Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are You Looking Your Best Right Now?

Looking Your Best Today & Everyday

Have you ever thought about the times you've been out to eat that bring back the best memories?

I was asking a friend the other day this very question, to which she replied “When I felt and looked my best, I took out this very classy and sexy dress that I hadn't worn in years … and it was a fabulous evening.” As we continued talking I also found out that while it was a memorable night, she hadn't dressed like that for dinner in over two years.

The question that pops into my head after a conversation like that is why do we wait for a special night, like a holiday party or charity event, to wear our best clothes? When we dress in our finest attire, we not only lift our own spirits but oftentimes those around us as well.

There are so many excellent restaurants in our area, serving the finest of dishes on a daily basis. One of our local chefs wouldn't think about holding back from using his most expensive cutlery while making your next meal, or his finest piece of fish just because it’s a Tuesday eve, so why do we hold back on wearing our best jewelry or expensive suit when we venture out for our next meal?

There was an Internet letter that reached me recently that made a lasting impact.
The sister of a young woman in her 30’s who had recently died of cancer was going through her dresser to pack or give away her clothes. To her astonishment, she found gorgeous, silk lingerie that had never been worn. As she went to her sister’s closet, she found multiple pairs of high fashion shoes, barely touched. And hanger upon hanger of beautiful clothes she had never seen her wear. After leaving her house, she made a pact with herself to begin enjoying all of her favorite and rarely worn outfits everyday.

Let’s start today to live with more passion and joy. Do this by choosing your finest jewelry and clothing to wear out to your favorite restaurant, just because you can! Regardless if it’s a Monday or Saturday night, start making all your evenings out a special event. Men who dress with this attitude will find a new sense of energy as well. Remember, as you look and feel better, those out around you will pick up on your fun and playful attitude and feel better as well.

Don't wait, live a more exciting life today.

Love, Peace,
Rev. David Essel, M.S.www.davidessel.comAuthor, Radio & Television Host, Life Coach

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