Monday, August 23, 2010

Hiring a Dating Coach? Is it time?

Many single men and women around the world have come to the conclusion that it's time to get some help, like hiring a dating coach, to increase their odds for success in the wacky world of dating.

If you're single, and tired of being alone, this may be the perfect move, and the right time, to do so.

A great coach will help you to get to the bottom of why:

1..we attract the same type of people that are not healthy for us

2..we hold on to the fantasy, vs the reality of love.

Just these two answers can set us free, and help us to find a partner that is right for who we are, right now.

Here's a brief excerpt from our website about hiring a dating/love coach.

" For those single individuals who are looking for love, David brings once again a very unique approach to the world of dating. "In order to attract a great partner, we must first remove the dating and relationship patterns from the past that have not worked. These can be seemingly hidden patterns, that are sabotaging our attempts at love. Once found and removed, we can instill new beliefs and approaches to the world of dating, offering fantastic end results", says David.

****Cathy, single for 6 years, had this to say about his dating coaching. "When David told me I had to let go of old dating patterns, and alter my beliefs about soul mates, and finding the perfect guy....I almost quit right there. I am so glad i didn't!!!! Oh my gosh! Eight weeks later, I had such a clear view of my patterns in love, removed them, and yes fell in love! I tell everyone, that without David's coaching, I would still be single and miserable. I am now married, for eight years, and so grateful I came to him for help. He knows his stuff. "

Slow down, for love.

Love, peace, David

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