Saturday, May 3, 2008

Enhancing Daily Productivity……..

If we want to be more successful, happier and more fulfilled in life, we really do need to look at the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of thedaily system that we use at work.

Productivity, whether we work out of our house, car or a 100 story office building, is directly tied into the ability to focus. The more we can focus on any given task, the easier it is to move through that task and do it at a very proficient level.

One technique that I have been sharing with all of my business clients, the ability to actually schedule limited times each day to read and respond to email, was highlighted extremely well in the book “4 Hour Work Week ” by Timothy Ferris.

Most of us spend way too much time reading, responding to and filing email every day. Each time we look away from the work at hand to check email, we dilute our effectiveness and our productivity.

So here’s a productivity booster: only read and respond to email 2 times every day, let’s say 9am and 4pm.

For many of us, as we read this, we went automatically into “email withdrawal”.

“Oh no”, screams the American worker, “anything but THAT!!!”

I’m laughing as I write this…TRY it for 30 days and I guarantee an increase in your daily productivity and success. It’s that simple.

Slow Down. Love, David

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