Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Public Speaking Certification begins May 6th, via Skype!

Join Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker David Essel for this dynamic certification course on public speaking via Skype from anywhere in the world!

Class begins Monday, May 6th, 12.30-1.30 EST for 8 straight weeks. With Skype, you can do this course from your home or office. 


Learn the art of presenting and public speaking from Internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author and Master Life Coach, David Essel. David's Public Speaking Certification course not only gives you techniques for sound and stimulating public speaking, but can help you build the confidence to do it with ease. From the elevator speech to the lecture hall, David will guide you through the processes that can help you tap into your innate ability to use your voice, your words and your passion to deliver your message in a way that will engage and enthrall your audiences, both large and small.

If you currently work in the world of non-profit, education, finance, healthcare or the service industries...this course will help take you and your organization to the next level. If you are looking for a career shift, David Essel's Public Speaking Certification through Edison State College is a powerful way to enhance your job prospecting opportunities.

David Essel has been a professional motivational speaker and presenter for over 24 years and is the author of, Slow Down: The Fastest Way to Get Everything You Want (Hay House Publishing 2004). His clients include fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, American Express, Nestle, Lifetime Television, Chico's, March of Dimes and many more. David provides a unique opportunity to not only garner compelling speaking skills, but as a life coach he can help you break through the barriers that hold you back from getting your message out to the world!
Class cost: $850 which includes manual and DVD.

Contact us or call 941. 266. 7676.

 It is time to change your life, for the better!
See What Graduates Have to Say...
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your Public Speaking class at Edison State College. I know I started taking the class because I "had to" for my job, but after the first class I realized I wanted to be there and it was up to me to become successful. After 4 weeks, I feel that I have the tools to actually get up in front of people and talk - which is huge for me. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would do a practice speech on someone in my office much less 2 people. Can you believe I am actually looking forward to working at the two trade shows in Las Vegas in January? I now have the confidence to continue in my life's journey knowing if I can conquer my fear of public speaking, I can do anything - thanks to you David ! I have forwarded all the information to our human resources department and have recommended that they put this course on the list for anyone else who has a desire to gain this knowledge. I have let them know that they can have anyone come and talk to me personally to learn more, so I hope I can send some people your way in the future for you to "work your magic".
Kathy Arbelo, Customer Service Manager - Munters Corporation

"I wanted to let you know how rewarding and relevant your public speaking class was. Speaking in public has always intrigued me but I never thought much about putting my thoughts into action because I didn't feel I "owned" a topic, nor had the confidence to make it come to fruition. Today tells a different story. The thoughts of delivering a presentation that excites an audience is now something I look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, strategies, skills, experience, etc. to allow us to focus on our strengths, gain confidence and have the ability to present to an audience a speech they will never forget! As always, your dedication, caring and knowledge mean so much!” With warmest regards, Joann M.
"This class was amazing and helped me deliver my very first presentation to a major statewide conference with confidence. David's approach helped me focus and learn the keys to becoming a better public speaker. I can't believe how much I improved in just 3 weeks! David had the ability to coach the best out of me. Thank you!” ~ Rev. Renee Bledsoe
"David Essel's Public Speaking and Communications course is exceptional beyond belief! Public Speaking can be fun and non-threatening when you learn David's easy and efficient way to communicate effectively. His approach to preparation
for any type of communication is clear, concise and powerful. His passion for his work and love of life is truly inspiring and contagious. No fear - just cheer and support from David! Thank you David!"
~ Catherine, Energy Health Facilitator

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