Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Amazing Success Story -Part 2-The Plan

I’ve been asked by hundreds of people after seeing my client Tracy’s success, so how did she do it? What was the plan? So I thought I’d do a very brief outline of what entails my work in the category of an Extreme Mind and Body Makeover…

My clients committ to this 5 day per week “lifestyle bootcamp” for a minimum of 8 weeks. The purpose is to re create their lives…to help them remember the beauty, power and gifts they have been given. For those clients who live by me , we meet for an hour a day in person 5 days per week. For my clients who live in another city , all of our sessions are done via phone. (For these clients, we select a personal trainer by them, who guides them in my weight training program 20 minutes a day in a gym , 5 days per week.)

Every day we work on the blocks that are holding these clients back. These coaching sessions are usually between 30 and 45 minutes in length, 5 days a week, with very brief writing sessions that are done as a follow up to each meeting. Depending on the client, the sessions will look at his/her goals in every area of their lives, and the beliefs they have created that are holding them back. In Tracy and every other client I have taken through this process, the findings and the results are simply unbelievable. These brief writing sessions uncover amazing nuggets of truth that we use to set a proactive plan in writing with to help them to finally achieve their goals. With actual steps to follow that really do work. From relationships to weight loss to making more money to finding a new career to deepening one’s spiritual path…we truly do cover it all.

The weight training consists of using the “super slow method of training”, which to me by far is the most effective way anyone can train for the most amazing results. I was first introduced to this in 1986 by Dr. Wayne Westcott, and then again in 2000 by Joe Cirulli. After seeing remarkable results with my own body, I started using it with clients and found that EVERYONE of them had amazing results too. And, it’s only 20 min /day, 5 days per week.

I also ask that these clients, on their own time begin with 30 minutes of aerobic exercise , and build it slowly up to 45-60 minutes 5 days per week.

I know the success of this program is based on it’s balanced approach to all areas of our lives, and the desire for my clients to radically change their lives for the better. And do you know what?…You can do it too!!…=)…Love, Peace, David

ct a personal trainer in their area to work with them 5 days per week, 20 min per day is all that is needed. )

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