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The benefits of taking Life Coach Certification? Wow

When people ask me what the benefits of taking our life coach certification courses are, I just say, wow! Since 1996, when we began certifying life coaches from around the world, I have seen people accomplish their most amazing dreams.

And after they see the power of this training in their own lives, about 50% of our graduates go on to become life coaches themselves.

Some students from Life Coach Universe, our life coach training company, have written books, been featured in national magazines, have forgiven people who had abused them, have opened businesses, have lost a ton of weight, have released long standing addictions, have found a deep path to God, have made a ton of money...and the list goes on!

Here's just a few of our testimonials: (visit us at

"As a busy mom with three children, I took David's Life Coach Certification, 1 on 1, so it could fit into my busy schedule. I was looking for a way to find my own life purpose, and at the same time maybe even help others do the same. I had no idea how this course would have such a dramatic effect on my entire life! Along with creating a business helping others, my relationship with my husband has gone much deeper, and I just recently released my first book! All men and women, who truly want to find their life calling, and become more confident in life, should take this program with David."

~ April O'Leary, Master Life Coach, Author, "Ride the Wave"

"Wow what a weekend. I attended David Essel's Life Coach, Life Mastery Program. David was awesome, the group of participants very awe inspiring. David's theory of The One Thing was very powerful. We not only got coached, which i"Hi David, My friend runs the Salon Professional School in North Ft. Myers. At any point in time he has 30 to 50 young students training there. After receiving my Master's Level Life Coaching certificate, I had informed my friend that I was looking for people who I could coach at no charge to do my intern requirements. In September my friend called and said that one of his students was in desperate need of some life coaching. I said that I would be happy to coach the student and I met her at the school the next day. The student was suffering from anxiety and depression. I have worked with her over the past 12 weeks and she has made significant progress and is now first in her class and doing much better. Based on her progress I am now working with a second student and am also working with Vocational Rehabilitation of Lee County to get a contract to work on a continuing basis with students of the Salon Professional School." ~ Jim Stewart, Certified Life Coach

"When I decided to enroll in the Level 1 Life Coaching certification course with David I had no idea what was ahead of me. I thought that David would give us education and instructions on how to be a life coach, and he did do that, but I received so much more! As a course student, you do the same assignments that you will ask your future clients to do and that work was life-altering for me. I found out that I had only deeply buried things from my past that I thought I had resolved. By doing just one technique I saw how those beliefs still affected my daily life and was able to quickly sDavid, as you know, the Lee County Department of Human Services employs case management staff that work with diverse clients all striving towards housing stabilization and economic self sufficiency. They understand the importance of moving people through their goals.

Your life coach training session to introduced new techniques to assist case managers to challenge clients to set attainable goals with concrete action steps including built in measures for accountability. Staff may also be able to use these new skills to grow personally. One particular staff person said, “I was reminded to be happy.”

Case Managers were reminded to use some of the skills they already had and learned new techniques to see their clients be successful. You were very effective in keeping staff engaged and challenged all through the training. Staff continues to look at how they can introduce some of the new tools in their daily work with clients. I expect this training will have a positive impact on the lives of our staff and clients. Thank you for re-energizing us!

Kim J. Hustad, Program Manager
Family Self Sufficiency Program, Lee County Florida

"Being coached and taking the Life Coach Universe Coaching Certification classes has totally changed my life. I’ve always been a happy, optimistic person, but I now look at the world in a much healthier way than I did before. I see problems and challenges in a more positive light, I am better at showing love to the people in my life, I am more spiritual, I am in better health, and I have less fear about going after what I want – both personally and professionally. Life is less stressful. I feel more at peace than I ever have in my life. I enjoy all aspects of life more than I did before. I am better at solving problems, and I am more comfortable in all of the relationships in my life. Doing the work of these classes has felt nourishing to my soul. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to share all of these benefits with the world. Thank you, David! You are an amazing inspiration!" ~ Tina Haisman, Life Coach Universe Graduate

"This course offers much more than just a life coach certification. It offers an opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level and pave a new path for personal growth. It provides a safe space to actually put into practice the very things that you will implement as a life coach, and the twist is you get to be your own client! David’s energy, passion, and humor made it one of the most enjoyable classes I’ve ever taken." –Terri Heck, Professor, Edison State College

"As a Certified Master Life Coach with Life Coach Universe I saw the value in my certification this weekend when I returned to Life Coaching course level 1. The result of attending has brought many enhancements to my Life Coaching business. The true value in my certification is I can continue to attend the courses at no additional cost to me. David Essel is truly giving the gift of coaching by allowing all those who have completed the various courses to return as many times as they would like. If being a Life Coach is not your career choice but you would like to be successful at Life and Career then attending Life Coach Certification courses would be a great choice. The transformation I saw in the attendants during the course was amazing. I will continue to return to courses as they are offered and I hope to see you at the next one either as a returning coach or a new class mate. Thank you David for your gift of teaching has moved many to success." - Mir Lynne Pietrzyk, Master Life Coach

