Monday, August 13, 2012

Prostatitis Update! Healing it naturally.

As we learn more, try more, believe more, we are seeing new ways to deal with this painful condition.

This is the third blog I have done on prostatitis, as like many of you, it is a condition that has caused me great discomfort as well.

But today, I have some great news that may help millions of men.

First, if you have not viewed our video, start here, as what may work for one man may not for another.

Next, our update.

Google Glenn Burkett, as he is a nutritionist who shared with me that this condition may be the result of an overgrowth of candida, yeast, in a man's intestine, that eventually spills over and creates an enlargement and pain in the prostate!

I followed his recommendation of totally removing sugar, wheat, dairy and a host of other foods from my diet (THIS DIET IS CRUCIAL), and went on a strict supplementation of a silver product he sells, and a total body cleanse, and within a few weeks I could feel a dramatic improvement.

I also continued with my other products like pygeum, 6-9 acidophilus tabs/day, stinging nettle, and a yeast cleanse by Enzymatic Therapy, prostate combinations by Nature's Way......and a non psyillum fiber product daily.

There is hope, and I know this information can help many.

If I can help you set up a program for success, contact me at

Love, david

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