Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ask David: From David Essel Alive! XM Satellite Radio show

Ask David: From David Essel Alive! XM satellite radio show:

I.m a 17 year old senior who just broke up with my boyfriend, for very good reasons, he kept looking at and talking about other girls he liked, after dating for 2 years. But, why do I miss him after 3 weeks apart after all he did?

A. There are very good reasons why you might miss him. When we date someone for that long, we bond with them at many levels. The hormone oxytocin, called the bonding hormone, is released which brings you closer to him . When you left him, there is a withdrawal period that you will go thru that can last 30, 60 or 90 days!

It will pass. Also, there is an emotional withdrawal as well. The time you spent with him many times leaves a void. Feel these emotions, sit in them...and surround yourself with healthy friends and activities. Feel good about the fact that you deserve more in life from a boyfriend, and you proved this to be true by walking away from an unhealthy relationship. You rock.

Blessings, David

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