Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maximizing Your Networking Events

A Business Coaching client came to me a month ago perplexed as to why all 0f his efforts to gain new business has not created any new substantial leads. We had set a goal of 3 networking events per week, that if attended consistently, would easily produce results. When? No consultant can answer that question.

But we do know without a doubt, that this type of effort will surely be rewarded. Again, the key is consistency.

As I prodded my client with question after question, how he approached people, what his "30 second pitch" was, how he left each conversation, I could see where the leak was in his plan.

He had succeeded in handing out 15-20 business cards at each event, but had forgotten that the real goal is to "collect cards", not just give his out.

The reason? When we hand out a ton of cards we have no control over what these people will do with his information, if anything. When we focus our attention on "collecting " business cards, we now are in the business driving seat.

We can call them. Email them. Add them to our email marketing list.

We can send them a letter to see how we might serve their needs, or invite them to another networking event that they may not be aware of.

Got the picture?

To create business, get in the habit of collecting business prospect cards, and then see how you might be able to turn this information into an opportunity to serve them, which in essence will serve your needs as well.

Slow Down.

Wishing you peace, success.

David Essel

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