Saturday, June 13, 2009

Failing In Order to Succeed

One of the greatest facts in life is that if we truly desire success, we're going to have to accept failure as a part of the process of being successful. For many in the new thought world, who want to simply keep their mind on "positive thinking", this will be blasphemy. Yet, it is the truth.

As a motivational speaker and author, I can tell you that I too fought this truth for many, many years. Until one day, I simply surrendered to the fact that failing is a part of the process of living. . A part of life. And , proof that I am truly living. For if I do attempt something and fail, at least I know I'm out there doing something to improve my life.

In love, dating, dating, and more dating, regardless how many times it takes, can lead us to the beautiful depths of love. Playing it safe never can lead us anywhere but where we are. In business, taking chances, risks is inevitable in order to grow a business or career. With our health, staying at home where it's safe will continue giving you the body you have right now, but taking a risk and going to a gym when you are out of shape will give you the best shot at changing your body to one you love.

Praying and not receiving the answer you want, is so much better than not praying at all! Letting go of alcohol, smoking, or overeating for the 100th time is so much better than giving up! Yes, Virginia, there is success after failing, but there is no further success possible without trying.

Look at your life right now, and write down what you'd love to see changed. What one change would bring the greatest happiness and success into your life? Now, what risks do you need to take on a daily basis to go after this change? Write down those steps and take them 5 days per week. Risk to grow, risk to succeed.

Do not delay. Do not wait for a better time in your life to go after what you truly want. Read about the people before us who have achieved great things, and what they had to go through to accomplish their goals. For anyone in life who has created the deepest of love, millions of dollars, or an amazing body, there was an equal outlay of effort on their part. Let's join their team and create success, by risking the potential of failure in order to succeed in life.

Slow down.

Love, peace, David Essel

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