Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do You Want to Become a Life Coach?

Every year, hundreds of people who come to me and our organization Life Coach Universe with the desire to become a Life Coach. Many of these people go through our various levels of certification to find their new career, while just as many take the courses simply so they too can discover the secrets to living a more successful, peaceful, happier life.

Since 1996, I have certified Life Coaches, and every time I teach this course, whether it is at Edison State College in Florida, where we are the only Life Coach Certification from around the USA to be a part of a College Campus, or during a weekend class taught around the world, it brings me such joy to see so many people become passionate about changing their lives, and then helping others to do the same.

Watch this short video, and then join the movement that is literally changing the world.

Slow down, learn the secrets to life mastery, and really enjoy your life at the highest level today!

Love, peace, David

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