Wednesday, August 22, 2012

David Essel Alive: Guests, Aug. 25th, Positive Radio

David Essel Alive: Guests, Aug. 18th, Positive Radio

"Here are this weeks guests for "David Essel Alive! America's Positive Radio Show".......Celebrating 21 years in talk radio.....Every Saturday 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst..... XM Radio CH 168, or streaming FREE at ..Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio family:

.......David Fitzpatrick- Author: "Sharp: A Memoir" ...."Cutting", the practice of self mutilation that offers an endorphin rush, as an escape from the pain of mental illness. This compelling, deeply honest self-examination recalls Fitzpatrick’s quest to understand the competing mental forces that prevented him from leading a normal life. It is also a tale of hope–a soul-baring quest of a lost man who successfully wrestles with the darkness to reclaim his life. As he shares his experiences, Fitzpatrick also credits the lessons learned from the broken people in his life–knowledge that led to his own emotional resurrection.

........James 'Smitty' Smith: Host of "In This Corner TV: Weekly Syndicated Boxing Show". What makes a hero, a boxing star, a success both in and out of the ring? What personality traits, drive, internal motivation, is needed in one of the most brutal, taxing sports on earth? How can we take the traits of the most successful fighters, to become more successful in our lives?

.......Larysa DiDio- Author of "Sneaky Fitness: How to Slip Exercise Into Your Kids Everyday" She has been the health contributing editor for Parenting magazine, the head of Fit Generation (the magazine's anti obesity initiative), and the fitness expert for SELF, FITNESS and Women's Health magazines. Childhood obesity: what are the REAL causes and REAL solutions to this alarming epidemic.

......Dr. Terry A. Gordon- Author " No Storm Lasts Forever: Transforming Suffering Into Insight" A memoir that asks the question, can we truly learn to love life's challenges, to learn from them as they happen, to "awaken" in the middle of pain?
"However, nothing could have
prepared him for the fateful phone call he received in June of 2009 that his 20 year
old son Tyler was involved in a near fatal car accident, sustaining a severe spinal
cord injury that left him paralyzed."

April O'Leary
"David Essel Alive!" Guest Producer

Author (6), Adjunct Professor, XM Radio Host, Master Life/Relationship Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Recovery Coach, All Faiths Minister

“David Essel's destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.”
~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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