Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asking for Business...A Lost Art?

Over the years I have had the chance to coach many extremely talented people who constantly struggled to be successful. Some may have experienced a brief taste of financial success, only to see it whither over a short period of time.

Or others may have come so close to ongoing success that they became overconfident and found themselves a few months after our sessions ended right back at the place they began...barely making ends meet.

I've even worked with people who truly believed in their abilities, yet got stuck in the mindset that said healers do the work because they love it, not to make alot of money. Nonsense.

If I could find a common denominator amongst all of these great people though who struggled financially, it had to be in their fear of asking people for business. It had nothing to do with their talent, or willingness to work hard, but their fear of rejection became the block to their success.

If we truly believe in our talents, we must risk asking others to buy into our product or service if we want ongoing success. We must be willing to sell ourselves or our products every day in order to not only make more money, but to also make a greater difference in this world.

We must risk rejection daily to become more successful in life. Waiting for people to find us...and then to buy into our services , is a death knell to any business.

"The Aladdin Factor", a book by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield is one of my favorites, as they describe the absolute importance of asking for what we desire in life. Everyday.

Slow down.

Love, Peace, David Essel www.talkdavid.com

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