Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is this life for? To Grow. Read on.

WHAT'S THIS LIFE FOR: “Because The Answer Lies In You”

I believe one of the best songwriting bands out today is a group called Creed. In their song What's This Life For, the line that always makes me think, states “because the answer lies in you.”

Have you ever questioned what your life is really for? If we choose, we have the opportunity to reflect and look deeper at our purpose for being here when we are in despair. Maybe it was at the end of a love relationship. Maybe it was a thought that raced through your mind as you struggled one more time to get out of bed in the morning after another night of abusing alcohol. Or the thoughts of self doubt and frustration that arise when you look in the mirror and admit that your addiction to food is wreaking havoc in your life. If there is any time that we should seriously question, “What's this life for” . . . it is probably right now.

Complacency with our existence can also be a sign that we need to question all that we are and all that we can be. Many of us never explore the incredible full potential that we have waiting inside, desiring to be released. I ask you to take a moment today to question your beliefs, to question your existence.

It is through the asking of questions that we can break through our issues and problems and start to see that all of the answers we desire truly do reside within. The answers many times come as “feelings.” It just “feels” right to take a certain path of action. We may not know why, but it does. It feels right (if we quietly ask for help, and then listen for our own wisdom to come through) to move . . . to get help . . . to start looking for another job . . . to leave a relationship . . . to go back to Temple . . . or to start selling our numerous possessions or give them away. We must remember that the answers we desire so greatly are all within.

Slow down. Sit in silence. Ask for guidance, ask for love. Then follow your heart.

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Search. Grow. Love.

Love, peace, david http://www.davidessel.com

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