Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Give Love to Receive Love …


Get ready for love. For love of yourself and for the love for another. More powerful than money, more rewarding than anything imaginable is the immensity of being wrapped in love, the kind that our Creator offers us, if we are open to it, every day of our existence.

Take the risks today to love yourself more, exactly as you are. Take the risk today to love someone else with all that you have, without expecting them to return the favor. Ah, this is the true love poets have written about for centuries. Let go of the end result and love just for the sake of loving. Immerse yourself daily in love. You can have it, whenever you want it. You can give it, without a moment’s notice.

Give love to receive love.

(Excerpt from “Phoenix Soul: One Man’s Search for Love & Inner Peace”)

Love, Peace, David

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