Friday, May 17, 2013

David Essel Alive! Sat, May 18th, Guests XM Radio CH 246, Streaming online FREE!

David Essel Alive Sat, May 18th

Positive Talk Radio! David Essel Alive! Every weekend 6-9pm est, 3-6 pm pst, XM Radio CH 246, and streaming FREE at . Proud to be a part of the Premiere Radio Network, celebrating 22 years in talk radio. This weeks guests:

.....Dr. Eric Pearl: Author, The Reconnection: Heal others, Heal yourself.......... Is it possible, that the energy running throughout our bodies can heal cancer, epilepsy and other health conditions? Dr. Pearl has thousands of client cases answering this question with a resounding YES! Listen in on this incredible story, and maybe join the 75,000 other people who have been trained in this revolutionalry technique.
Twitter: @TheReconnection
You Tube: TheReconnectionTV

.......Mark Eisenhart: Creating a successful life from tragedy......... How does one person lose a parent to disease and out of sadness or despair "lose" their life at the same time, while another uses this tragic event to reinvent themselves?.How do we create a "warrior attitude " in life to create a passionate existence? Where does one even begin? Join us as Mark describes his phenomenal transformation in life with steps that you can begin to use today as well. and
Twitter: @getimpowerednow

.....JJ Virgin- Author: The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days......Is there proof to food allergies that can sabotage our weight loss efforts? Is it more than just will power? Can someone actually be doing enough exercise, but because of a few unhealthy choices actually sabotage all of their efforts to lost weight? The Radical Queen of Nutrition will answer these questions and more!
Link to Promote The Virgin Diet Challenge:

......JB Glossinger: Author- Get Out of Neutral: Manifest the Life Experience You Desire........IF, you could have what you desire, what would it be? Are you clear in your thoughts and dreams, or more worried about WHY , you could never have what you really want? Right here today, learn how to remove the barriers , many times self created, that keep you from living the life you want.

.....Gabe Cordell: Roll With Me...Incredible!!! Gabe will roll his wheelchair 3,300 miles from California to New York to join his high school class reunion.....yes in a wheel chair!A parapalegic for 20 years, he has faced sex and drug addictions as he rises to lead a life by example, with a mission that says no one has to be limited in life...ever. His trip is being filmed as a documentary, so that we can all lead a life filled with our own potential.
(The budget for this massive undertaking nears $200,000. The team is seeking donations and sponsors. West Coast Chill (, makers of a sugar-free, caffeine-free energy drink by the same name, has donated $10,000. )

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