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Master Mentor Program: 52 weeks to a new you!

When we created the Master Mentor Program years ago, we did it to fill the need for ongoing accountability. Let's face it, if you truly want to see a massive, major change in your life, it will take an equal effort on your part to make it happen. The bigger the goal, the more effort will be needed to reach it.

Please, do not be mislead by well meaning people who tell us we can accomplish everything we want , if we just use the right type of thinking.

HOGWASH! Ask Donald Trump or Oprah if they created the success they found in life through the power of their minds. No, they worked their tails off! And of course had a great mind too. =) Trust me they worked very hard to achieve what they desired in life.

See below comments from just a few of the people we have worked with over the years in this type of program, and following those will be a description of the work you and I will do together. If you are ready to exceed even your own expectations, let's do it together.

1....."When I started working with David in his 12 month program, I was in the beginning of a divorce, my life was filled with drama, I was having a few drinks every evening to try and settle down, and my attitude was in the pits. My work is very demanding, and I knew if I did not have someone helping me through this time, I could lose everything.

Knowing that David would be with me several days a week, on the phone, was the accountability I needed, it made the biggest difference in the world. His calls and the work I did, has put me in this most incredible place. I released the need for drama, my former wife and I still talk , my business is better than ever, my attitude is at an all time high. Hire this guy, commit to the 12 months, he knows how to keep anyone on track. If he can work this miracle with me, he can do it with you." Jim, West Coast

2....."I had no idea, that in 12 months, I could have released the resentments I held against my former husband, and created for the first time in my life HONEST relationships with my children, friends and co-workers. Yes, he keeps you on track, yes it is demanding and so, so worth it. I had no idea I was struggling with an addiction, called co-dependency, for 25 years! My friends at first said "Susan you do not have the money for this program"...but I knew, that if I could find the money, that this could be the best year of my life. I did find it, and I am so happy, in every area, THANK YOU David Essel for this amazing program of accountability! Susan, Florida

3...."I did David's 12 month program a little differently, by beginning my work with him 5 days a week for 6 weeks, then weekly for the rest of the year, because I needed so much help to stay clean and sober, and at the same time create a new career path. Oh my lord! I had very little confidence, that I could do, what he told me to do! His faith in me, and his willingness to hold me accountable, has led me to an amazing, incredible, new life of complete sobriety, and a career that is so solid, rewarding and lucrative! Everyone sings David's praises and they should. He can help you get the most out of life, but as my friend said, you have to risk to get big rewards. Go for it with him, a year from now, you will be amazed! Marie, Coast of Virginia.

4....."Having David involved with our company for over a year, was fantastic in every area of business. David Essel is a truly gifted turnaround business management consultant. When we hired David to restructure our business model and increase our efficiency, we had no idea that in just three straight months he would turn our business and employees into an incredibly efficient, productive and motivated operation. He instilled operational systems that inspired even our most seasoned, yet jaded, professionals. He was able to do what we could not do for ourselves, and I would highly recommend him to any company, in any field, that wants to reach a higher level of success and create a team with amazing morale. He can do it all." — John Biffar, President, Dreamtime Entertainment

Master Mentor Program: Exceed your expectations in life.

There comes a time in our lives, where we have to decide, that it is our time to shine.

Enough of the mediocrity, enough of the excuses or rationalizations. We decide, on this very day, that we will create the life we've always wanted.

A number of years ago, even though I have been teaching this work for over 30 years, I had to come to this very decision for myself. And, it was the best move I have ever made.

Since then I've done it over and over again. I've reached out, asked for help, and followed through 5 days a week, allowing others to hold me accountable to the massive changes I really wanted to make.

Now, we offer the same to you.

If you know NOW is your time, to put the effort in, to make a lot more money, or to finally get sober and real, to create the most amazing business, to get the body you've always wanted, to create a deep spiritual create the deepest of love relationships, we are ready to go to the max with you for 12 straight month.

Yes, we are ready to have you join one of the most amazing mentor programs available today, to create...what you want.

After all, that is what I want for you.

Read about our program below, and then call me today.

I am ready, to help you succeed, beyond your own expectations.

Love, David 941 266 7676

Master Your Life with Master Life Coach David Essel
ONE of the top Accountability Mentor Programs available today!
Accountability is the secret to amazing success in life.

Are you really ready for a radical life change? To truly make this year, Your Year?
Now is your chance to work with Master Life Coach David Essel for 12 straight months, and create the life you truly deserve and desire.

Every week, you will team up with David for two 30 minute Life Mastery coaching sessions, either in person or over the phone, that will help you create the focus and action plan to radically shift your life, and finally accomplish the goals that are most important to you.

On top of the 2 sessions per week, daily emails to David offer the highest form of accountability possible, ensuring that your path is the right one, and adjustments if necessary are done consistently.

This high level of mentor ship, this daily accountability, is the secret of the millionaires, those achieving their desired weight, ongoing recovery as well as for individuals who create the deepest of love or anyone who has a large goal that they really want to accomplish.

David himself has worked with other professionals who have held him accountable daily, and has seen the incredible progress in every area of his own life.

We all know that focus, combined with accountability, have helped millions before us to overcome adversity on their path to living the life they have always dreamed of.

Today, is your day, to start anew. And David is ready to help you get there.

It's time to exceed, even your own expectations in life.
Live boldly.
Be exceptionally prosperous.
Stop thinking about your desire to live a more successful life, and just do it.

(This plan is limited to 12 people per year. Act now, and watch procrastination become a thing of the past. )

9,997 paid in advance. (Saves $8,000! off of the monthly fee.)
$1500/month, paid in installments.

IF You Know You Are Truly Ready Today, to reach the highest level of success in your life, and are willing to commit the next 52 weeks to do just that, join David’s "MASTER MENTOR PROGRAM.” For 12 straight months, you will work with David 1-on-1, two days per week, 30 minutes each session over the phone, to help you create the life you truly desire! Daily accountability emails between you and David help create a passionate and exciting partnership. From creating a pathway to the career of your dreams, healing an addiction or dependency, creating the body you’ve always wanted, finding a deeper spiritual or religious path leading to inner peace, to developing a deep, honest, meaningful love relationship. You will work with David every week to make this your reality! PRODUCTS Included in the Master Mentor Program:
A) "The One Thing That Will Radically Change Your Life Forever!" Online Course *****(Value $197, included in this program at no charge.)
Which also includes : 2.5 hours of video instruction plus a 21 page manual! See Course Description Above.

B) "LIFE MASTERY : How to Unlock the Secrets to Life Long Success Program." Online Course *** **( Value: $497, included in this program at no charge.)
See Course Description Above.
PLUS, in the "Master Mentor Program", you'll also get David’s top-selling book, “Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want” (Hay House), and (B) The 3-hour CD series, “Slow Down.”
AND remember, one solid year of weekly, 1 on 1, private phone coaching sessions with David!
The full course, 52 straight weeks working with David 1-on-1, is only $9,997 one-time fee, or a payment plan of $1500/month. (You save $8,000 during the course of this program with the one-time fee payment option.) You are worthy of any goal you desire, and David can help you get there. To sign up or find out more about our Master Mentor Program, visit

Call to apply today 941-266-7676 ! Or email David directly at

Annual - $9,997 - Paid in full for 12 months
Monthly - $1500 per month for 12 months

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