"For anyone out there who truly is finding themselves struggling in the same areas of their life and can't seem to figure out why? Life Coaching is so much more than a career its mastering YOUR life, learning how to face things that are broken, buried, denied and allowing the REAL you to find the answers on a path of ACTION to make REAL changes in your life that will enhance EVERY area of your life, Your marriage, Your Career, Your Health, Your Faith.....Just got back from David's two day certification class and I am in complete AMAZEMENT to the transformations which are taking place in ME and MY life in LESS than 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David, LOVE YOU! " - Mary Roberti

"Had the most amazing weekend! Started my Life Coach Certification Workshop w/David Essel. 2 days exploring relationships, health, spirituality, career & finance. Learned so much about myself in an environment that was safe, nonjudgemental, & encouraging!" - Rita Pociask

"Thank you so much for the beautiful compliment. Tonight was our last class. I must say, I didn't want to leave. Your teaching is so inspirational. I encourage anyone who wants to become a life coach to take this course. Not only did I grow personally but I was able to overcome my biggest fear: Speaking in front of people. Let me just say, it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. But David pushes you right through it. I thought this course was mainly about becoming a life coach, but it was so much more than that. It also taught me how to be real with myself. Thank you so much, David. I'm looking forward to level two." - God Bless, Joy Nichole

"As a go deeper I realize it is just not the past debt but my relationship with money. I have allowed my faith to give me a mask to hide behind. Since I knew God would always provide it allowed me excuses of not pushing myself. Now I realize God gave me the seed all along for greatness I just never felt I was worthy. The Action steps and writing "Awaken me ". Now the past debt is nothing compared to the income I will earn." - Thank You, Ronnie Bramer

PS. When I got back in St Pete my Uncle was in ICU. The weekend helped me to deal with it different. I was able to connect to those closely affected. By just allowing them to hurt , and not stepping in with advice or words of faith. Just love."

"I've taken many courses over the years -- from self development to technical training -- and can absolutely say that "Life Mastery" is one of the best! This is totally due to David Essel's enthusiasm, charisma, non-judgmental style and the inclusive & safe atmosphere he creates in the classroom. He is a motivational influence on students thereby compelling everyone to do their best. By completing this course, I have defined personal and professional goals going forward, and I know how to accomplish all of them. Thanks, D.E." - Joanie Monica Theresa Schultz, the First

"My weekend with David Essel in his Life Coach Level 1 weekend was amazing! David helped me gain clarity on what has been holding me back from making the career change I’ve sought to make for years! I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to quickly get to the root cause of what is holding them back from going where they want to be in life and taking action to chase their dreams!" Colin Bulla

"I AM so glad I "happened" to come across the information about your Life Coach Class the day before it began this session. Among other lessons, I have learned: How to help people identify their priorities to make changes they need to make in their lives; How to ask critical questions in order to help people to accomplish their most important life goals; and, The role of written assignments to create a system for life long success and a positive mindset. I would recommend this course to any one interested in developing greater self-knowledge, and for people who need a nudge to begin making significant life changes, and for people who want to become life coaches. Best regards!" - Julia D.

"(I feel) empowered, excited, alive, enlightened. I can already feel that this work will make significant impact in my life." - George Mitchell

"I am taking time everyday to thank the Divine of what I am grateful for. I am slowing down in communication with others and rephrasing questions to my children so that I understand their needs." - Susan Blust

"The entire class is exactly what I am looking for to better myself as a person and a business professional." - Deb Naufrios

"I am asking for what I want. I did it twice and got it! I did not realize the influence I can have on others. Spectacular! I love the interaction and the laughter, comfort of being in class and openness to get info in and be engaged and empowered at the same time! Bravo!" - Rick Yankowski

"I trust the theory that what I give out is what I will get back - it has worked famously." - Jennifer Lee

"I'll write my goals and intentions, propose a 3-step plan to have more self acceptance, ask questions, don't give answers." - Charlie Greco

"(I realize that) confidence and discipline are created through DOING THE WORK, and through the power of writing" - Travis Fealy

"I am amazed at all the tools I have learned to be more motivated in my business. As well as my personal growth in the realization of the limitations of resistance I have put on myself. This course is amazing because in one short month I have become more productive at work but I have also started to come out of my "comfort zone" and transformed myself to be everything I can be in this life." - Susan Hilferty, Owner ofPole Fitness Studio

"Taking the complete life coaching master program has been the most important actions I have ever taken in my life.... totally life changing!" - Pam Hirons, Master Life Coach

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