Wednesday, October 10, 2012

David Essel Alive! Positive Talk, XM Radio, Guests Sat. Oct. 13

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every Saturday, 6-9pm est, 3-6pm pst, XM Radio CH 168, and streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 21 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:

........James "Smitty" Smith- Host, "In This Corner TV"....The art of the Comeback in Sports and Life.............Join us as former boxer and current TV host Smitty, , who has interviewed everyone from Ali, to Frazier to "Sugar Ray " to Tyson and more, discusses the traits needed to stage a successful comeback after defeat in the ring.... and in life. 

......Lee Gerdes- Author: Limitless You- The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain  ......Exciting news about research results  from Wake Forest studies on insomnia and how at the same time, science has proven that insomnia is part of the basis for a large number of health and medical conditions today. Brain Wave Optimization technique is helping thousands of people to overcome sleep issues every day. .

.......David Gottfried Author: Greening My Life-A Green Building Pioneer Take on His Most Challenging Project.......  David Gottfried is known as the father of the global green building movement:  founding the U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Councils (with GBCs in 90 countries). .....Can we really stop global warming? What are the current statistics that prove this is having a harmful effect on the world?  

......Dr. Anais Aurora Badia- Skin Cancer Prevention...... Board Certified Dermatologist...How many people are struggling with skin cancer in the USA right now?   Are tanning booths really that dangerous?  Does an  sunscreen with a SPF of 50 help any better that a 30? Are certain people at higher risk?  What are the safest procedures to remove sun damages from our skin?

April O'Leary
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"David is the radiant soul of radio. He is brilliant, insightful and easy to listen to. David makes a real difference in his listeners' lives."  ~Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul

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“David Essel's destiny is to help you become more alive in every area of your life.”
                                        ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 

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