Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's God's Path for You?

During a recent interview with a prospective client, she hesitated then asked a wonderful question, "How do I know when I'm on the path God wants me to be on?"

What a great question! What a great question!

I was so excited to talk to her about the possible answers, that I became tongue tied for about 30 seconds! Lol. It was a very funny scene.

The easiest way to answer this question, is to ask yourself what you're passionate about in life that not only helps you, but allows you to be in service to others at the same time.

This very short video clip will help us to answer this very important question about life.

As you follow your passions, as you reach out to help others, as you do things that make you feel good, even if no one sees you doing them, you are on God's path.

Slow down and search for the path of love, the path of God.

Love, peace, Rev. David

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