Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trusting the path we are on


As I write the above title, I feel a little "cringe" go through my body . . . I smile and laugh to myself, knowing that I need to be reminded so often to trust this path of life that I am on. I believe we need to let go of the "wheel" and understand that God's plan is always so much better than our own.

I also know that I have to be honest with myself and you. I have to be vulnerable and tell you that this can be really hard. To not have control of my life is something that is hard to accept. If I was pursuing a goal I truly desired, from buying a specific house, obtaining a certain job, making a specific amount of money, or having a relationship with a woman I desired to be with, I would rarely accept no. And, of course, what followed usually was a stressful experience if I did not receive what I wanted. Instead of relaxing, letting go of the end result and trusting that all was in place, I would push, pursue relentlessly, and go after the goal. Before, I couldn't trust that if it did not come after one, two, or three healthy attempts . . . that maybe this wasn't the time to have what I thought I needed at that moment.

Several months ago I was in the hot pursuit of a new career opportunity that I knew I needed to have. So I pursued. I was anxious daily. I needed this. I wanted this. I pushed. I was stressed out for 30 days. And then, on day 31, I awoke with this intuitive feeling that shouted "No, this is not the right move at all." The path was set out all along, and yet I did not want to trust. I believe that if I would have let it go and trusted that God knew what was best, I would have handled it quite differently and with a lot less anxiety.

In relationships, we often pursue someone who is not at the same place that we are. We jump through hoops, knowing, just knowing that this is the one. We push. We pursue. We become anxious. We do not trust and let it go. It will come, or it will not. And yet, that's not enough for us to know. Not that we will necessarily get what we want in life by sitting on the sidelines, because that rarely happens. We need the balance of pursuit and rest, surrounded by the ultimate in trust. Trust the path that you are on at this very moment. Relax. Smile. Let it go. Trust.

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Search. Grow. Love.

Love, david

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