Center For Spiritual Living in Naples will host, Hay House author and All Faiths Minister David Essel, on Sunday, July 31st. Essel will present “Spiritual Freedom, creating a deeper connection with the Divine, that works for you!”

Through his spiritual journey, professional coaching practice and lecture tours, Essel has helped many people around the country and abroad find their personal path toward spiritual enlightenment. He advocates being open to different teachings in order to allow one’s experiential learning and understanding to expand. In fact, it may just one to lead to inner peace and profound wisdom.

As an All Faiths Minister, Essel has presided at different spiritual communities including Catholic Churches, Unity and Religious Science Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, as well as All Faith Churches and other independent spiritual centers.

Essel said, “I’ve come to know, that all of our paths starts from a call within. Each of us starts to have a feeling or perhaps some type of knowing that there is something larger than one’s self. I refer to this as The Call. It may begin as a whisper, or perhaps a life experience, which causes us to focus our attention to the voice within. We start there and when we are quiet receptive, more will unfold. The Call may lead us to seek something we know or are familiar with, like a church, synagogue or spiritual center community. Or it may lead us to seek something unfamiliar such as the practice of yoga, meditation, an ancient teaching or an experiential connection with nature. Our job is to be open. Because it may not make sense at first, but the sages have agreed, that this Call from within beats stronger until it is satisfied. And our gift, once we choose to accept and follow, is more than we may have ever considered possible.”

Essel advocates the use of Spiritual Freedom in order to fulfill the call from within to affect our everyday lives. He said, “A spiritual life goes beyond being still. It asks us to be present to every moments, experiences and interactions. It is a raise in self-awareness, then community awareness. The more we expand, the greater the responsibility and the greater the rewards, because ultimately we seek greater and deeper connection with every being on the planet, raising our awareness to the Oneness of all Life. There is a purpose for the Journey. I won’t give away the surprise, and it’s easier than many make it out to be.”

To learn more about spiritual freedom, join the community at the Center for Spiritual Living in Naples, located in the Journey Arts Building, at 2950 Immokalee Road, Unit #4, just east of Airport-Pulling Road on July 31st. A quiet meditation begins at 10AM, followed by the 10:30 AM Sunday Celebration.

Following the Sunday Celebration, Essel will present “The One Thing - How to achieve more freedom, love and success than you ever imagined possible!” This 2-hour workshop offers strategies to achieve the lifestyle many people desire. David is known for his inspirational, motivational and action-oriented presentations. Participants are guaranteed to walk away with the information and knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes quickly and easily. Reservations are recommended. The workshop registration is $25 per person.

To register call, (239) 263-8720 or visit

Essel is the author of “Slow Down: The Fastest Way To Get Everything You Want” (Hay House) and “Heaven On Earth: God Speaks Through The Heart of A Young Monk (Living Now)”. His Holistic Addition Recovery work is featured in the Natural Awakening Magazine, Southwest Florida Edition this month. He is a Master Life, Business and Addiction Recovery Coach and All Faiths Minister. His professional coach programs reach clients across the country and abroad. He offers Life Coach Certification programs and life skills education seminars at For more information about David Essel, please visit or call 941-266-7676.

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