Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Personal Power in 2017. Do You Have It?

When I think about the new year approaching, quickly approaching, I know for sure that people who have a high level of personal power are going to rock through the new year achieving any and all goals that they are willing to put the time, effort and money into that they truly want in their life.

These people... Don't have time to be judging, ridiculing, or putting others down. They don't have time for gossip. They don't waste time on reality television shows that focus on the ridiculous nature of life.

No, these are people with personal power. They realize time is precious. Days turn into weeks, months and years in the flash of an eye. They will never fall into the lingo of victimhood.

"The reason it's so hard for me to lose weight is my genetics... It's because of the new administration that my income is suffering... The reason I don't have the love of my life is because all men are dogs... I wasn't raised with a silver spoon in my mouth so I'll never have the money that I truly desire."

The above statements are those repeated by people with minimal if any personal power. They will justify, defend, and explain away their life as victims... And they will never see how their mindset and their words and their lack of positive actions will keep them stuck right where they are from now until the day they die.

People with personal power act in the opposite direction. They ask for help. They join groups and organizations to network, and to find like-minded people who are done with excuses, and truly want to accept and appreciate the abundance that life has to offer... And are  willing to work their tails off to get it.

The great news about people and personal power is that after they spend a year or so working really hard on their bodies, their money, their relationships or more... the effort just becomes who they are. In other words getting up at 6 AM to be at the gym at seven in the beginning is hard work. But after a year of doing that it just becomes who we are. It's not hard at all anymore.

I was on a radio show the other day and the host was talking about his love of the martial arts. And how in the last four years he had quickly ascended the ladder to become a high-level black belt in his chosen martial arts field, which dismayed his family and friends around him.
He shared with me that individuals would ask him on a weekly basis how he could get up so early in the morning to go into a gym and to sweat when he could be effortlessly catching a few more hours of sleep before work.

His level of personal power had gone through the roof. He shared with me that he wasn't always like this. But once he started to change his life for the better, and started to do the uncomfortable steps of getting up early to get to the gym, it was no longer an effort anymore. His level of confidence went through the roof. His level of self-esteem improved dramatically. He finally fell in love with the person he was, and his discipline now is paying off in the most beautiful ways ever imagined.

I want the same thing to happen to you in 2017. I want you filled with personal power. If you haven't picked up chapter 1 of our number one best-selling book for free on positive thinking and the reality of success, go right now to our website and grab that chapter for free. Simply visit www.talkdavid.com right now and you can start to become inspired to make this year your year.

If I can help you personally, one on one, as your counselor and or life coach don't hesitate to email me as well. I have several coaches that I work with every week and I have for years, and without them... I know I wouldn't be at the level of success that I am today.

Wishing you the most amazing year ever.

Love David

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