Saturday, May 17, 2008

Living Wide Open in Life...Passion

As I review my life's work, my life's path, I like to ask myself regularly...Am I living wide open? Or am I playing life safe. Not taking risks. Not pushing the boundaries of life. Am I thrilled with what I'm about to do today??? Or, is it just another Saturday...or Tues....or whatever.

If the question arises with one of my clients during a session that goes something like this..."You mean it's May already????? Where did April go??"...It either means we are so filled with passion, with life, that the time is flying by in an amazingly good way...or we are so bored with the routine of life that it is slipping by with very little to be excited about.

Now, only you know the answer for you and your life with this question. If you're living wide open, with passion, taking risks, getting out of your comfort zone, breaking the "habit "of living, and replacing it weekly with meeting new people, eating new foods, going to different types of movies, making love in a new position, or with a greater awareness of your lover.....I love that one, don't you?? you are living wide open.

Today, make a pact to "do" life differently. Pray in a new setting. Workout on a new machine. Read a book you'd normally never pick up. Say hi to a stranger in a store.

Decide today to live life wide open. Not tomorrow, today.

Bring more passion into your life now. Then end result may not always be perfect, or what you expected. It could end up being so, so much better.

It has worked wonders for thousands of my clients, for myself, for my friends. And yes, I want it to work for you too.

Love, Peace. David

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