Monday, October 1, 2012

David Essel Alive! XM Radio, Guests Sat. Oct. 6

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, XM Radio CH 168, and streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 21 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:

.........Taylor Grey Meyer: Unemployed Taylor, sent an email that shocks the San Diego Padres and rocks the sports world!    We had Taylor on after her email response regarding a job application to this baseball team went viral...... Her words cannot be repeated here, but it was the result of a frustrated job hunter who said "I cannot take this anymore!!"  Since then, she has moved to LA, appeared on the Jeff Probst show and is developing show ideas with a production company!!! She also "launched a blog ( where people are invited to send me their job stories."  Love her attitude!

.......James O'Dea- Author of Cultivating Peace: Being a 21st Century Peace Ambassador
James O’Dea is a renowned figure in international social healing who has conducted healing and reconciliation dialogues for twenty years and was director of Amnesty International’s Washington, DC, office for over ten years. His work as co-director of the Social Healing Project led him to Rwanda, Israel/Palestine, and Northern Ireland. Can we ever be assured, that we will see peace, where there has only been war for years?

.......Peter Calhoun- Author: Life Without Limits.....Can anyone truly live without limits? To create the life they desire?

 Peter's astonishing command over the primal forces of Fire and Water, Earth and Air, his ability to call to him, mingle with, and communicate with numerous species of wild animals and birds all are manifestations of the "awakening" that he and Astrid have experienced. Far from being cases of exhibitionism, Peter acknowledges these "paranormal" events nearly always occurred spontaneously when there was a genuine need or by intention to serve as teaching devices.
We are currently promoting the book launch website:"Win one of five free intuitive readings or a shamanic healing session from acclaimed Western shaman Peter Calhoun"  David Essel Alive is featured as a partner on this project.

......Barbara Marx Hubbard- Author of Birth 2012 and Beyond- Humanity's Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution.......2012.....Is the end near? Is this year, the year, everything changes on earth as we know it? Will their be an awakening, noticeable by all? and

Barbara Marx Hubbard is author of the newly released book Birth 2012 and Beyond. Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution (Shift Books) A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker, and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. In 1984 she was one of the first women ever nominated for the vice presidency of the United States.

April O'Leary
"David Essel Alive!" Guest Producer
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"David is the radiant soul of radio. He is brilliant, insightful and easy to listen to. David makes a real difference in his listeners' lives."  ~Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul

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