Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Become a Certified Life Coach, Create your own income.

Unsettled Economy Got You Down? Become a Certified Life Coach, Launch a New Career and Help Others at the Same Time

Turbulent economic times have people thinking about their lives and careers. Those ready for a new career path in life coaching can do so through David Essel’s Life Coach Universe Level One Life Coach Certification class to be held in Fort Myers the weekend of May 19-20.

(April 11, 2012) FORT MYERS, FL – America’s unsettled economy has got people thinking. “Am I happy?” “Do I like my life?” “Is my career fulfilling?” “Am I making the money I deserve to make?” Many people are finding they don’t know the answers to those questions, or that the answers are “no.” So, what keeps people from taking action to improve their lives? Time, money and fear.

That could be why the life coaching career path has been coming into the mainstream over the past few years. People can take a course and become certified in six months or less at an affordable price. And, they have the flexibility to launch the business part-time or full-time.

David Essel, who is one of the pioneers in the life coaching industry, has been coaching since 1991. He saw the benefits of a career in life coaching and established Life Coach Universe in 1996 as a vehicle to train others to coach.

"The life coaching industry has been growing tremendously,” Essel said. “We now have doctors, nurses, stay at home moms, real estate agents, ministers, personal trainers, people from all walks of life, becoming life coaches to improve their own lives and then to help others do the same.”

Life Coach Universe offers three levels of certification – Level 1, Level 2 and Master. Aspiring coaches receive their certification after completing all three levels, plus an internship. The next Level 1 class is a weekend workshop that will take place in Fort Myers, May 19-20. Anyone who is ready to dramatically change their life can be certified and ready to launch their new business by the fall.

The Level 1 class is an introductory class that will teach:
  • The basics of human behavior, change and psychology.
  • The skills necessary to be an effective life coach.
  • How to market and grow a life coaching business.
  • How to help people overcome life challenges such as weight loss, financial struggle, difficult relationships and more with Essel’s unique goal achievement formula, The One Thing Theory.™

April O’Leary, an Estero, Fla. stay-at-home mother of three, became a life coach through Life Coach Universe in 2010, launched a business and has already written her first book. "As a busy mom with three children, I took David Essel's Life Coach Certification because I was looking to find my life purpose and help others do the same. After becoming certified, I created a business centered around helping others, experienced a deeper relationship with my husband, and even wrote my first book," O’Leary said. “I totally turned my life around – all because I became a certified life coach.”

Essel frequently works with people, like O’Leary – people who find themselves at a crossroads and desire to dramatically improve the level of happiness in their lives by launching a new career. “Life coaching is a career that allows you to help others, set your own hours, become your own boss and determine your own salary,” Essel said. “It’s the new career of choice.”

According to Essel, about 50 percent of clients who take this course do so to improve their own lives, while the other 50 percent take it to become life coaches. “What is appealing, in addition to the personal growth element and the ability to help others, is the potential to be your own boss and create your own income level,” Essel said. “Life coaches can make as much as $200 per hour.”

During the May 19-20 weekend workshop, participants will meet for six hours each day then complete 18 hours of CD instruction, book study and written assignments on their own. The cost is $850, which includes all required course materials. Click here to register. Or, to learn more about what the level one life coach certification class is like, watch this short video.

Those who register before May 10 will receive Essel’s popular DVD "The Power of Transformational Thinking" absolutely free! ($90 retail value.)

Life Coach Universe offers a 100% guarantee on all its courses and is the only life coach certification program in the country to do so. In addition, Life Coach Universe is the only lifecoach certification program in the country affiliated with a major four-year state college. To learn more, visit


About David Essel, M.S.
David Essel, M.S. is an author of six books, national radio and television host, master life and business coach, life coach certification instructor, adjunct professor, all faiths minister, addiction recovery coach and international speaker. Essel is also the host of “David Essel Alive!” the only purely positive talk radio show in the USA, on XM Satellite Talk Radio, Channel 168 (same channel that serves as home to popular talk radio hosts Dave Ramsey and Glenn Beck), and streaming live on the web at, every Saturday from 6-9 p.m. EST (3-6 p.m. PST). David’s mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life. For more information on his life coaching certification programs, visit

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