Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ask David: How do I know, if I'm on the right track, with positive thinking?From David Essel Alive! XM satellite radio show

Ask David: From David Essel Alive! XM satellite radio show:

Q. How do I know, if all of the positive thinking I do, will lead to success?

A. Awesome question!!!!  Here's the simple answer: If your affirmations etc. are leading you to take new action steps to your goals, on a daily basis, your stuff is working. If this positive thinking is going on daily, but you are not taking any new steps, it won't hurt you, but it may barely help. These steps have to lead to new action,  which means, in the beginning, it may be uncomfortable, and that is ok. Success will then be yours. 

Blessings, David

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