Thursday, November 29, 2007

An 8 year old finds a unique path to sleep………

I could not wait to share this story about how one little 8 year old boy finally found a way to fall asleep at nite. One of my coaching clients was looking for a way to de-stress from his high pressured career. I had recommended meditation, and offered him one of my cds, No More Stress(soon to be retitled Shift your Energy through Meditation) to work with over the next few weeks.

One day after picking his son up from an after school activity, the young boy pressed the cd button in the car and my meditation cd came on…with my voice gently taking one deep into a meditative state. The boy proclaimed to his father how weird that cd sounded, as he was expecting some type of music, and asked him to get that crazy sound out of the car. His father just laughed, turned the cd off and nothing else was said.

Several weeks passed, and one day my client was looking for the cd and it was nowhere to be found. He asked his wife, who had not seen it either, and was perplexed as to where it had gone. When he went into the kitchen to locate the portable cd sound system to take to his room, he found that missing too. As he walked by his young sons room, he see’s the cd system and asks why it’s in the room and not in the kithcen where it normally is.

His son then explains that he’s been using the meditative cd every nite as it relaxes him and it’s the only way he can fall asleep!!…Amazing!!…An 8 year old boy gravitated intuitively to what many adults know but do not act upon…the power of meditation as a tool to relax and fall asleep with.

I laughed, smiled and generally felt so happy for this young man……he overcame his intial reaction to something he was unfamiliar with…and now uses something “weird”, as a program for his own health and healing. We adults could learn something profound by his actions…=)…Love,Peace, David

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