Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ask David": Quit smoking? David Essel Alive! XM Talk Radio

Ask David: From David Essel Alive! XM satellite radio show:

Q. You have talked on the show about how to quit smoking, and I never paid attention until now, because it is really time to quit. My boyfriend just left me, because he was disgusted with my habit. Please help.

A.  First, google in your state "800 quit smoking program", as many states offer free help! It is a perfect first step. Find a Nicotine Anonymous meeting near you or online for more help.  90% of successful non smokers do it by asking for help from others. When you feel the craving for a smoke, sit in it, and journal the emotions that you feel. Last, use a Gaba supplement like gaba-calm or gabatrol to help ease the anxiety. Nicotine is a powerful anti anxiety drug.   Here's a video that will help as well.

Blessings, David

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