Monday, January 9, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Jan. 14th, Positive Radio

This Saturday, January 14th, will be another week of amazing, powerful and inspiring guests, lined up and ready to go on "David Essel Alive! Positive Talk Radio, on XM Satellite radio's monster talk channel, 168, 6-9pm ET, 3-6pm PT, every well as streaming FREE on the web at

...Jonas Elrod: "Wake Up Documentary "...As recently seen on The Oprah Network!! ..Jonas will explain how his life was forever changed through a unique spiritual awakening, and how we can all learn through the teachings of various people in our world today.

...... Lisa Addiction Recovery ....after a 13 year battle with addictions to heroin and pain killers, find out how she got sober, is staying sober, and why she is so excited, finally, about life. You can get sober too.

Arielle Ford, Author " Wabi Sabi Love " How to find Perfect love in our Imperfect relationships...oh my gosh...who doesn't need this information!! .....

..... Deborah Millman- Executive Director, "Honor Animal Rescue, A No Kill Shelter" ...Find out why all shelters need to be "no kill", and what we all can do regarding adoptions, and saving our precious pets.
..... Lee Witt- Creating The Life You Want , Author, "The BrickHouse Band: How an Ordinary Mid-LIfe Couple Created a Business Phenomenon" ...This guy will give you the TRUTH, about creating your life dreams. No BS, just the hard, successful, facts.


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