Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Divine, Music, and Steely Dan

If you've ever wondered what the combination of The Divine and music would look and sound like, you will experience it in person by attending a Steely Dan concert or listening to one of their many CD's. Heaven on earth has occured through the gifts of these amazing musicians.

Of course this is not the only band it will occur through, but I must say they have tapped into the source of all creativity, some would call this source God, as they take the stage. It is such a transcending experience, one that I just had occur to me tonite.

I have always been a huge fan of Steely Dan, but had never seen them live. As they took the stage, I knew something special was about to occur. Without the addition of alcohol or drugs,and within 5 minutes, I could feel the tears start to form, my body filled with the energy of spirit , as the 10 musicians and singers who back up founders Walter Becker and Donald Fagan began to merge into one. Horns, keyboards, drums, guitars, and 3 backup female singers all somehow merging into one powerful form that was impossible to decipher at points who was doing what. Seemingly impossible arrangements made effortless by these 12 angels of music, stirring the heart , soul and body until everyone was moving , clapping, simply mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

As my emotion poured out, I consciously connected with all that was occuring , and that's when it hit me. This was an example of The Divine, earthbound, moving us in the direction of onneness, love, through music.

Now if we are not looking for God on earth, we would go to any concert and simply experience a good concert. If, however, we dare to look for the Divine everywhere, we shall find Her in a concert hall filled with Steely Dan fans.(Or fill in your favorite group here, S>D> does not have a lock on the God experience as far as I know.)

"Look and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open..", yes, look for the Divine in music, and you just might find Him in your favorite Steely Dan song.Feel your emotions well up, laugh , sing, shout , clap as the entire hall was doing tonite. A mass of humans in sync, expressing the joy of this transcendent experience together. Pure love in motion.

Rock on God, rock on.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel http://www.davidessel.com

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