Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do you want to save your marriage or relationship?

Do you want to save your marriage or love relationship? Are you confused at what to do next? Thousands of couples, at this very second, have no idea where to turn to get the effective help they need.

For over 20 years, we have been helping clients to save their marriage or relationship through our uniquely designed coaching program, that focuses on enhancing each of the individuals strengths, while diminishing and often totally removing their own challenges in the relationship.

While traditional marriage and relationship work has the couple in the sessions together, I believe that this type of work rarely brings about positive changes.

"I tell the couples that I work with, that it makes no sense to pay me and argue together during our sessions, they can do that at home for free", a smile appears on my face right now. "My work, after the initial session together, is to help each individual one on one. I do not believe in the traditional approach to couples work. We have been amazingly successful, because we do it so differently. "

****Here's what Brenda and Pete had to say about David's program. "We were exhausted in our relationship, and tired of the same old counseling sessions that had not worked over the past 15 years. In just 8 weeks with David, we saw an amazing shift! At week 16, we had rebuilt not only our trust in each other, but also the sparks of love we had years ago returned . Finally. David Essel's coaching is so good, we tell everyone about him."

David's sessions can be done in person in his office, or just as effectively, over the phone from anywhere in the world.

Has your love relationship hit a dead end"
Are the sparks gone?

Are you thinking about ending the relationship?

For 25 years Master Relationship Coach David Essel has helped thousands of couples to regain their initial love and save their relationship.

His incredibly unique system can help you do the same.

Mary and Ron said that their relationship became stronger, AFTER the affair, through their work with David.

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Slow down, let's create the success you desire together.

Love, david

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