Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ask David: What to do about cravings, for sugar or alcohol? From David Essel Alive! XM Satellite Radio Show:

Ask David: From David Essel Alive! XM Satellite Radio Show:

Q.  I need ideas to help with my sugar cravings at night, and my boyfriend craves alcohol too. Ideas?

A. Both sugar and alcohol cravings can be greatly diminished through the use of the amino acid glutamine. 
Take a 1,000 milligram capsule and empty the powder under your tongue before the onset, or at the onset of your cravings for sugar or a drink. If you find the tablet version, simply chew it into tiny pieces and let it dissolve under your tongue. The result is instant, and amazing. Then, work with a life coach, counselor or minister to find the emotional reason for your cravings. 

Blessings, David

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