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Addiction Recovery Workshop: Aug. 13, SW Florida

New Holistic Addiction Recovery Training
Helps Professionals and Family Caretakers
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(Fort Myers, FL) – August 2, 2011 – Professionals and family caretakers now have a chance to learn a new approach to recovery treatment. David Essel, a Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach, has developed an approach to help people achieve radical recovery treatment. Like many parents, teachers, ministers, doctors, nurses, spouses and life coaches, Essel was frustrated with the lack of success with much of the current addiction recovery model. He formulated a method to enable professionals and caregivers to offer an alternative chance to help clients and loved ones who seek treatment.
Essel will lead The Holistic Addiction Recovery Certification workshop will be held on August 13th and 14th. The program offers a new and proactive approach which is gaining acceptance and momentum across the U.S.
Most of us are aware that millions of people struggle with addictions across the U.S., with various therapies reporting recovery success. However, according to statistics, the average addiction recovery program in America offers a low 10% or fewer success rate of patient treatment results beyond the first year. Successful treatment, therefore, must produce considerable improvement beyond the early stage of remission.
Randy, a client of Essel’s Holistic Addiction Recovery Program, recalls when his life was spinning out of control. Financially at rock bottom, addicted to using drugs and alcohol for more than 38 years, he found himself in the middle of a divorce, obsessed and dependent on prescription medications. This forced him to make the decision to seek alternative professional help. Frustrated with traditional approaches, Randy decided to utilize the services of Essel’s program.
During his 30-day program, Randy pushed through the realities of his life struggles, unmasked his shame, and made discoveries that he never envisioned he could do. Most importantly, he changed his inner self, to affect his outer life.
Essel said, “The traditional model of recovery must improve client recovery by focusing on ways to increase the probability of recovery. Each program is customized because I am working with their individual issues. We use traditional and holistic modalities in order to address the root cause of the addictive behavioral issues.” Essel finds that his clients are able to remain committed to their customized program to re-establish new ways of being and living, releasing their old patterns of addictive behavior.
Essel’s Holistic Addiction Recovery Coaching Certification Program is based on traditional and non-traditional addiction recovery methods. His goal is to share this knowledge and practical methods with addiction recovery professionals, as well as friends and family care takers for those seeking recovery assistance. The program has given new hope and successfully helped addiction recovery clients achieve lasting change.
Essel’s informational video reviews how he takes the best of all recovery programs, and combines them into his certification workshop. Watch it on YouTube, here
The program includes life coaching, nutritional adjustments and supplementation, exercise, behavioral change techniques, accountability procedures, aftercare implementation and journaling. Additional focus on a holistic lifestyle change approach includes components such as an association to a spiritual path, meditation, prayer, acupuncture, aromatherapy, emotional recovery, forgiveness activities, and healing of addiction causes by family, environment and peer relationships.
Detailed program pre-requisites for Essel’s program are found at The next session of Holistic Addiction Recovery Level 1 will be held August 13th and 14th, from noon to 6pm each day. Training will take place at Fitness on the Move, 13010 Metro Pkwy, in Fort Myers. To register, call 941-266-7676. The $850 registration fee includes manual, Essel’s meditation audio CD and Spirituality audio CD. Participants must complete home study assignments within 30-days of completing the in class program in order to receive their certificate. For details about the program, please visit
David Essel is a Master Life, Business and Addiction Recovery Coach and All Faiths Minister. He is the author of “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want” (Hay House) and “Heaven On Earth: God Speaks Through The Heart of A Young Monk (Living Now)”. His professional coaching programs reach clients in the U.S. and internationally. He offers Life Coach Certification programs and other seminars, with offices in Fort Myers and Miami Florida.
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